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5 Unforgettable Cartoons | Find It Out Here!

Cartoon is one of the most favorite television shows all over the world. We should admit that every people from every generation would love to watch it. We can say that cartoon is very fun. That is why many people love it so much. Moreover, the cartoon in the 90’s era which very funny and interesting to see. And this time, we have some unforgettable cartoons that all people will never forget.

Spongebob Squarepants


Who does not know about the yellow sponge that wearing a Squarepants called Spongebob? Of course, every people in this world know about him. No matter how old we are, Spongebob will be always on our minds. This cartoon always succeeded in attracting its viewers with its funny and interesting storyline. It is not weird if this cartoon has gained a lot of popularity among the cartoon lovers.

PowerPuff Girls

powerpuff girls

Maybe this is the only cartoon which involving girls as the main characters. Powerpuff Girls is a very popular cartoon in the 90’s era. Three cute and pretty girls that possess an amazing power. They fly through the sky and try to beat their main enemy named Mojo-Jojo. Powerpuff Girls once idolized by the kids not only because they are cute but also strong and they can protect the town from disasters.

Looney Tunes

looney tunes

We are sure enough that this one is one of our favorite when we are still a kid. This short cartoon that tells the story of each Looney Tunes character such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Silvester, Tasmanian Devil, and etc. Every kid in the 90’s era loved this cartoon so much because it offers a lot of characters inside it as well as fun and interesting stories to watch.


scooby doo

Scooby-Doo tells the story of a group of detective named Mystery Inc. They consist of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and of course Scooby and they love to solve a mystery. The things that we will never forget from this cartoon are the easy-listening theme song and the moments where Scooby and his best friend Shaggy are being afraid when they see a ghost. Because of its popularity, it has so many cartoon series spin-offs and movies.

Tom and Jerry

tom and jerry

No matter how many new cartoons are coming in, Tom and Jerry would be the people’s favorite especially the people who were born in the 90’s era. They always fight in every moment they meet and there are a lot of funny things during those moments. Their long-lasting rivalry becomes something that attracts people’s attention. We can say that this cartoon really deserves to become the most unforgettable cartoon.

Final Words

Those are 5 unforgettable cartoons that still loved by many people until now although some of them are not aired anymore on the television. But, we can still watch them by streaming if we miss seeing their actions. Okay, that ends our article for today. Hopefully, it can make you nostalgic with the cartoons in the 90’s era.

the differences between anime and cartoon

The Differences Between Anime and Cartoon! See the Comparisons Right Here

Now, I will bring up an interesting for all of you. Is it about anime and cartoon. If we see on the television, both of them is using 2D art style. And usually, people think anime is same like a cartoon. Is it even true? Now, I will make you straight of your wrong perception. Now, I will give you the right perception about this two. Just see the chart below for further information to see the differences between anime and cartoon.

The Differences Between Anime and Cartoon

Anime: This term comes from Japanese people of the term of the cartoon. The anime and cartoon use the same art style, it is 2D. But, Anime come in many formats, such as television series, movie and short anime film (OVA). Also, the length of anime usually around 20-24 minutes.

Cartoon is a form of a visual 2D image that being animated into a cartoon. What makes this one different from anime because cartoon always related to humor that make the audience laugh all day. Actually, both of it’s same, it’s using 2D graphics. But, anime is more modern because it improves its quality each year.

Anime VS Cartoon Comparison

Comparison Anime Cartoon
Story Anime story usually revolves around something serious. It’s more mature. Not only that, it’s more violence. Mostly, it’s about human emotion. Cartoon is the opposite from anime. The story is more relaxing. So, the audience can enjoy the story without thinking hard.
Visual Characters Anime use a proper character image that similar like a real human. But, the eyes and mouth are smaller, The function is to make the character looks cute to see (LOL) For the cartoon, it’s using art that beyond imagination. The size of the character is not properly measured. And the design usually around the animal. The design character is a bit unique than the anime.
Graphics Quality As for the graphics, anime usually use the 3D image as the object of the building or robot. As for the people using 2D art. But, through each year, the graphics of anime evolving and it will more enchant to see. If anime blend the 3D graphics. Cartoon still using 2D graphics as the primary weapon. Of course, except the movie using 3D style. And the shocking new is the graphics it’s not really changed much since the old time.

Anime and Cartoon Graphics Comparison

anime graphics comparison

  • First I will tell about anime graphics comparison from the old time and now.  The old one (left) and the new one (Right). You can see clearly from the character design and visual effects.  The new style really different from the old one and it’s more beautiful to see.

cartoon graphics comparison

  • as for cartoon, you can see the old one and the new one still same, there is not much different from the graphics aspects. What I can see clearly is the coloring is brighter and looks beautiful.

That’s the differences between anime and cartoon. So, what do you think about it? If you want to ask another question about it, just write down your problem in the comment section related to anime and cartoon series. I will reply it as soon as possible. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today. Have a nice day and see you soon.