unlock artoria pendragon

How to Unlock Artoria Pendragon in Fate Extella Game (PS Vita)? Check The Requirements Here!

In this beautiful morning, I want to present you the hottest topic to unlock Artoria Pendragon. Of course, you know very well about this character, right? Yeah, she is one of the best fighters in the game. Of course, in order to unlock her is not that easy as you think. There are some requirements that you need to know before you can get this powerful lady? Are you curious about it? Just stay tuned to the Fate Extella guide that I offer you.

Fate Extella Game | Requirements to Unlock Artoria Pendragon!

fate extella artoria gameplay

What you need to do first is set your time on the system settings. Set it between 3:00-4:00 PM (Game Version 1.01) If you already updated the game to 1.01 you don’t need to change your time setting. (This is really crucial if you in version 1.00) If you don’t set the time, Artoria Won’t appeared after you finish all the other requirements.

Here, you need to go to the story mode. Select a random character and play the stage. You need to select the stage that which has the question mark (Mystery) on the side mission menu. And the difficulty level that you should choose is Normal or Hard mode.

In the stage, you need to complete the Regime Matrix, but you can’t defeat the boss yet. Here is the challenge that you need to do:

  • Nero’s Arc: Jeanne D’Arc will appear on random sector
  • Tamamo’s Arc: Nameless will also appear randomly.
  • Altera’s Arc: Chu Chulainn also makes an appearance.
  • Special Arc in Tamamo Stage: Unknown boss will appear.

The list of the boss above will appear if you complete the Regime Matrix. After you go to the specific sector, for example, you go to the battle with Jeanne D’arc. You can’t kill her yet, what you need to do is just stand and let your enemy decrease your HP 1/3. The function is to drop the health power ups item (It’s like a ball with brown color on it). The less HP that you have the more chance of the healing item appeared. After you eat 5 healing item, mystery message will pop up on your screen. (If you eat another item, It will be reset and you need to eat from the start again)

Congratulation guys you just unlock her in the stage. After the mysterious message, she will make an appearance and challenge you to battle. Beat her and unlock Artoria right away! ( You need to beat her first and then Jeanne D’arc. If you beat Jeanne first, the stage will end you won’t be able to get her.

fate extella gameplay

That’s the way to unlock her. In my opinion, her skill is really awesome. From the combo and damage all of it really superb. Especially her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur, it can destroy all enemies on the land for sure. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article about Fate Extella Atoria Pendragon guide. If you confuse with my Fate Extella guide, just PM me or write down in the comment section below. I’ll help you for sure! Have a nice day and see you all again next time.

hyper heroes best team

Hyper Heroes Best Team! Choose the Best Unit For Your Party!

Hey guys, today I’m back again to present you an interesting topic today. Do you know Hyper Heroes game? Yeah, this slingshot game really interesting to play. I’m also getting addicted to playing this game. Right now, I want to share you about Hyper Heroes best team. I will tell you the best unit that you can easily get and perfectly fit your team playstyle. Without further ado, just check out the list below.

Hyper Heroes Best Team

hyper heroes game

Below is my recommendation of my team arrangement. I think it’s quite effective to beat all the enemies. And you can get these units easily.

  • Lady Ray: The mage class unit sure will help you in this kind of game. She is the bounce style hero, so she can bounce again and again to surround the field. Her damage is quite deadly, I’m sure. Her defense also quite though. Below it’s the skill list of this woman.
    • Divine Light: This is her unique skill. It will deal the tremendous amount of damage straightly from her position. It’s really useful if you want to aim the weak point of the boss. And thanks to the long reach of this skill, you can easily get it.
    • Orb Glitz: The combo skill of Lady Ray. It occurs when the others hero touches her. She will send three bouncing orbs to the arena and attack the enemies. This is also the good AOE (area of effect) attack.
    • Singularity: Lady Ray will summon light orb and when the opponents touch it will explode and deal the devastating damage. 
  • Slashy Bushi: This is your main attacker in your unit. One of the warrior class that you should get at all cost. His status’s decent. I’m really amazed at the speed of this unit. So, he will quickly take many turns in one go. Pay attention to the skill below.
    • Whirlwind: This skill only targets one enemy. But, it’s really deadly. So, you must target the boss class only enemy to take the full damage of this skill rather than on the normal enemy.
    • Tempest: This is the combo skill of that can attack three enemies in one go. Just use this skill to deal with the weakest characters.
    • Slash Wind: You need to take advantage of this skill. Because it can deal the tremendous amount of damage to all your opponents within the area of effect. 
  • Flame Dance: Another mage users. The second best attacker after Slashy Bushi. Also, this woman can deal a lot of damage to all opponents. Because her skill range is really wide compared to another character. Below is the skill list of Flame Dance.
    • Ablaze: You will summon a meteor that deals the damage to all opponents. I recommend you to increase this skill level to the max to take the amazing effects from it.
    • The Phoenix: It will summon the Phoenix that deals fire damage to another weapon within the area. It’s not really great, you can ignore this skill.
    • Eruption: This is quite useful skill. Why? because it can reach opponents from far away and the damage itself it’s really great. 
  • Lady Aegis: Last but not least is the tank class hero.  This is your true tanker in this game. Can you see the defense parameter of Lady Aegis? It’s reached the full bar. There is no others unit like her. That’s why you need to include her in your team for sure. Pay attention to what she can do below.
    • Solar Flare:  With her unique skill, It can stun the enemy within her reach. But, the damage it’s not that great. Do you think you can stun the boss? Of course not, boss opponets have higher resistance than the normal enemies.
    • Shield Break: This is the combo skill. With this skill, Lady Aegis can attack three times. But, it’s really weak, just ignore this skill.
    • Glory Shield: this one is not the physical type attack, but the magic attack. Also, it will increase Lady Aegis magic resistance for three turns.

hyper heroes gameplay

That’s Hyper Heroes best team that I want to tell you. Do you have another suggestions? If so, you can leave it in the comment box below.  Also, I’m sorry if your Favorite Hyper Heroes unit not included in my list. Okay guys, that’s the end of my article about Hyper Heroes game. See you all again next time.

8 ball pool review

Do you love Billiard? Check Out 8 Ball Pool Review to Find More Information About it!

Hey guys, how are you today? In this beautiful morning, I want to share you a game that makes me smile everyday. What is it actually? The named is 8 Ball Pool. Today I want to give you 8 Ball Pool review to know more about this game. Are you curious about this one? Just scroll down your mouse to find all the answer that you looking for below.

8 Ball Pool Review | The Best Thing About this Game

Here, I will review some aspects of this game. For further information, just check out the aspects below.

8 ball pool gameplay

  • Graphics: The first thing that I will explain to you about the game is the graphics. In my opinion, the graphics are really good. The company has done really well about the graphics quality in this game. The 2D graphics really smooth. Two thumbs up for the developer who done a great job to this one.
  • Gameplay: How about it? Is it good or bad? This is the best billiard game if I must say. You can easily target the ball by using the aim indicator from your stick. In order to make your shot powerful, you need to reach the max power gauge. In order to play this game, you need your billiard skill. I don’t find anything unusual about the gameplay. If you billiard game, you must try this one at all cost.
  • Music: In order to make game awesome, you need what it called music. How about the music in this game? Is it good or generic? If I must say, music in this game does not play the important role, so it’s kinda generic eventually. But, it’s quite enjoyable when you play this game.
  • Control Mechanism: How about the control itself? Is it good or really bad? I think the developer did well with the control mechanism. You must smartly use the touch screen features to the fullest. Also, you can easily master the control aspect in a quick time.


Will I recommend you this game? The answer is yes, of course. This is the great billiard game that you can’t find anywhere else. I’m sure you will love it very much. The gameplay can make you addicted to playing this game even more. Especially the campaign. You can tour around the world to play against the best player. What can I say again to this game? Just download it and feel the greatest sensation that you never feel before.

Final Score: 8.5

One last thing from me….

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8 Ball Pool Hack Generator

You can get free cash from the link above. Okay, guys, I think it’s the time for end my article. Hopefully, my 8 Ball Pool review can help you uncover the truth behind the mystery of the game. If you want to give a comment or suggestion, just write it down in the comment box below. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.

blossom blast saga guide

Blossom Blast Saga Guide | The Level Types in this Game!

Blossom Blast Saga is an interactive game that you will love to play. This one kinda reminds me of Candy Crush Saga and the others Saga game. The gameplay is still same, matchmaking. In this game, you need to bloom out the same flowers and you earn a score. But, what makes this one interesting is the type of gameplay that changed on some level. Are you curious about it? Just check the list below!

Blossom Blast Saga Guide | Level Types

Level types in this game are somekind like an objective in order to complete the stage. Below is the types of the gameplay.

Score Levels: This is the basic and the easiest one. You need at least get one star to complete the stage. I think this is the simplest mode that can be tried for beginners player if they find difficulties in the higher level.

Bud Levels: This stage is kinda tricky. It doesn’t matter you get three stars or not. If you can’t bloom the big bud, you will fail at this stage. So, how to bloom the big bud? It’s relatively easy, you just need to link the three or more flowers that surround the big bud. If you can do it, the big bud will bloom for sure. That’s why you can’t move carelessly. You ned to rethink your move before you doom!

Weed Levels: After you done with the bud level, here you need to remove the weed from the game. It’s same like you bloom the bud. You just need to link the flowers near the weed and blasting them. But, weed is not that easy. Because you need to try it again and again. If you not careful, you will face game over screen.

Flower Levels: This is the hardest and tricky one. Your task in this game is to blast all the flower. From the sound of it, it’s really easy, right? Actually, it’s not. Link the flower is easy, but you need to blast in order. That’s why the specific flowers have a number in it. You need to blast it from the smallest number first and the last one is the big one.

That’s the level types in this game. So, which one is your liking? Choose it now!

blossom blast saga gameplay

The Secret Tips to Get Free Gold!

Now, I will go to the main point. I’m sure all of you have difficulties to get gold in this game. You don’t need to lie to me. I have secret tips for all of you. Are you ready? Just click the link below. If you decide to use it, you must accept the term of the condition that applied on this website.

Blossom Blast Saga  Hack

Note: I already tested it and it works like a charm. If you really need it, you should use it without any hesitation.

Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article about Blossom Blast Saga guide. If you want to ask anything about this game, write down the comment below. Maybe I can help you to answer your question about this game. Have a nice day and see you all again next time. Don’t forget to share with your friends to get Blossom Blast Saga gold, they might need it.

fire emblem heroes lucina

Fire Emblem Heroes Lucina | The Best Thing About this Girl!

Howdy guys welcome back again to your greatest website. In this chance, I want to give you a review about my favorite hero in Fire Emblem Heroes. The named is Lucina, of course, you know about this girl, right? Even though she have a beautiful face, she is not a weak girl like you think. If so, do you need to add this hero to your main team? Before that, you need to see Fire Emblem Heroes Lucina guide below. After you see it, you can decide to want to use Lucina or not.

Lucina Background Story

Before I tell you about this hero. I will tell you the back story about her. This girl first appeared in the Fire

Attack 50
Defense 25
Resistance 36
Speed 22

This is *5 Lucina. FYI this my hero status. As you can see, she excels in attack and resistance. So, when you face up against magic users, you can use Lucina as the tanker to defend your entire team. I think this hero have a balance status. So, she can fit in any situation.

Lucina Skill*5

Defiant Speed This what make her amazing, if her HP below 50% when she attacking you will get +7 bonus speed
Poison Strike 2 This one is really useful. After Lucina deal damage to the opposing opponents, she also get inflict another +7 damage
Spur Attack 3 This is useful to support your hero. If your hero initiate a combat and near Lucina, you will get ATK+4
Aether For the special skill. This is the best one for Lucina. With this skill, Lucina can inflict def and res -50% to the opposing opponents. Not only that she will recover her own HP from the half of damage

So, Should you add Lucina to your party?

Find the answer below….



In my opinion, you should add this hero. I’m sure you won’t regret a thing. Especially, her weapon Falchion. It can kill dragon enemies quickly. also, every third turn her HP will recover by 10 points. Her attack also hit really hard. So, it doesn’t matter if you face against lancer and blue mages. With her, you can still inflict a lot of amount of damage for sure. In my team, my primary attacker is Lucina. If you face against Dragon just move this hero to slay it down quickly.

That’s Fire Emblem Heroes Lucina guide for you. If you want to comment about her, don’t hesitate to write it down below. Okay guys, I think is enough about Fire Emblem Heroes guide for today. Hopefully, it will help you to decide which heroes that you want to use. I think is enough for today article. Have a nice day and see you in the next chance guys.

best rhythm game

Best Rhythm Game That You Should Play on Android! Turn On Your Music Now!

Music can become the medicine for all of the human problem in this game. Of course, you ever feel the sensation that cures your problem immediately. Although it’s not cured but, calm you a little bit. Yeah, music has that power. But, that’s not my topic today. Not only that, music game become quite famous in the gaming world. Now, my today topic is the best rhythm game that you should play on Android and iOS.

Are you curious about it?

If so, just see the list below…..

The Best Rhythm Game on Android

cytus gameplay

  • Cytus: First on the list is Cytus.  Without a doubt, this is the best one that you ever see on the mobile phone. What makes rhythm game are the music and the gameplay. Cytus have both aspects that what make this game become really great. This game has 200 soundtrack that you can play and nine difficulties. If you usually play DDR game, you can play this game without any problem. Oh yeah, you can’t play all the song except you buy it with real money. So, you need to be prepared to give an extra cash for this game.

02jam gameplay

  • 02Jam: All of you must familiar with this title. Yeah, this game ever released on console. I used to play this one on my PS 2. It’s quite entertaining, the playstyle same like guitar hero game. The music line-up also can make your head move without you notice it.

voez gameplay

  • Voez: If it’s a music game, Rayark is the developer that you need to anticipate. This is the latest installment from the developer. The gameplay’s not really different. What changed is only the interface. Oh yeah, you can also follow the story line of this game. It’s quite new because rhythm game has a story line in it. Same like always, you need to buy the in-app-purchase when you want to play another song. I think it’s worth a shot to try all the song. Rayark never disappoints their customer guys.

lanota gameplay

  • Lanota: A unique rhythm game that you should on your device. Because it combines RPG elements in it. In short, you will travel in a huge map and each point you should challenge the opponents (If it’s an RPG game, you will fight a monster). Like Rayark’s game, this one also has a story elements in it. So, you need to be prepared to cry while playing the music. You can find this unique game in your Play Store and App Store. Of course, for the installation process is free, but if you want to buy the in-game song, you need to offer your real money.

That’s the best rhythm game that you should play…..

What do you think about it? Is it good? Which one are you going to choose?

The answer is lies within you…

Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article. If your favorite music game isn’t included on the list below, please forgive me. I only tell you my own favorites that you should try in your free time.  See you all again next time and turn on your music guys!

top hardest boss in an rpg

Top Hardest Boss In an RPG ! The Best of the Best!

Playing an RPG can be a little bit though. You need to grind to find a good item, level up your characters. Of course, not only that, you need to equip the suitable equipment to your characters. If you make one mistake, it will make your character unbalance. Not only that, the boss also becomes the hardest challenge of RPG game. Today, I want to give you top hardest boss in an RPG. Stay tuned to this website to find more information regarding this matter.

Top Hardest Boss in an RPG! Check It Out!

elizabeth persona 3 fes

  1. Elizabeth (Persona 3 FES and P3P): Yeah, Atlus do it again. They offer you the hardest boss that will make you crazy. The hardest part is you can only face her alone. If you bring your others party, Elizabeth will cast Armaggedon which deal 9999 damage to your entire party. The others effect is, she will become immune to all attacks. Quite crazy, right? That’s why you need to prepare anything that you need for this game. In order to fight her, you need to level up your main characters to 99 and have a fusion skill to destroy this girl completely.

dark aeons final fantasy x

  1. Dark Aeons (Final Fantasy X Internasional): Yeah, fight against dark aeons can quite dangerous rather than the final boss. Yeah, you can easily destroy the final boss, but it’s a different matter with dark aeons. Celestial Weapon can become the solution to fighting dark aeons. Also, you need to have a skill called break damage limit and break hp limit. Thanks to that, you can give tremendous damage and you will get a higher HP.

final fantasy xii yiazmat

  1. Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XXI): If you looking for the longest battle in the RPG game, Yiazmat can become your true enemy. With 50.000.000 HP. Your maximum damage is 9999, you can calculate your max damage with the boss HP.  The boss also hit hard, that’s why you need to keep your HP to half and restore it again with the white spell or healing items. If you don’t make any mistake like using all your healing items, you can beat the boss for sure. As can as I remember, two and half hours is the total time that I need to beat this optional boss.

sephiroth kingdom hearts ii

  1. Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts II): The badass enemy comes back again. Who doesn’t know about Sephiroth? In KH II he becomes the hidden boss that you can challenge. In order to beat him, you need to dodge a lot and you need to take advantages of QTE (Quick Time Event). If you failed, you will die for sure. Even though you have the ultimate Keyblade it’s still not enough.  Also, you need a luck factor to beat him, LOL.

That’s the top hardest boss in an RPG game.  If you want to add another badass boss, just write down your comments below. I really appreciate if you can do that. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article about a video game boss. If you want to challenge the boss above, you need to prepare everything that you need. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.

akiba's beat ps vita

Akiba’s Beat PS Vita Review, Take Out Your Delusion!

Of course, if you read the title, you will remember about  Akiba’s Trip game. Do you think this one is the sequel or maybe a prequel? Just keep out your delusion guys. This one is different from the previous one. Only the setting place that has the similarity. While it still fresh, I want to give you Akiba’s Beat PS Vita review. I’m sure you curious about this one, from the story until the gameplay. Without further ado, just check the review below.

Akiba’s Beat PS Vita Review | What Should You know About This Game!

Summary of the Story…..

A story is pretty simple actually, the main theme is “delusion“. Yeah, the story is about the people who have delusion and it’s become real in Akihabara. But, thanks to this delusion always repeating, the eternal Sunday has begun. Yeah, the protagonist, Asahi got trapped in the eternal Sunday that he can’t escape. So, every day to him is Sunday. That’s why he and his friends must stop this disaster by entering the delusionscape to end the people delusion.

akiba's beat gameplay

Battle System…..

The battle system is typical your action RPG. it’s more similar to Tales of series. Below is the list of the features of a battle system.

  • AP: or you can also be called action point. Although it’s an action RPG, you can’t attack all you want. Each action has a limit use. The default AP are 4, you can increase it later on by equipping a better equipment. Each normal attack will cost 1 AP. If you unleash skill it will also cost your AP. So, you need to manage your strategy.
  • Imagine Field: You notice the left bar or like a play button? If you charge it until half, you can active Imagine Field. So, it’s like a DJ. The song power will increase your damage, Also, you will get an infinite AP. After the Imagine Field reduce to zero, you can activate it again to increase your damage even more.

akiba's beat gameplay

The Graphics Quality…..

How about the graphics itself? Is It good? Or Bad? I think the graphics quality is decent, not that great and not that good. If you compare it to PS 4 version, of course, the Vita is the ugly one. But, I think the developer team needs to increase the graphics aspects because PS Vita power not like this one.

Others Aspect That You Need to Know…..

In the PS Vita version, I noticed some aspects that quiet hassle. It will reduce your gameplay experience while playing this game. Check it out below!

  • When you changed the language into Japanese, after you close your game it will reset to default. It’s really bothersome for some people if they like the Japanese language.
  • Also, when you load your game from the main menu, the loading times to get inside the game quite slow.
  • When the first time you enter a new place, you the loading times is quite long to complete.
  • Open the menu also quite slow, especially, when you want to see others character status.

Overall AKiba’s Beat Game

If you love JRPG, of course, this one is a must have. Although the battle system kinda dull, you will still love it. Also the story for me it’s quite interesting and mysterious. I’m sure you will love it very much. If you don’t have any new game or have nothing to do, try this one can kill your time.

I think it’s enough for Akiba’s Beat PS Vita if you want to add something regarding this game, don’t hesitate to give your comments below. I’m really appericiate it. See you all again next time. After you see Akiba’s Beat review, your will to play this game must increase. Have a nice day and goodbye.


best harvest moon series

The Best Harvest Moon Series That You Need to Play!

Of course, everyone in this world must know about Harvest Moon. I’m one of the fans of the game. That’s why my today topic is about best Harvest Moon series that you should play in your leisure time. I’m sure you have your favorite game. If you curious, just see the list below to cure your curiosity.

The Best Harvest Moon Series | Which is your Favorite One?

harvest moon back to nature

  • Harvest Moon Back to Nature: The first harvest game and the reason why farming game become the favorite in the public. Although the graphics aspects it’s not that great, you can still enjoy this game. You as the main protagonist is the successor of your grandpa farm. When the first time you come, the farm is already stranded and your job is to recover it again. So, your main task in this game is farming and cropping. You can also buy a pet, like a cow, sheep, and chicken. After that, you can sell it to gain profit. You can also take a relationship with one of the girls in the game. In the final chapter of your relationship, you will have a son.

harvest moon grand bazaar

  • Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar: Usually Harvest Moon game involved around a farming game. But, this one is slightly different. You still do the farming but, when the vegetables already grow, you need to take it to the bazaar. Is it really needed to do that? Of course, because it’s the main features of the game. So, you need to set your price carefully, because it’s a bazaar. Everyone wants a cheap price, not the expensive one. So, your negotiation skill is really needed.

innocent life harvest moon

  • Innocent Life Harvest Moon: If you usually play with a human protagonist, in this game, you play as a robot. Also, you live in the cave as your base camp. So, say goodbye to your house. Of course, your task is still the same. What I like from this game you can ride a vehicle so it won’t cost you much time when you go to the city. The others mechanism still the same, but you can’t get married anymore because you’re a robot.

harvest moon save the homeland

  • Harvest Moon Save the Homeland: If you want to play a farming game with a good, graphics, Harvest Moon Save the Homeland can be your choice.  Also, you can’t get married or run a relationship even though you have a cute girl around you. The mechanism of this game still the same like Harvest Moon Back to Nature minus the married system. You can also find a cute fairy in this game that can take care of your farm while you go out.

So, which your favorite Harvest Moon game? I think my best Harvest Moon series is Back to Nature. The first and the best game ever. If your favorite game is not included in the list above, please forgive me. It’s all based on my opinion. I think my article today it’s enough for you. Hopefully, it can help you who searching for Harvest Moon game. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.  Happy Gaming guys!

road riot review

Road Riot Review | The Best Things About this Game!

Recently, I addicted to a game that I played. Do you want to know about it? The named Road Riot. This game is really fascinating. I really like this one when the first time I install this game. It’s like my is dedicated to playing this game, LOL. That’s why today I want to write down my impressions about Road Riot review. Check out the review below!

Road Riot Review | Is It Worth Your Time?

My thought about this game is really great actually. My time with this one is really fortunate. I’m sure all of you feel the same like me. It’s not your usual racing game. You will control an awesome car that equips with a missile or others weapon to help you to win in the competition.Of course, your task is not easy, along the way, you need to upgrade your car to become more awesome than before.  If you’re fans of the racing genre, pick this one is a must for you.

Overall Score: 8.0

“A very Good game, Really Worth Your Time”

road riot free coins

See also the features of the game:

  • Stunning Action Racing: What do you expect with this game? A good racing game like Need fo Speed? Forget that thought already. This one is different from your usual racing game. Why? Because you will shoot all others opponent while driving your car. What amazed me when playing the game is the equipment that really awesome to see!
  • Customization: It’s hard for you to play this game in the later stage? Why don’t you upgrade your car? Just install new weapon and upgrade it to become more powerful. Also for the upgrade, you need a lot of coins
  • Leaderboard System: Same as another Android game that has a leaderboard system. Become the number one by achieving the best score.

How to Get the Free Gems Easily? My Method For All of You!

While getting coins is relatively easy, gems are different matters. You need what it’s called luck. I mean is when the big event coming to offer you the tremendous amount of gems. While the others one you can get from daily quests. But you need the patience to get it at all. Yeah, it’s not that easy as you think.

I searched on the internet and find nothing. I almost give up because playing this game without gems is quite hard. In order to obtain the new parts, you need gems to buy it. But, finally, I found it on the internet, I searched until 6 pages. There I found a miracle that can give me Road Riot free gems.

You can also try it by visiting Road Riot Hack. Don’t worry guys, it’s 100% safe from harm. I already tested it by myself. If you have difficulties to get gems don’t hesitate to visit the website that I found. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article about Road Riot review. Hopefully, it can help your journey in this game. See you all again next time and goodbye guys.