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Wedding Invitation Inspirations | The Greatest Invitation Wedding Card!

Roowedding, is the best website if you want to find about your wedding plan. I accidentally found this website on the internet while I confuse about my wedding party. Today I want to share you about wedding plan. I’m sure everyone needs this one. I want to share you the best wedding invitation card that I found on that website. Are you curious about it? Just check the information below to cure your curiosity.

Wedding Invitation
wedding card
wedding inspirations

In my opinion, this website is really awesome. Of course, in your wedding day you want to make something new. The alternative is only visiting this website. I know you can find many great wedding website out there, but this one is more friendly. You can easily navigate what you want to look.After a while I found this greatest website. My wedding party become really great. All the guest that come to my wedding feels really happy. I give many thanks to this one. With this, my wedding party feel different and unique.

If you have a problem with your wedding, this website is the best alternative for all of you. Just write down roowedding in your browser and see the amazingness with your own eyes. After you know it, you can’t leave it anymore. It’s same like me. Enjoy your wedding party guys!

Wedding Invitation Inspirations | The Best Wedding Card

What I like the most from this website is the wedding invitation inspirations card. Before I meet this website, I confuse how to design my wedding card. I searched hour an hour but found nothing. It takes two days for me to find Roowedding website. Of course, I can’t give up yet because it’s my important party and once in the life time.

This invitations card looks really different from the usual one. The blue color is really make me calm from seeing it. You can also changed the style of the font. With it, you can give a different touch from it. If you like simple design like this invitation card, This is the suitable card for all of you. Of course, you want to make your bride happy, right? That’s why you need to make this card.


So, you already see Roowedding website? What do you think of it? It’s helpful for all of you? If so, I’m really grateful can help all of you to achieve your dream. I’m really glad to find this website, my sacred moment with my wife is success. And I got the happy ending that I want, LOL.

You can choose the others invitation card besides from  wedding invitation inspirations card. Yeah, everyone have their own liking. I can’t insist to choose my plan. Hopefully, you enjoy your time in this website. If I have a mistake, don’t hesitate to write down your comment below. I’m really appreciate if you can do that. Okay guys, I think it’s enough for today article. Have a nice day and may the god bless you all. Happy Wedding guys!

how to become rich

How to Become Rich? The Ultimate Way to achieve it!

If you heard about rich, you must imagine living in the huge mansion and all your wishes will be granted. Yeah, that’s normal for everyone thought. Everyone want their life to come smoothly. Yeah, that’s a dream for everyone in their life. Of course, to achieve that, you need work hard. Although it’s not that easy if you never give up. Someday you can feel it. For now, you just need to follow my tips to become rich.

How to Become Rich? The Best Way For All of You!

  • Saving up: The best tips for all of you is save up your money. Don’t waste it for any useless thing. You can save it up using your bank account. It will be safe, rather than you put your money in your home. Bit by bit, you can become rich. You don’t need to save up all your money that you get from your salary. Just save up your half money it’s enough.
  • Keep Your Dream: In order to become rich. You need to keep dreaming. Of course, it’s not like you become a crazy person. But, if you can keep up your dream, it’s the design of you still have a will. If you still have it, don’t worry guys. Soon you will become the richest person.

tips to become rich

  • Find a Suitable Job: Don’t depend on the job you currently work. If you want to improve, you need to look for a better one. If you think your job is enough for you and the salary is suitable don’t leave it.
  • Marry Someone Who Wealthy: Yeah, this one is quite ridiculous. If you don’t know anymore to find a way to get rich, just find someone who wealthy. All your problem will be solved immediately. And you don’t need to do any extra works. Just enjoy all your wealth that you get.
  • Internet: The last solution for me it’s the internet. Nowadays, all business that you do related to the internet. That’s why you need to take advantages of it. For you who didn’t know, the profit that you gain from the internet is quite much. The easiest internet works become a blogger. Although in the beginning, you will get a low profit, later on, don’t get surprised by your own profit.

What do you think about the way how to become rich? Is it helpful for all of you? If so, I’m really grateful. If you have another solution to become a millionaire, just write down your comments below. I really appreciate if you can do that. Okay, guys, that’s for today article, hopefully, it can help you to achieve your goal. Don’t forget to keep praying until you achieve your goal. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.

the best upcoming movies 2017

The Best Upcoming Movies 2017 That You Should See On the Theater!

Of course, everyone would like to know what kind of movie that you need to anticipate this year. For movie lover, you should see the best upcoming movies 2017 that you need to watch in your free time. Especially, for people who like action and superhero movies, this is the best year for you to celebrate. Why? Because this year all the film publisher race against each other to create the best movie. Pay attention to the list below. Now, you need to save up your money to buy the ticket to watch this great film that you will see soon.

The Best Upcoming Movies 2017

transformers the last knight

  • Transformers The Last Knight: Who doesn’t know about this series? Of course, you still remember this one. I thought this series already befall and disappear within the thin air. But, my negative though is perish after I saw this movie trailer on the Youtube. Yup, Transformers series back again to entertain the viewer of the film. Especially for the fans who already waiting for Optimus Prime fate. Michael Bay still directing the film, of course, the effect will be devastating. Even though the title says “Last” but it’s not true, right? Of course, the series fans still want more from this movie!

cars 3

  • Cars 3: This one still is the mystery. I don’t really grasp what kind of story that this movie offer to the viewer. If you see the trailer, there must be something happen to the Lightning Mc Queen. Is it a destruction of our favorite red car? It’s not entirely true. What will happen to the main character of the story?  Wait for a while because soon the movie will be released on the theater, exactly 16 June.

spiderman homecoming

  • Spiderman Homecoming: Who doesn’t know Spidey. For you who didn’t know, this one it’s not the sequel to the first Spiderman film nor the amazing one. Yup, once again this the new series with a new actor, Tom Holland. If you watch Captain America: Civil War, you will know this on is the same Spiderman from that series.  Also, Ironman will make an appearance in this series. Just wait until the next month to watch Spidey in action!

anabelle 2

  • Annabelle 2: After all the awesome action film, I will move to the next genre that you should see. The answer is Annabelle 2, yes this film back again to haunt all of you who watch it, LOL. Of course, the story is still around a doll. Our main character is a doll maker and his wife. They also take care of an orphan child. So, what next? Actually, I can’t tell you yet, just watch the rest by yourself.

justice league

  • Justice League: If Marvel has Avenger, DC have Justice League. I hope both side just join together and beat all the evil thing in this world. This is the first film of Justice League, of course, all fans must waiting for this one. You can see Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and the popular Wonder Woman. Just be ready when the November comes.

That is the best upcoming movies 2017 that you should see. Yeah, there are still many movies that I can’t mention like Thor Ragnarok, Despicable Me 3, and the others. Okay guys, I think is enough for today article. Just save your money to watch the upcoming movies. See all again next time and goodbye.

unique sports

Unique Sports in The World | The Astonishing Sports That You Should See!

Sports already become a tradition in every country. In each country have their own favorite sport, it’s same as mine. Today, I don’t want to share you about sports that you know like, soccer, basketball, and baseball. That’s a normal sport that everyone knows. But, right here right now I want to give you unique sports from each country that you should see with your own two eyes below!

Unique Sports in the World That You Should See!

wife carrying competion

  • Wife Carrying Sport: One of the unusual sport. What the point in this sport anyway? LOL. First, this sport created in Finland. In the early July, it’s the month where the sports began. You need to carry your wife until goal post. Of course, it’s not that easy. You will find some obstacle. If you dare to try it, why don’t you come to Finland then?

underwater hockey

  • Underwater Hockey: Everyone must know what is hockey is. If you didn’t know it’s a smaller version of a soccer game. Your task in this game is to put the hockey inside the goal line, but in order to move the hockey, you need to do it with a stick. It’s sound easy, but, what will you do if you play it in underwater? You need a lot of stamina to do it and a crazy amount of energy. The rules are same like usual hockey but it’s not required a stick to play.

sepak takraw

  • Sepak Takraw: Originally come from Asia. Do you know volleyball? If so, this game is same. But, the only different is you just use your feet instead of hand. You can’t use another part of your body just use your feet. Can you imagine you need to kick the ball over the net? This sport is quite interesting, it’s like you have done a Kung Fu through sports.

cycle ball

  • Cycleball: The weirdest sport of all. Here, you play sport with bicycle and ball. Each team has two members. Your task is simple, just put the ball on the goal line. But, using a bicycle wheel. Yup, you can kick or grab it. You can also use your head. If you want to use your hand is when you in the defense not in the offense. This sport is quite challenging. Anyone of you wants to try it?

bed racing

  • Bed Racing: It’s same like a running completion but in this sport, you’re in the state of sleep. Four people will carry the finish line. Yeah, you use a bed and at least four people must carry you. This the convenient sport that everyone like. You just sleeping and then you get the reward, LOL.

As you can see many unique sports that we didn’t know at the first glance. Hopefully, my article about a weird sport is enough to make your leisure time valuable. If you want to ask something or give suggestions, just write down your comment below. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today. Have a nice and see you all again in the next chance.


best marvel characters

Best Marvel Characters Ever | Check the List Below!

In this beautiful morning, I want to give you some refreshing topic. It’s about best Marvel Characters. Of course, if I talk about Marvel you already know what will the conversation become. So, what is your favorite Marvel superhero? I’m sure all of you know Marvel already created many superheroes from the strongest and the weakest. But, today I don’t talk about whose the strongest but the best one. Are you curious about my best Marvel superheroes? Look at the list below!

Best Marvel Characters of All Time | Check it out Here!

ghost rider

  • Ghost Rider: First, the best hero that I like the most is Ghost Rider. What I like from this hero is the characters design. This flaming skull is really cool to see. Especially his motorbike that have a flame on the wheel. The fire chain that can burn anything into ashes. The coolest character that I have ever seen in the Marvel universe.

doctor strange

  • Doctor Strange: In order to heal his hands after an accident that befall him, Doctor Strange meet some stranger to teaching him some kind of supernatural method to heal his hand. After his hand healed, he eventually becomes a sorcerer that beat down all evil. With his magic coat, he can fly around.


  • Thor: The might God and the son of Odin. He wields the magic weapon, Mjolnir. With this hammer, he can destroy the entire enemies that block his way.  If it’s about pure power, Thor becomes one of the Marvel strongest characters. Yeah, he is a god, you don’t need to question his power. For your information, only Thor who can use the Mjolnir because his magic weapon chooses the suitable owner.


  • Hulk: Bruce Banner is the genius scientist. But, one day an accident befall upon him. Thanks to that, he can transform into a giant green monster called Hulk. Actually, it’s not a monster, the shape still like a human but only have a bigger size. What about his power? You don’t need to doubt it. If it’s about power this green man can defeat Thor if he wants. But, Thor still the best thanks to his greatest weapon, Mjolnir.


  • Spiderman: The best of the best and the normal superheroes of all Marvel universe. If the others superhero is an adult, but Spiderman is a teenager who has an economic problem. He accidentally gets bitten by the spider when going to the museum. Thanks to that, he gets a power like a spider. He can shot the spider web from his web and walk on the wall like a spider. Although he is not that strong Spiderman has his own charm.

This is the best Marvel characters that I like. Please forgive me if your favorite heroes not included in this list because this is based on my opinion. Oh yeah, if you want to add something about Marvel superheroes, don’t be shy, just write down your suggestion in the comments box below. I think it’s enough for today article guys. Have a nice day and see you all again next time in my next article.

advantages of vegetarianism

Advantages of Vegetarianism | The Positive Effect For Your Body!

How take care of your body? Of course, being a vegetarian is one of the many ways that you should try. Of course, for people who love to eat it’s really hard to become one. But, after you know the advantages of vegetarianism, can you overlook this matter? I think the answer is no. If you curious just check out the list of vegetarian benefits for your body.

Advantages of Vegetarianism | Check it Out Below

Body Weight: The first reason why everyone starts to eat vegetables. Especially, for women who scared when they body weight is already overweight. The easiest way to lower it by becoming a vegetarian. At first, it’s really difficult, especially, for some people who love to eat meat. But, if you want to get an ideal body weight, you need to eat it at all cost. Don’t worry guys, you will love vegetables as you love meat. That’s why you need to endure it.

Diseases:  Meat can give you many diseases. For examples of heart diseases and Diabetes. Of course, I don’t prevent you from eating meat. But, if you can’t reduce it. Of course, your body will be the sacrifice of your ego. That’s why you need to eat vegetable also to prevent the diseases that you get from meat.

become vegetarian

Suffering: Of course it’s not your suffering, But the animal that the human slice to become your food. I know the treatment that they get to provide you a meat it’s really horrific. That’s why you need to reduce it, you don’t know there are many animals that died to provide human a food. You don’t need to stop eating a meat immediately. Just reduce it by becoming a vegetarian.

Poison: Do you ever watch the news about poison food? The poison usually comes from meat. If so, do you still want to eat this one regularly? Of course, you need to think about the consequences. Why don’t you become a vegetarian to eat a  healthy food. Also becoming vegetarian won’t harm your body at all.

Healthy Life: Believe it or not, by eating vegetables it can give you enough energy to run your activities. Also, you won’t feel any pain in your body when eating vegetables. I’m sure you know what I mean from this one. If you regularly eat meat, sometimes your body will become really tiring because meat contains fat. Bit by bit, your body will break because can’t endure it anymore. That’s why you don’t need to feel afraid to become a vegetarian.

Can you see the advantages of vegetarianism? If you want to have this kind of benefits, you need to become vegetarian. I didn’t mean to prevent you eating a meat. But, if you still do that, your body won’t last longer guys. That’s why you need to think the best way about your own body. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today about an article about vegetarian. See you all again next time. Have a nice day and God bless you all.

american football positions

American Football Positions, Play This Sport Right Away!

Who doesn’t know about American Football? I’m sure everyone ever heard about this one. Or maybe you ever played this dangerous sport. Why is it dangerous? Because you will bump against each other to steal the ball. That’ why you can see all the players wear a protector on their body. There are some people who through this as Rugby. But, that’s not my topic actually for today. I want to give you an explanation about American Football positions for the players. Check out the main American Football line up.

american football match

American Football Positions, Check it Right Away!

  • Linemen: This is the most important position in playing Football. Their position in the front and protect all player who in the back. Also, in order to move forward, you need to have a strong linemen. If you have a weak linemen, I’m sure your team formation will be crush immediately by the opponets. Also, this one is the most dangerous postion on American Football. Because you need to push your opponet, so, your pure power will be tested here.
  • Quarterback: The player who reiceived a ball from the linemen. Quarterback really play an importnat role when on offense. Because he like the leader of the field. Also, they are the first person who get the ball. So, they need to have a good strategty how to get the touch down ( You can tranlsate it same like a goal in soccer game)

american football gameplay

  •  Running Back:: Usually the postion in the behind of quarterback. They task is bring the ball to the goal line by running. Of course, you also need to have a good agility in dodging an opponets attack while running. They can also pass the ball if they sense a danger.
  • Reicever: If you have people who running while bring the ball of course you will also need people who can catch a ball. That’s why it’s the duty of a reicever. Usually, when the game start they runnnig to the goal line to catch the ball that the quarterback throw at them.
  • Tight-End: Player who can do anything. Or you can say all rounder player. They can become a linemen, quaterback, reiceiver  or running back. If you want to have  a surprise attack for your team, having a Tight-End is really crucial. They task usuall is to cover the running back when running. Sometimes, they also help the linemen to push through. This position is quite tiring because you have many task to do on the field.

What do you think about the American Football positions? For people who curious about this, hopefully, my article can help you today. Playing an American Football can be rough, but, it’s quite a fun sport to do. Because it will improve your stamina and physical strength. You don’t need to feel confuse about the player positions in American Football. It’s quite confusing at first, but after you read it a while I know you understand about it.  Okay guys, I think my article today is enough for all of you. See you soon in the next chance!

best wedding place

Best Wedding Place That You Should Try! Check it Now!

Hey guys, welcome back to your greatest website. Today I want to share you best wedding place that you should create. Because soon I’m getting married, LOL that’s why I want to share you the wedding place that you should try. Of course, some of you must feel bored if celebrate your wedding part in a building, you want a new sensation to make your bride happy. I already found some good place on the website that my friends gave me back then. Are you curious? Cure your curiosity by looking at the information below.

Roowedding, The  Best Place for Your Wedding Information!

By Visiting Rooweding, you can find much information about your wedding. From the invitation, cake, dress or the place. f you need any ideas about your wedding, I think this is this the best place to make your bride happy. All the information you see here inspires you to make your wedding brilliant.

wedding celebration

At first, I confused how to make my wedding party looks different. Because my girl asks me to make something different for our wedding. Of course, as a man, I don’t know how to do that. But, I don’t give up yet. In order to make my girl happy, I looking around on the internet to read some information about the wedding. But, I found nothing, thanks to my friends, I get the information that I need.

Best Wedding Place, Check it Out Here!

Finally, I found a suitable for me to celebrate my wedding party. I choose Garden Wedding Decoration as the best one. Why? It all thanks to the environment it’s really suitable to make your wedding part here. Also, I don’t need an AC. All the guest can feel the fresh air around the forest. I know only some place who have a forest. You don’t need to choose the best garden. Just choose the simple. The important one is your decoration. Also, it doesn’t require much money. Just simple decoration can make your wedding place become the best of the best.

wedding party

Also, for you who confuse how to decorate your table, you can apply this Classic Wedding Table Decorations. I think it has an interesting concept. I think it will help you to make your wedding party become the best one. I’m sure the guest will be surprised with your creative decoration. Now, you already know if you need some information about the wedding just visit the website that I give you above.  I’m guaranteed you will be glad to know one this kind of website exists.

Now, you don’t need to worry anymore to find your best wedding place. After I give you the recommendation about your wedding celebration. If you want to ask or add something, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. I really appreciate it if you can do that. I’m will reply to your comment right away if I have a spare time. Okay guys, see you in my next article. Have a nice day and happy wedding!

the seven deadly sins

The Seven Deadly Sins | The Things That You Need to Know About this One!

Morning guys, my topic today is quite complicated. It’s about the seven deadly sins. All of you must ever hear about this one. Every people talk about it, Actually, what is it about? In my opinion, seven deadly sins are some kind of sin that’s really destructive in the human heart. Also, this one also related in the Christian Bible. But that’s not about the today topic. My purpose only tells you about the sins. That’s why for you who curious about this, check out the list below of the seven sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins, Check the list Below!

  • Lust: The first sins is lust. It’s an intense desire to having everything or something similar. Usually is related to sexuality content.
  • Gluttony: This sin is desire more food and drink. I know you must ever meet this kind of people in the world. They eat like a person who never eats one month.
  • Greed: Actually this one similar like lust. But, if lust focuses on sexuality content, greed focuses on material aspects. Without I giving you the example you know the type of people like this exists in every country. Yeah, people who can say the material is the ultimate problem that can solve anything.

seven sins

  • Sloth: you can say this sin is suitable for a lazy person. Yeah, type of people who lazy to do anything. You know a type of people like this exists in this universe. I recommend you avoid this one. If you lazy to do anything, what will you do in this life then? The answer is nothing.
  • Wrath: It’s suitable for people who usually get angry over a small problem. You need to be cautious with this type of sin. Because if you ever do something small they will angry at you. Also, they always take a grudge to some people who ever hurt them.
  • Envy: It’s some kind of jealousy over something that you didn’t have but others have it. This is the type of people that I hate the most. If you want something that everyone has, just work hard to obtain it, rather than you show the jealousy. it will make all people hate you.
  • Pride: The last of the deadly sins. Of course, Without I explained it, you already the means of pride. Yeah, the type of people who cold headed. Also, they don’t want to talk with the people who the status lower than them. Because it can hurt their pride.

What do you think about the seven deadly sins that I explained it to you above? Is it clear enough for you? I know every human have their own sins. I can’t recommend you to avoid it. Why?  Because it’s an impossible thing to do. I just want to make sure you know the sins of yours. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article. If you want to add something about deadly seven sins, don’t hesitate to give a comment below. See you all again next time and have a nice day.

the dangerous of video game

The Dangerous of Video Game Addiction! Please Avoid it Kindly!

I know video game already become the entertainment for all of the people who feel bored when they don’t have something to do. But, you know video game also have side effects that are quite destructive for your own body? Of course, all of you only think the positive effects. everything that you do without any limit is not that good, it’s also same with a video game. That’s why my today topic is about the dangerous of video game. If you curious just see the side effects of vide game below!

The Dangerous of Video Game Addiction! Do you want to Keep it?

  • Eating Habit: The first important thing is eating habit. Of course, people who tend to play a video game, they never want to leave their position. So, as a result, they selected food is junk food. It’s not a real problem if you eat junk food. But, if you eat it everyday it will become a real problem. Not only you can’t buy your favorite game again, but you will also enter the hospital because of this act. That’s why you need to fix your eating habit, it will affect your future guys.
  • Become Neet  ( Not in education, employment, and training): Yeah, if you can’t control your gaming time anymore, you will become like this one. Because in your thought is only about gaming and gaming. The others activities that you should tend are canceled because of this matter. Of course, you don’t want this tragedy to happen, right? That’s why you also need to understand your activity. Actually, all of them is really important if you can think straightly.

video game addiction

  • Loss of Vision: Yeah, it will reduce your eyesight for sure. At first, it’s not really that destructive, but slowly but surely it will destroy your vision. Because the light that emits from the screen not really good. That’s why you need to limit your playtime. Don’t play your game all day long. Not only reduce your vision, but you will get a headache from the light on your screen.
  • Emotionally Unstable: Yeah, Because I ever see my friends like this. Their emotion is really unstable. For example, I ever visited my friends to play the game with him. At first, he sounds really happy, but when he lost the match, he becomes really angry because of the lost. I know it does not feel right when you lost. But, it’s not exaggerating, right? That’s why for fellow gamers, don;t you ever do this kind of thing. I will make all the people around you leave you all alone.

You already know the dangerous of video game. Hopefully, it can enrich your knowledge about this matter. If you want to add something regarding video game addiction, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. I’m really glad if you can do that. I know my article not that perfect, so I need everyone help to make it become more amazing. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today. Have a nice day and see you again next time.