unforgettable cartoons

5 Unforgettable Cartoons | Find It Out Here!

Cartoon is one of the most favorite television shows all over the world. We should admit that every people from every generation would love to watch it. We can say that cartoon is very fun. That is why many people love it so much. Moreover, the cartoon in the 90’s era which very funny and interesting to see. And this time, we have some unforgettable cartoons that all people will never forget.

Spongebob Squarepants


Who does not know about the yellow sponge that wearing a Squarepants called Spongebob? Of course, every people in this world know about him. No matter how old we are, Spongebob will be always on our minds. This cartoon always succeeded in attracting its viewers with its funny and interesting storyline. It is not weird if this cartoon has gained a lot of popularity among the cartoon lovers.

PowerPuff Girls

powerpuff girls

Maybe this is the only cartoon which involving girls as the main characters. Powerpuff Girls is a very popular cartoon in the 90’s era. Three cute and pretty girls that possess an amazing power. They fly through the sky and try to beat their main enemy named Mojo-Jojo. Powerpuff Girls once idolized by the kids not only because they are cute but also strong and they can protect the town from disasters.

Looney Tunes

looney tunes

We are sure enough that this one is one of our favorite when we are still a kid. This short cartoon that tells the story of each Looney Tunes character such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Silvester, Tasmanian Devil, and etc. Every kid in the 90’s era loved this cartoon so much because it offers a lot of characters inside it as well as fun and interesting stories to watch.


scooby doo

Scooby-Doo tells the story of a group of detective named Mystery Inc. They consist of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and of course Scooby and they love to solve a mystery. The things that we will never forget from this cartoon are the easy-listening theme song and the moments where Scooby and his best friend Shaggy are being afraid when they see a ghost. Because of its popularity, it has so many cartoon series spin-offs and movies.

Tom and Jerry

tom and jerry

No matter how many new cartoons are coming in, Tom and Jerry would be the people’s favorite especially the people who were born in the 90’s era. They always fight in every moment they meet and there are a lot of funny things during those moments. Their long-lasting rivalry becomes something that attracts people’s attention. We can say that this cartoon really deserves to become the most unforgettable cartoon.

Final Words

Those are 5 unforgettable cartoons that still loved by many people until now although some of them are not aired anymore on the television. But, we can still watch them by streaming if we miss seeing their actions. Okay, that ends our article for today. Hopefully, it can make you nostalgic with the cartoons in the 90’s era.

modern living room furniture ideas

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas | The Best Furniture for Your Living Room

Living room is one of the most favorite places for people to relieve their stress and to gather with family. A good looking and beautiful living room will bring a comfort impression to whom who want to get relaxed. In order to make our living room looks good, we need to use some good furniture as well. Below here, we have some recommendation about modern living room furniture ideas that you can try to apply.

Sofa Ideas

Sofa is the most important element of a living room. It is a furniture that every people should have in their living room. Actually, there are so many kinds of sofas that we can take as an example such as a modern corner sofa and modern leather sofa.

Modern Corner Sofa

© Anna Jessica

© Veronika Demovicova

The modern corner sofa is the first sofa ideas that we are going to share. As the name implies, this kind of sofa has to be placed in the corner of our room. A modern corner sofa is really suitable for a living room which implies the modern concept. This furniture does not only look so simple but also has a modern design. The use of gray and white color is the other factor which makes this sofa looks so modern. We can see a corner sofa like on the pictures above as the example

Modern Leather Sofa

© An-Magritt Moen

© Sun Wahyu

A modern leather sofa is the best furniture for a modern living room because it suits really well with the concept. A sofa which has a leather material is not always related to a classic style. There are so many leather sofas with a modern design out there. And the pictures that we have shared above are just a few example that you can see.

Coffee Table Ideas

A living room will not be complete without the existence of a coffee table. This furniture is very important because of so many functions that it has such as to place our goods and to beautify the look of our living room. Below here, we also give you some coffee table designs that you can take as an inspiration.

Glass Coffee Table

© Archiproducts

The use of glass coffee table is very appropriate for a modern living room because the design of this furniture already shows its modern display. Then, the use of white or gray color that we can see from the examples above also gives an additional modern impression to this coffee table design. We can say that it is one of the best coffee table ideas that will make our living room looks more modern.

Wood Coffee Table

© Eastvold Furniture

© ErinMarie Pritchard

A furniture from a wooden material often used in a classic or traditional style. But, in the arms of the designers above, the coffee table with a wood material can be so modern. The design is really simple and unique which makes it suits the modern concept of our living room.


Those are the modern living room furniture ideas that we can share on this occasion. Hopefully, our recommendation above can be used as your reference in deciding the best furniture for your living room. And if you are looking for more information about home design, just check out our best source, Roohome.

the wildest animal in the world

The Wildest Animal in the World || Please Kindly Avoid this Animal!

For Animal lover this kind of article will hurt their feeling for sure. Yeah in their perspective animal is an adorable thing. Do not worry, we just tell you the wildest animal in the world. We think everyone needs to know about this one. This is important to make them realize not all animal is adorable, there are some of the animals which can hunt down their prey immediately within the range.



You can easily find this animal in a Zoo. While in there, Lion like a cool and calm animal. In the wilderness, Lion is included as one of the dangerous animals. It can even kill a human instantly. So, you need to watch out when you find it. Their fang can pierce through your body easily.



The next wildest animal on the list is Snake. We sure you know very well about it. You need to keep your eyes on while you do an adventure to a forest. Is it necessary? The answer is yes. Because Forest is a territory where Snake lived. If you are not careful, this animal will bite your feet right away and inject its poison. If you cannot neutralize the poison, you already know what will happen to yourself.



If you are lived in Africa, you surely ever meet this animal. Hyena’s shape is similar to a dog. But, if we compare which one is the strongest the winner must be Hyena. Even though this animal is small in size, it can hunt down their prey quickly. Do not try to run away or your life will end.



After done with the land animal. Let us move to an aquatic animal. For that reason, we choose shark as the deadly animal in the water. Do not you dare to run from this animal if you cannot swim quickly.  This thing can move really fast in the water. Oh yeah, you can easily find this animal when you see a horn pop-up from the water. It means the shark already prepared to catch you.



We really admired this animal from the bottom of our hearts. It all thanks to the two horn which attach on the left and right side of Buffalo’s head. Why we like this because of the horn like a symbol of victory. While this animal seems a calm type, Buffalo can charge any other people without any prior notice. We can say this animal is quite powerful. The sharp horns and 2000 pounds of weight already enough to claim Buffalo as one of the wildest and strongest animal.

If we ask you about the wildest animal in the world, you already know the answer. Of course there are another wild animal out there. From now on, you need to be careful when you are going out somewhere. Probably you will meet one of the animal on the list above (LOL).


how to heal a broken heart copy

How to heal a Broken Heart? Just Simply Follow My Tips to Cure it!

A Broken heart is like a disease for everyone. I’m sure if you ever feel this one, you will feel lazy to do anything and will remember the pain from it. That’s already a normal stuff in our everyday life. Like it or not, you need to accept it. But, I have the ways to heal it. Is it possible? The answer is yes. Now, I will tell you how to heal a broken heart. Just check out the list below to find out all the answer that you seek.

How to Fix a Broken Heart?

Let out your emotion

The first thing you must do is let out your emotion. I know it’s hard to bear, that’s why you need to let it out. Just do something that can make it out. For example, you can cry all you want to make your hearts calm. Don’t worry what the people say for you, it’s a normal for a human to cry when they feel sad. If you can’t cry you need to ask for yourself. Do you have an emotion or not?

Don’t force yourself to smile

I know it’s hard for you to smile when you’re feeling unwell. One of them is broken heart, it will be hard for you to maintain your smile. But, I suggest you don’t force to smile, it will only make more pain for your heart. Just be yourself, do everything that you think right. Why you need to smile while your heart feels the different ways. Insisting something it’s not a good idea when you feel a pain.

let your emotion

Spend time with your closest friends

There are some people who can’t do everything alone. Especially when they feel what we called is a broken heart. They need friends to accompany them, if you’re the type of people who have the same type like that, just call your closest friends to meet up with you. You can share everything that you want to share. Don’t keep it to yourself.

Find the new love

Usually, when people feel broken heart it will be related to their previous lover. If so, you can find the new love that heals your broken heart right away. Of course, in this step, you must be careful when looking for a new love interest. Yeah, because you don’t want the same mistake to get repeat again. I’m sure you understand what I want to say, right?

Forget about the pain

It does not feel really comfortable when you feel a broken heart. Actually, I don’t want to suggest but, I must do it. Yeah, this is the effective way and the most painful one. I think you just need to forget about it, I know it’s hard for some of you to do it. But, think about it once again, what you gain by remembering the painful event? It will only make you more grief.

How to heal a broken heart? I’m sure you already know the answer to this one. I know it’s not that easy to fix your broken heart, but if you still have a will to do it, I’m sure you can cure this one. I think it’s enough for today article, see you all again next time.


pokemon duel game tips

Pokemon Duel Game Tips || The Information That You Need to Know While Playing the Game!

Pokemon already becomes the phenomenal event in the world. Yeah, everything that related to Pokemon it will be awesome. It seems Game Freak still want to spread out the Pokemon franchise to all over the world. As a result, they make Pokemon Duel on Android and iOS. This is the latest Pokemon game after Pokemon Go. The game is quite different unlike the usual Pokemon game, you can still do battle in this game, but the game main objective is to capture the enemies base camp. So, do you already try the game? If so, I have the useful Pokemon Duel tips for all of you. Just check it out below for more information.

Pokemon Duel Game Tips

Don’t Open the Booster With Gems

booster pack

You will notice when you enter the league and become the winner, you will get the booster. So, what the inside of this box. Of course, it’s free figure (Pokemon) and free EXP card. You can’t open the booster immediately, you need to touch the “start unlock” button to unlock it in the specific time. Usually, it’s around 1-6 hours depend on the box color. You can use gems to open it immediately, but I recommend you don’t do that, why? Because gems in this game are really hard to get that’s why just wait for it, and the figures that you can get it’s not worth to sacrifice your precious gems.

 Move Variations Is Important

pokemon duel roullete

I’m sure you think the move that has higher point is really important. Actually, the move that has a purple color in it (black star) can beat move that has higher points. It doesn’t matter your move point is 80 or 90, move with a black star in it, can beat your card immediately. Not only that it can give decrease your attack point and give you bad status. It’s also applied to the white card that doesn’t have any point in it. I recommend you choose one or two Pokemon that have this kind of move. Because it can really help you in a pinch where you meet Pokemon that has strong point move.

Level Up Your Pokemon to Decrease the Miss Status

The game requires a high luck in order to win the battle. Yeah, when in the battle, you can’t choose which move that you want to unleash, your luck depends on the roulette that spin while in battle. For the first time you play the game, you must tend to get miss a lot. Actually, you can increase your luck by leveling up your Pokemon. Yeah, because you can increase the pallet amount of your move, so the missing pallet will decrease and makes the move pallet bigger than the previous one. One level one point, so you need to think carefully which move pallet that you need to increase.

Fill in All the requirements When Doing the Quest

pokemon duel quest

When doing the quest, you can see the requirements of each stage. If you can complete all the requirements, you will be rewarded with gems. Yeah, this is the greatest chance for you to get gems. Although you only get 3 gems per stages it’s better than nothing, right? But, you need to thank the developer of this game, because in order to summon the new Pokemon that have a good rarity it’s not cost too many gems. If I remember it’s only around 300 gems.

Always Use Support Card to Help You in a Pinch!

pokemon duel support card

Support card is really useful if you know how to use it. When you battle against opponents, you will notice in a card behind the PC. That’s the support card that gives you many advantages on the battle. I recommend you save the card if you really need it because you can only use some of them once per battle, and after you use it the card lost, it means you can’t use it anymore guys!.

That’s the Pokemon Duel game tips that I want to tell you. How about it? You already know what you need to do in this game? If so, I really appreciate if my tips can help to become the Pokemon master in this game. That’s enough for today, and I will end my article about Pokemon Duel tips. Have a nice day and see you all again!

dragon ninjas game review

All the Dragon Ninjas Game Tips You Should Know || The Stuff You Should Mind in this Game!

Dragon Ninjas is a turn based RPG game that everyone will like really much. If you veteran RPG player, of course, you will try this game as soon as possible. Now, I create this article not about tell the gameplay of the game, but it’s the Dragon Ninjas game tips. For fellow players who play this game, meeting this tips it’s like find their true soul mate. Without further ado, you need to see the tips that every one player should know about the game.

Dragon Ninjas Game Tips

The Altar of Gems

The best way to get free gems. If you unlock this features in the first play, you need to take advantages of it. Although you need special items to unlock it, it’s not really hard to get. You can wait for an event to come to that grant the special item or grind on the field. For the first try, you can generate free gems without using the special item. As I remember it will open up until 3 hours.

Build Villager Hut

When your village grows larger, of course, more people will come to your place. And you will gain much profit from it. But, if you don’t have enough village hut, you can’t take the people who come to your village. That’s why keep building village hut as soon as possible it’s the right choice to make more income. So, you don’t need to worry about your resources, if you can make more income, it’s not a big matter guys.

Train Your Heroes Regularly

Train your heroes at the dojo is really crucial. I recommend you to train all your heroes’ type in order to use it in the future battle. Having all types unit ready in the party menu is really crucial in this game. Because it’s much safer rather than you only focusing your attention only on some unit.

Don’t Forget the Achievements System

Do you want an extra reward while playing the game? If so, you need to see the achievements system that the game implemented. As a good gamer, you need to take advantages of it. In order to open the achievements system, just slide left when you’re in the village to see. There are good rewards that you can claim and one of them is gems.

Be Patience!

The last tips from me, you need to be patience while playing the game. In RPG world, you don’t need to be so hasty, why? Because it will destroy you for sure. Don’t hope for the best heroes when you first play the game, in order to get the best heroes, it takes a lot of time and work. So, keep working hard and do what you must do to make you become the number one player.

dragon ninjas gameplay

That’s the 5 Dragon Ninjas tips that you can follow when playing the game. I’m sure it will help another people who want to play the game seriously. If you still have a problem, you can write down in t . See you all again next time and hopefully, my Dragon Ninjas game tips can help you in the game

the strongest gundam in the universe

The Strongest Gundam in the Universe || Check the List on my Website Right Away to Cure Your Curiosity!

Are you a Gundam fans? You already watch and collect all the Gundam series? If so, which one do you think is the strongest Gundam in the universe? Can you answer it? Of course, it will be hard because there are tons of strong Gundam that you can’t mention. But, I will minimize it and tell you the strongest Gundam in the universe. Just check out the list below to cure your curiosity. Have fun reading my article!

The Strongest Gundam in the Universe

  • 00 Quanta:

00 quanta

The first in the list that I choose is 00 Quanta, the Gundam appear in the movie 00 Gundam Awakening of Trailblazer, even though the scene of this Gundam appeared it not that much, you can see how strong this Gundam can be. It can teleport, have sword funnel in the shield, and don’t forget the Trans-Arm system that already been enhanced to get the maximum power of the Gundam. You can see in the movie the long big laser cut through the core of ELS. So, do you still doubt this Gundam become the strongest of all?

  • Strike Freedom Gundam:

strike freedom gundam

I’m sure you know this Gundam very well. Yeah, this Gundam is surely amazing. What makes this one looks really awesome is the Dragoon Pack that installed in the backpack of the Gundam. It can launch the funnel that follows all the MS everywhere. So it can shoot all MS within the reach quickly. Don’t forget about the double rifle that this Gundam has, The rifle also can be combined into one to shoot the powerful beam. Last but not least is the Multi-Lock On features that can shoot down all enemies. Yeah, Freedom Gundam will launch all the laser beam to the opponents through all the weapons that this Gundam has.

  • Unicorn Gundam:

unicorn gundam

This Gundam can change into MS version and the Gundam version. In order to change the Gundam, the pilot must activate the NT-D system. And it will change into Destroyer Mode (Gundam). When changing into Destroyer Mode, the I-Field will activate and protect the Gundam from beam attack. Actually, it’s not the new technology in Universal Century, because almost every Gundam have this kind of tech. Don’t forget about the Beam Magnum, the name of the rifle that this Gundam wields, the shoot is really powerful that can blow enemies into pieces!

  • Barbatos Lupus Rex:

barbatos lupus rex

This Gundam surely is a beast. It can pierce through anything that blocks this Gundam. The powerful nail already attaches on the Gundam fingers that can pierce through another MS. The Tail Blade that equipped in the back of Gundam that can be controlled by Mikazuki through Alaya-Vijnana System. The Ultra Mace also becomes the strongest weapon of this Gundam. If about Melee type combat, I think this is the powerful Gundam that can beat anything! The Design is like an animal that transforms into Gundam. The ability of this Gundam also superb, the speed attack that can kill another MS easily.

  • Destiny Gundam:

destiny gundam

Being the strongest Gundam is not all about the powerful strength and beam that Gundam has. The capability to adapt any situation in battle can also crucial. The good Gundam that fit these criteria is Destiny Gundam from Seed Destiny series that piloted by Shinn Asuka. Need long ranged attack? This Gundam have a powerful long rifle that can be shot anytime? Need short ranged attack? Just use the beam blade that attaches to the back of the Gundam, and don’t forget about the shining hand attack that this Gundam has (LOL). Need to disrupt the enemies formation? The Gundam has the Wings of Light that can be used to make some kind of clone while this Gundam flying. So, you don’t need to doubt this Gundam become the strong one, right?

That’s all about the strongest Gundam in the universe. Do you have a different opinion regarding this matter? Don’t worry guys, you can write down your problem in the comment section below. I will gladly discuss with you which one is the strongest. I think my article end here. Hopefully, you enjoy my topic for today about Gundam series.

how to have a great birthday party

How to Have a Great Birthday Party || The 4 Simple Tips That You Can Follow

Birthday is a sacred moment that everyone will do to celebrate the special moment in this life. And they will think what the best way to make a great birthday party. Yeah, because it’s only happened once a year in their life. They must think to make the party look interesting, so everyone and you can fully enjoy the excitement. Right now, I have some tips that you can apply in order to make a great birthday party, just see the list below to help all of you.

How to Have a Great Birthday Party?

The location of the party

For you who didn’t know about it. It’s really important to choose your location to celebrate your birthday party. If you want to celebrate your birthday in your house, you need to ask a permission from your neighbor. Why? Is it that important? Of course, it is, because when you doing a party it will become quite disturbing, so, you need to ask a permission from your neighbor if they okay with it, just do it right away. You can also choose the place that has beautiful scenery in order to make your birthday party become more fun and merrier.

Set the Guest According to your Needs

Having a party doesn’t mean you need to invite all your acquaintances. First of all, you need to invite is your girlfriend or boyfriend (If you have it, LOL), the second is closest friends, last but not least is your relatives. Of course, I don’t need to tell you to invite your parents because they will join the party without a doubt. If you still have space to invite more people, you can do it. In order to have a great party, you need to invite the people who close to you, not some stranger who recently you meet.

A Theme For Your Party Is Important

Do you want to have a great birthday party that everyone won’t forget? You can use the themed party to make it even more fun. For example, you can write down the requirements to attend your party, the easiest one is the dress code, you can ask them to wear a white cloth together, or you can write like this, for people who don’t bring his / her couple can’t attend my birthday party, it’s really fun guys if you can think like that (LOL). But, it’s your own party, I just give you a suggestion to make it easy.

Don’t Forget the Food and Drinks

A birthday party without a food and drinks? Can you come to that party? The answer must be no! So, what the best food and drinks that you can serve for your birthday party? I think something light or junk food is the best one for the party.  Because people usually tend to talk more with their friend rather than focus on the eating part. But, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to serve any food, you still have to. As for the drink, you can serve cola, the drink for everyone people in the world (LOL). You must think what the best food and drinks for you guest.

That’s my way to have a great party. How about you? Do you know what you need to do about your birthday celebration? If so, I’m really glad my article can help you to achieve the best party that you ever held.  See you all again in the next chance. Have a beautiful party ever guys!


best final fantasy game

Best Final fantasy Game on Mobile (Android and iOS) || The Best One That You Should Play

Final Fantasy game already become a trademark of RPG game. For RPG player, FF already like a diamonds that keep it in the treasure box. Yeah, the game is really great, that’s why many people keep come back to playing it. Now, not only released for video game console, the game also released for mobile. So, is it good as the console version? Are you curious about it? Just cure your curiosity by seeing the list of best Final Fantasy game below.

Best Final Fantasy Game on Mobile Device

final fantasy brave exvius gameplay

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The first game that you should play on mobile. The game is available for both Android and iOS device. So, you don’t need to worry you can’t play it. The game takes you back to nostalgic about classic FF game. So, if you miss the feel of the classic game, Brave Exvius can cure that problem immediately. For your information, you can meet all kind of FF characters in the game. So, choose your favorite one and head out to the dungeon to become the best one.

mobius final fantasy gameplay

Mobius Final Fantasy

For you who don’t like to play FF game with the classic graphics. Probably Mobius Final Fantasy can help you to enhance your gaming experience with the spectacular graphics similar like the console one. Yeah, the game size it’s really tremendous. In order to play it, you need a lot of free space. Why? Because it’s chapter you need to download additional data. Oh yeah, you only have one character, so, there is no party member system in the game. But, your character can change their job to match the command card.

final fantasy awakening gameplay

Final Fantasy Awakening

The game that has the similar feel from Final Fantasy Type 0 that released for PSP and PS 4. Of course, you will feel the same sensation of that game. Instead of control the class zero character, you will control the character based on your own creation. Of course, you can still recruit class zero member by summoning them with crystals or buy the in-app-purchase. The game genre is using the action based system. There is nothing special about the game, but, if you love FF series it’s worth your time.

final fantasy dimension

Final Fantasy Another Dimension

Last but not least is the FF Another Dimension. The great remake of first FF game. The graphics still the same, using 2D, but the developer, Square Enix already changed the graphics into 2D HD. So, the details really smooth. You can see the character clearly right now rather than a dot that appeared on the map screen (LOL). Not only that, you can also see the mini map features on the field. So, you can easily navigate where your character wants to go.

That’s the best Final Fantasy game on mobile that you should try. I’m sure you can enjoy the game that I share with all of you today. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough today about Final Fantasy series. See you all again next time and have a nice day.

how to buy a laptop

How to Buy a Laptop? | Everything That You Needs About it

Laptop already becomes the crucial device in everyone life. There are some people who say that they didn’t need a laptop. But, is it true? Yeah, because everything that we do right now always related to electronic stuff. Especially when you in school or work. So, if you say, you don’t need a laptop, I don’t believe in you 100%. So, you need to think again about it. Now, for you who want it, I will tell you the tips how to buy a laptop. Stay tuned to my website right away!

How to Buy a Laptop? See The Guide Below

laptop type

Think the purpose of buying the Laptop 

Laptop has many varieties of use. So, you need to think, when you buy it, what will use it for? To play a game or just for your homework, and maybe your work. You don’t need to buy a laptop that has powerful specs if you only use it for homework or any activity that won’t make your laptop lag. If you want to buy it as the gaming device, you need to consider to buy the laptop that has powerful specs because it’s really crucial. Oh yeah, for you who don’t know, you can’t force your laptop to play an HD game on the weak laptop or it will break your laptop eventually.


Budget is important

When buying electronics device, the budget is really crucial because of it quite expensive than you buy a food (LOL). Before you start looking the laptop that you want, I recommend you to save some money in it, so when you look the laptop and you like it, you can buy it immediately rather than you don’t have enough money and you only ask about the price. Think really carefully when buying a laptop, because if you just randomly buy the laptop and it feels lag, you need to upgrade the RAM again and you need to pay the extra cost for sure!

laptop os

OS is really important

Right now there are two OS in a laptop. It’s Windows, Mac, and Linux. Choose the best one that you see fit. Or choose the one that you already familiar, like me I choose Windows because it’s the common OS that appeared in my country. So, if you choosing the suitable OS for you, it will be easy to navigate.

disadvantages of laptop

Forget the Disadvantages

Every electronic device has disadvantages. Laptop also has it. Of course, all of you already know about the battery life of laptop and this device can easily to forget especially when you going to the vacation with your laptop and you leave it somewhere else.

test the laptop

Test the Laptop before you buy it

There are some occasions that your new laptop will malfunction soon enough after you buy it. In order to prevent that from happening, you can test it before you purchase. It’s safer rather than you just buying it without any prior knowledge that your laptop will break down in the night you buying it.

laptop design

Choose the best design that you see fit

Last but not least, think about the laptop design. Do you want to have a slim laptop plus a larger screen or you want a laptop that a small screen but you can easily take it anywhere you want. Everyone has a different taste when choosing something that’s why you must know about it for the first time you choose it.

That’s my ways how to buy a laptop. So, what do you think about it? How about you? You have a better idea about it? If so, don’t hesitate to write down in the comment section below. I think it’s enough about today article about buying a new laptop. See you all again in the chance guys!