the wildest animal in the world

The Wildest Animal in the World || Please Kindly Avoid this Animal!

For Animal lover this kind of article will hurt their feeling for sure. Yeah in their perspective animal is an adorable thing. Do not worry, we just tell you the wildest animal in the world. We think everyone needs to know about this one. This is important to make them realize not all animal is adorable, there are some of the animals which can hunt down their prey immediately within the range.



You can easily find this animal in a Zoo. While in there, Lion like a cool and calm animal. In the wilderness, Lion is included as one of the dangerous animals. It can even kill a human instantly. So, you need to watch out when you find it. Their fang can pierce through your body easily.



The next wildest animal on the list is Snake. We sure you know very well about it. You need to keep your eyes on while you do an adventure to a forest. Is it necessary? The answer is yes. Because Forest is a territory where Snake lived. If you are not careful, this animal will bite your feet right away and inject its poison. If you cannot neutralize the poison, you already know what will happen to yourself.



If you are lived in Africa, you surely ever meet this animal. Hyena’s shape is similar to a dog. But, if we compare which one is the strongest the winner must be Hyena. Even though this animal is small in size, it can hunt down their prey quickly. Do not try to run away or your life will end.



After done with the land animal. Let us move to an aquatic animal. For that reason, we choose shark as the deadly animal in the water. Do not you dare to run from this animal if you cannot swim quickly.  This thing can move really fast in the water. Oh yeah, you can easily find this animal when you see a horn pop-up from the water. It means the shark already prepared to catch you.



We really admired this animal from the bottom of our hearts. It all thanks to the two horn which attach on the left and right side of Buffalo’s head. Why we like this because of the horn like a symbol of victory. While this animal seems a calm type, Buffalo can charge any other people without any prior notice. We can say this animal is quite powerful. The sharp horns and 2000 pounds of weight already enough to claim Buffalo as one of the wildest and strongest animal.

If we ask you about the wildest animal in the world, you already know the answer. Of course there are another wild animal out there. From now on, you need to be careful when you are going out somewhere. Probably you will meet one of the animal on the list above (LOL).


The Cutest Animal In The World

The Cutest Animal In The World | My Information for All of You!

Animal already become part of our life. But, there some animal who can threaten the life of a human. But, it’s not my topic today, Mine is about the cutest animal in the world. Are you curious about it? For the first time I thought about when made this article, is it that cute? But, after I see the picture of it, I realize how cute this animal. It ‘s like I want to bring the animal to go my house. Without further ado, check out the cute animal that I like the most.

The Cutest Animal in The World, Which One Do You Prefer?


  • Penguin: The first one without a doubt is a penguin. Why? I choose this one because is my favorite animal. As you can see the face it’s quite funny. Also, the sound that the penguin has, is so adorable. Actually, I never touch this animal before, I only watch some video about it, and I falling in love immediately with the cuteness that this animal offer.


  • Koala: The next one that I like is Koala. Surely everyone knows about this animal. The fur is really thick. I think is so soft to touch it directly. Also, the face of Koala is really adorable, it makes me melting just from see it.  If someone can sell it, I want to buy it right away.

red panda

  • Red Panda: You must know about ordinary panda, but how about red panda? Only a little of you who ever heard this legendary animal. If normal panda has black and white skin, red panda has brown and black skin. Also, the face is quite scary. But, I think it has more charming than the normal panda. What I like the most from this one is the face.


  • Rabbit: This cute little animal can make you melting from seeing it. Yeah, without a doubt. With the adorable face that can capture everyone heart. What I like the most when this animal eating carrots. The way of eating kinda cute to see. Also, the ears that always stand like a huge tower that makes this animal really cute.


  • Hamsters: Who don’t know about this little animal? Hamsters who look like a mouse is the adorable animal that everyone will have. I also ever take care of this animal. The face and the body really look like a ball. The fur also so soft when you touch it. Especially, when you play with this animal, it will offer you the cuteness that you can’t see in the others animal.

Which one do you think the cutest animal in the world? I’m sure you already know which one you’re favorite. As for me, I choose penguin because it’s my favorite animal. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions regarding this blog. Okay, guys, I think today article about adorable animals is enough for today. have a nice day and I will see you all again next time. May all the god bless you all.