how to improve your english speaking skill

How to Improve Your English Speaking Skill? Check Out the Best Method Here!

English already become the global language. Almost everything that you see today has an English subtitle. Yeah, from the internet, mass media and your smartphone. What will happen if you don’t understand the concept of English language? Of course, it will be hard to understand the information that you need to know. In speaking also, people right now tend to use English as the main language even though it’s not their main language. The only for you to understand the conversation it’s by practice a lot. That’s why my today topic is about how to improve your English speaking skill. Are you curious about it? Just check it out below.

How to Improve Your English Speaking Skill? 


⇔ Read Aloud: The first thing that you can do is read an English book. Don’t read it within your heart but, read it aloud. From there, you can know about your own mistakes. You can choose the easy English book for the first training. You can read one word first and then you can continue with the long sentences. If you keep practicing, it will bear a fruit someday. Just you wait and see.

⇔ Watch an English Movie: The second thing that you must do is by watching the English movie. From there, you can hear how to pronounce a good English. I suggest you watch it by using a headset. So, you can hear the sound clearly without hear another noise. If you need to hear some sentences again, you can pause the film and play it again. Or rewind it to the previous part that you want to hear. Practice speaking skill is quite hard if you don’t take it seriously.

english language

⇔ Seek Training Partner: You can choose your friend or teacher who can speak English fluently. You can ask them an advice how to be good at English. Or you can make them say something in English and you mimic it. I think it’s quite effective for all of you. Because if you understand some part, you can ask them to correct yourself.

⇔ Mouth Movement: You can observe your teacher mouth movement or your friends. From there, you can mimic the movement that they did. like the position of the tongue and mouth. Every language has their own feel, it’s same like the English language.

⇔ Dictionary: Last but not least, you can use a dictionary in case of emergency. I recommend you the physical dictionary, not the online one. Because physical dictionary will mention how to pronounce the word correctly. It’s really helpful for people who recently started to speak English.


That’s the way how to improve your English speaking skill. Now, you already know, that’s why you need to practice a lot. I’m sure you can do it guys. If you want to ask something about this matter, don’t hesitate to write down your comment below. I will gladly accept the problem and solve it for you. I think it’s enough for today. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.


treat your eyes

How to Improve Your Vision | Check the Best Ways From Me Right Away!

Eyes are really precious to us. If you damage your eyes you will regret it for sure. Now, how to improve your vision? You can easily find the guide here. I can explain you the basic method of improving your eyes sight and take good care of it. How can it be? Just scroll down your mouse below to find more information about it right away.

How to Improve Your Vision? Check it Out Right Away!

  • First of all, You can eat food that contains vitamin A, B, and C. The example vegetables that you eat are carrot, potatoes, and pumpkin. It doesn’t matter you want to eat directly or you blend it.  I suggest you eat them at least once per week. If you eat regularly, you will get the benefits for sure. Just be patient and see the magnificent effect from the vegetables.
  • Treat Your Eyes: It means to do anything that can damage your eyes. For example, if you watch TV, just turn on the light to see the better view. You can also take a vitamin each week to keep your eyes healthy. You can also do the eyes treatment by blinking your eyes. Or see the green object. I don’t know it’s work or not but, based on the researcher, it can refresh your eyesight if you looking at the green object. Not only that, when your eyes feel tired you can see it to cure your eyes a little.

how to improve your vision

  • Rest Properly: If you want to treat your eyes better you need to rest properly. If you eyes already give the signal when it’s tired, you can’t overdo or you will damage your eyes. You must remember, eyes are an important part of our organ system. I recommend you if you stare at a computer screen or video game, every 1 hour you need to take rest. 10 minutes is okay. Don’t insist your eyes to overwork or it will damage it bit by bit.
  • Perform Eyes Exercise: If you want to know your eyes healthy or not, you can do this one as the references. Just write down something on the paper or whiteboard. You need to write down from the big one and the last is a small one. If your eyes normal, I’m sure you can see word clearly as the sky. But, if not, there must be something wrong with your eyes. And that, you need to check it up soon to the doctor to find out more information about it.

That’s the way to treat your eyes. So, when I’m asking you how to improve your vision, you already know about it. Now, don’t worry about anything. Everything you can solve if you have the will to do it. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article. If you want to add something or asking a question about your eyes health just write down you though in the comment section below. Have a nice day and see you all again in the next chance.

how to improve your memory

How to Improve Your Memory | Check The Tips Here!

Are you type of people who always forgetting something? If so, the today article is suitable for you. It’s about how to improve your memory. If you already old, it’s normal for people. Because some of their brains are not working properly, This is not an insult guys, it’s the fact that everyone should know. Forgetting something is a real pain for some of you. For example, you forget how to put your money. Do you think it will be dangerous? That’s why you need to see the tips to improve memory below.

How to Improve Your Memory | My Best Tips For All of You

  • Organized: This is the most important for people if they don’t want to forget something. If you a type of people who always put something carelessly, you will likely to become a forgetful person. But, it’s different from someone who always noted the activities or put the stuff to where it belongs. If you can do it, you won’t become a forgetful person. But, if it’s related to ages, I can’t do anything about it. Of course, it’s not funny to forget about your lover, right?
  • Play A Game: Believe it or not, it will improve your memory quite a bit. Especially like a puzzle game and brain game that test your brain capacity. It will improve your memory quite a bit. I ever tried it, the result is quite satisfying. It’s a good way to exercise your brain more. But, if you leave it like that, soon enough you will become a forgetful person.
  • Working: Yeah, people who tend to work 24 hours without rest is not that good. I know you will get a compliment for your boss, but the side effects are not good. You will become a forgetful person. The first effects are not that deadly, but if you continued to do this, it will become riskier. You Don’t know why it can happen? Because you overwork your brain.
  • Sleep Properly: It’s also really important to rest your brain. Like your body, you need to make your brain have a good night sleep. You must be realized, some people who always sleep at midnight tend to forget something. If you sleep properly, your brain will become fresh like a new one. Because I ever tried it. After I woke up in the morning, my brain works really well. Sleep can also make your brain more powerful. That’s why for you who still sleep at midnight, I think you should reduce that habit. Because it’s not that good for your health.

Now, you already know how to improve your memory. As you we can know, having a good memory is really needed for us. It really helps us a lot of. Of course, you don’t want to forget something that important to you, right? Now, you already know the importance of memory. I think it’s enough for today. See you again next time and may the god bless you all guys.