unexpected things in japan

Unexpected Things That You can Find When Visiting Japan!

Japan or called sakura country is the most renown country that famous with Anime and robot stuff. Japan is one of the developed countries that always full of surprise. Weird technology usually invented in this country. In my article today, I want to share you unexpected things in Japan. You Don’t need to be surprised because it’s normal in their country. What kind of stuff that you can find when visiting Japan? You must check the list below.

Unexpected Things In Japan | Check Them Out

vending machine

Vending Machines:  Yeah, you can call Japan as the vending machine country. Why? Because every time you walk on the street or building, you must find a vending machine standing around. The vending machine itself not only serve the cold drink but also hot drink. Not only that, there is Vending machine that serves you a food. Can you imagine that? It’s very easy to buy the food in this country. For the transaction, you can use paper money or coins. Of course, it depends on the vending machine itself.

name plates

Name Plates at the Entrance Way: People from Japan usually put the name plate on their house. Usually, their last name. So, it’s really easy to identify the person who lives there. Yeah, it’s quite unique, because usually when changing the name plate on the front door of our room, not in the house entrance.

capsule hotel

Capsule Hotel: When you visiting a hotel it’s a normal thing you found a large soft bed. But, in Japan, there is a hotel called Capsule Hotel. It’s not really different with the usual hotel but you will sleep inside the capsule. Of course, there is a circulation around the capsule.

free tissue in japan

Free Tissues Handed on the Street: Yeah, it’s a common sight in Japan to see some people give out some tissues. So, what the use of it? Inside the tissue itself, there is some company advertisement about a product. It’s a good strategy though to advertise your stuff.


Kotatsu: Of course, some of you familiar with this one. If you don’t know what is Kotatsu. I will tell you about it. It’s some kind of table that has a blanket in it. Usually, Japanese people use it when the winter season comes. The function of Kotatsu itself is like a heater.

automatic taxi door

Automatic Taxi Door: Seeing a taxi it’s a normal thing for us. But, what if you see a taxi that opens the door automatically? You can find this taxi in Japan. Yeah, it’s really something, you don’t need to open the door again. What you need to do just sit down and pay the driver.

That’s the unique things in Japan when you visiting this country. Yeah, this country really makes me amazed by the technology. If you want to ask anything about Japan country, just write down your thought in the comment section below. I really appreciate it if you can do that. I think it’s enough for today article, hopefully, it can enrich your knowledge about Japan. Have a nice day and see you all again today.

unique sports

Unique Sports in The World | The Astonishing Sports That You Should See!

Sports already become a tradition in every country. In each country have their own favorite sport, it’s same as mine. Today, I don’t want to share you about sports that you know like, soccer, basketball, and baseball. That’s a normal sport that everyone knows. But, right here right now I want to give you unique sports from each country that you should see with your own two eyes below!

Unique Sports in the World That You Should See!

wife carrying competion

  • Wife Carrying Sport: One of the unusual sport. What the point in this sport anyway? LOL. First, this sport created in Finland. In the early July, it’s the month where the sports began. You need to carry your wife until goal post. Of course, it’s not that easy. You will find some obstacle. If you dare to try it, why don’t you come to Finland then?

underwater hockey

  • Underwater Hockey: Everyone must know what is hockey is. If you didn’t know it’s a smaller version of a soccer game. Your task in this game is to put the hockey inside the goal line, but in order to move the hockey, you need to do it with a stick. It’s sound easy, but, what will you do if you play it in underwater? You need a lot of stamina to do it and a crazy amount of energy. The rules are same like usual hockey but it’s not required a stick to play.

sepak takraw

  • Sepak Takraw: Originally come from Asia. Do you know volleyball? If so, this game is same. But, the only different is you just use your feet instead of hand. You can’t use another part of your body just use your feet. Can you imagine you need to kick the ball over the net? This sport is quite interesting, it’s like you have done a Kung Fu through sports.

cycle ball

  • Cycleball: The weirdest sport of all. Here, you play sport with bicycle and ball. Each team has two members. Your task is simple, just put the ball on the goal line. But, using a bicycle wheel. Yup, you can kick or grab it. You can also use your head. If you want to use your hand is when you in the defense not in the offense. This sport is quite challenging. Anyone of you wants to try it?

bed racing

  • Bed Racing: It’s same like a running completion but in this sport, you’re in the state of sleep. Four people will carry the finish line. Yeah, you use a bed and at least four people must carry you. This the convenient sport that everyone like. You just sleeping and then you get the reward, LOL.

As you can see many unique sports that we didn’t know at the first glance. Hopefully, my article about a weird sport is enough to make your leisure time valuable. If you want to ask something or give suggestions, just write down your comment below. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today. Have a nice and see you all again in the next chance.