The Best Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Mattress

When you are faced with getting rid of an old mattress there are two ways of going about it – you can do so legally or illegally. Below are some ways to get rid of that old mattress that will not get you in trouble with the law.

Get Council Assistance

Many local councils are only too happy to lend a hand when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted mattress. A large number of them operate bulk collection services – and those services will be able to get rid of mattresses that will meet their criteria of bulky material. However, be certain to ask about the cost upfront – it can be pricey to take advantage of the service. Also, be aware that although most councils say that they will do their best to recycle mattresses, sometimes they end up on a local landfill, not the most sustainable solution to the problem.

However, it may come as a pleasant surprise when you do enquire about the cost of bulk waste removal only to find out that your council is one that does not charge for the service. Perfect for when you are refurbishing your home with mid century modern brands of furniture.

Make sure to know the terms and conditions that are related to the removal of your old mattress. Often the mattresses need to be left in a specific spot. If you are disposing of two items like the bed and the mattress then be aware that this will count as two items and costs will vary accordingly.

Do it Yourself

If you have a motor vehicle that can accommodate the mattress then take a trip to the local tip. But again, this may not be the most environmentally friendly approach due to the fact that these mattresses almost always land at a local landfill. It may just provide you with greater peace of mind to let the council remove the old mattress – even if there is a cost involved. Or you could identify a local business that focuses on recycling. If you have an average family sedan then folding the mattress and securing it with rope or bungie cords may be an option.

The Recycling Centre Option

The consumer rights organisation ‘Which’ has released the results of a recent survey indicating the increased number of mattress recycling centres that are opening in the UK. Recycling a mattress can be a complex task, but these recycling centres will break the mattress down into its component parts, which are often themselves recyclable. A number of different organisations will then take these parts and make them ready for consumer reuse. The process can include melting down mattress springs, and then using the resulting raw metal in a variety of products and projects, as well as using synthetic mattress components as material for the manufacture of carpeting and carpeting underlay.

A call or trip to your local recycling centre will provide you with information on what components they can and cannot recycle. You’ll need a vehicle to deliver your old mattress to a recycling centre, as they will not accept items brought in on foot.

Proper Mattress Disposal

Some mattress retailers will offer a service to remove the old mattress when they deliver a new one. Make sure that your bed is exactly as ordered (make and model). Otherwise, returning it may leave you sleeping on the floor. Often retailers charge a fee for mattress removal, however, others may also wrap up the cost in the delivery cost of your new mattress.

However, you don’t have to make use of a retailer to dispose of your old mattress. There are today specialist companies that will collect your mattress on a predetermined date and at a particular time. Make some calls and see which of these companies offers the most competitive rates. Also, ensure that the company will recycle the mattress themselves or will take it to a recycling centre.

Donate your Mattress

If your mattress is still in fair condition then chances are that there is someone who will need it. There are some great websites such as Freecycle that can help. Your local charity shop should also be able to assist you. By donating you make sure that your old mattress stays off the landfill – and you’ll be offering a helping hand to someone less fortunate than yourself. Make sure that the mattress is clean, in good condition – and has a fire safety label. In some instances, a charity will even collect your old mattress at no charge.

Bolster your Bank Account

Times are today tougher than ever. The COVID pandemic, widespread redundancies and inflation have all taken their toll on household finances – so why not sell your mattress? It’ll keep it off the landfill – and you’ll have some extra money to put towards expenses. Once again, make sure that the mattress is clean, and has all its tags (including the fire safety label). Websites such as Gumtree, Shpock and eBay offer an easy way to list your mattress for sale. A good rule of thumb is to put it up for sale at between 20% and 30% of the original purchase price.

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