How to Renovate a Craftsman Kitchen – Craftsman kitchens are warm, inviting and ideal for families. They’re also known for their natural wood elements and clean-lined cabinetry.

Inspiration From Nature to Refresh Craftsman Kitchens

They usually take inspiration from nature that’s why they feature a neutral color palette with shades of warm earth tones. White, tan, beige and shades of green like rich moss greens, forest greens, gold and rust are popular accent colors for craftsman kitchens. If you are looking to refresh your craftsman kitchen without breaking the bank, consider upgrading the cabinets. They are an easy way to add more value to your home and make it look like a custom build.

Craftsman style cabinets are often made from quarter sawn oak, hickory or cherry. These woods are sturdy and provide a warm and natural feel to the room. These cabinets can be painted or stained to enhance their natural grain patterns. Depending on the finish you choose, they can also be smooth or textured.

For example, you can use a deep stain to create a warm and rich effect. Alternatively, you can use a clear stain to keep the wood’s natural beauty. To complete the kitchen, add a farmhouse sink that complements the Craftsman style and is also durable enough to stand up to daily use. You can even incorporate open shelves to show off your accessories and collectibles. Solid wood countertops are often chosen in a craftsman-style kitchen because they add a warm and inviting look. Common wood species include cherry, teak, oak and walnut.

Use of Countertops from Natural Stone Materials

Another option is to use stone or quartz. This material is nonporous, so it’s less susceptible to chipping and stains than a solid wood countertop. Countertops can also be made from laminate, which is a fusion of paper and resin that’s bonded together using high heat and pressure. These countertops are a cheaper alternative to natural stone.

Alternatively, countertops can be made from natural stone such as granite or soapstone. These are a more durable and affordable option that’s also easy to clean and maintain.
Backsplashes are a great way to accent a craftsman kitchen, and there are many materials that work well in this style. Tiles are a common choice, and they can come in a variety of colors and styles to match your kitchen’s decor.

Ceramic tiles are a popular backsplash material, and they offer a lot of options for color and texture. They also have a slick surface that makes them easy to clean up behind the stove and other appliances. Natural stone is another option for a backsplash. Slate is a beautiful natural stone that complements solid wood cabinets in craftsman kitchens and adds warmth to the room.

A Combination of Traditional and Modern Elements for a Craftsman Style Kitchen

If you don’t like the idea of a traditional tile backsplash, wallpaper is an alternative that can give your kitchen a unique look without costing a fortune. But you should be aware that this type of paper is not usually designed for the type of wear and tear backsplashes typically get. Craftsman style kitchens are a combination of traditional and modern elements. Often, they use natural materials like wood and stone.

These kitchens are a great choice for anyone looking to create a warm and inviting space with a traditional feel. Craftsman style kitchens also feature artisanal elements chosen for their durability as much as their beauty. If you want to achieve the craftsman look in your kitchen, keep your hardware simple. Instead of shiny, sleek hardware, go with antique pulls or knobs that are sturdy and easy to handle. You can find a variety of different finishes for your hardware, from brass to nickel to bronze. It’s important to choose pieces that match the other metals in your kitchen, such as faucets and lighting fixtures.

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