Small Monochrome Kitchen Design Ideas – When it comes to small kitchen design ideas, monochrome colors can make a big impact. They’ll visually expand a space and add a sense of enveloping calm to the room.

The Right Choice to Achieve a Modern Look

The monochrome scheme is also a great choice for achieving a modern look. Paint the walls, cabinets and worktops a single color to create an elegant kitchen with a futuristic vibe. Designed for a family living in Lea Bridge, London, this small monochrome kitchen features an incredibly modern design. It uses black lino cabinet fronts that make a strong statement and are extremely easy to clean, so they can keep their shine without needing to be polished.

The cabinets have been designed to be as low as possible, which means they’re not a problem when it comes to fitting under the sink and in the bathroom. They also feature half-moon integrated plywood door handles, which add a nice touch of wood to this otherwise white scheme. Its minimal size makes this space feel self-efficient, and its white color palette helps to lighten it up. The beadboard cabinets are matched with a natural-light-friendly backsplash and a brass tap, adding warmth to the whole scheme.

Small Monochrome Kitchen Create Cheerful Designs

The house was designed to resemble the Victorian buildings in the neighborhood, and its black exterior references an industrial workshop across the street. But, despite its bold appearance, the building is a serene sanctuary. It encourages its inhabitants to meditate and reflect, bringing them closer to nature. In this small monochrome kitchen, the designers use shades of blue and white to create a cheerful design that helps the space feel optimistic without being too crowded. Flat-front cabinets with barely visible lip pull notches and a subway tile backsplash complement the look, while U-shape wooden floating shelves add texture and warmth to the space.

A black two-tiered island also serves as a utility object, offering extra countertop and storage space that defines the kitchen eating area in this open-plan layout. A gray ceramic stacked subway tile backsplash introduces a sense of order to the kitchen zone. Despite its small size, this kitchen has an elegant and sophisticated style that is easy to maintain. The designers used timeless materials and patterns to create a design that will be relevant for many years to come. With a neutral color scheme and wooden countertops, this small monochrome kitchen is designed to be reminiscent of nature. The design is complemented by an island and floating shelves that bring in texture.

The Ideal Minimalist and Functional Kitchen

In the middle of the space, a black two-tiered island expands the cooking area and provides more storage. Its light wood cabinets with gray ceramic stacked subway tile backsplash introduce a sense of order. This minimalist and functional kitchen is designed to be an ideal professional kitchen with a strong ergonomic character. The handleless finish at the back of the cabinetry creates a sophisticated backdrop against which the feature island can shine.

The design was completed by Studio S+S, a Milanese firm that offers architectural and interior design contract services. The project is set within a 150-year-old palazzo in Salento, Italy.

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