the best smartphone

The Best Smartphone You Need to Buy At All Cost!

For you who want to buy a new smartphone device, you can see the list of the best one. We will also tell you the reason why you need to buy it. Our warning, do not look at the price only but also the features. Although the price is quite expensive, the important one you get awesome features and you will feel happy about it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

xiaomi mi mix 2

A smartphone without bezel right now become hot cake around the world. In the first place, we have Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. Even though China developer who made the phone but the quality is the same as the famous smartphone brand like Samsung or Apple. For you who like to play a game, this is the suitable one for you. The battery capacity reaches over 3700 mAh with 6 GB of RAM. You can also store any file with 256 GB internal storage. There are two variants you can choose from the 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM. The screen resolution of this smartphone is really crisp. You will not regret to use this one for sure.

iPhone X

iphone x

Even though it is not powerful as Xiaomi processor. In the term of Camera quality, this one is the best. Also, this is the first phone which uses the highest resolution screen (2436 x 1125 Pixels). You do not need to ask, you can see the screen as beautiful like the sky. There is also 3D technology implemented on this system. For more information about it, you need to buy the smartphone and try it for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

samsung note 8

Probably the biggest smartphone screen for now. The 6,3 inch screen will pleasure you to do anything in this smartphone along with the beautiful pen touch. As for the RAM, you do not need to worry, you can use 6 GB RAM to play the game smoothly without any lag. You do not need to worry about the camera quality, 12 MP already enough to capture the beautiful photo. Although this one has beautiful specs, the battery life does not support it well. The battery capacity only 3300 mAh. So, it is no wonder the battery life will drain quickly especially if you play a game.

LG V30

lg v30

The best smartphone for people who like to selfie. The 16 MP camera will capture your beautiful moment. Unfortunately, this phone only has 4 GB of RAM and 128 internal storage. If the developer wants to increase the capacity, it will better. The developer implemented Corning Gorilla Glass 5 technology on its body. So, it will withstand any damage.

Final Words

So, which one is your favorite? If you do not know, the price of the smartphone above is quite expensive. You need to save up some money before buying it. For you who want to ask more about each one, let us discuss on the comment board below.

hyper heroes best team

Hyper Heroes Best Team! Choose the Best Unit For Your Party!

Hey guys, today I’m back again to present you an interesting topic today. Do you know Hyper Heroes game? Yeah, this slingshot game really interesting to play. I’m also getting addicted to playing this game. Right now, I want to share you about Hyper Heroes best team. I will tell you the best unit that you can easily get and perfectly fit your team playstyle. Without further ado, just check out the list below.

Hyper Heroes Best Team

hyper heroes game

Below is my recommendation of my team arrangement. I think it’s quite effective to beat all the enemies. And you can get these units easily.

  • Lady Ray: The mage class unit sure will help you in this kind of game. She is the bounce style hero, so she can bounce again and again to surround the field. Her damage is quite deadly, I’m sure. Her defense also quite though. Below it’s the skill list of this woman.
    • Divine Light: This is her unique skill. It will deal the tremendous amount of damage straightly from her position. It’s really useful if you want to aim the weak point of the boss. And thanks to the long reach of this skill, you can easily get it.
    • Orb Glitz: The combo skill of Lady Ray. It occurs when the others hero touches her. She will send three bouncing orbs to the arena and attack the enemies. This is also the good AOE (area of effect) attack.
    • Singularity: Lady Ray will summon light orb and when the opponents touch it will explode and deal the devastating damage. 
  • Slashy Bushi: This is your main attacker in your unit. One of the warrior class that you should get at all cost. His status’s decent. I’m really amazed at the speed of this unit. So, he will quickly take many turns in one go. Pay attention to the skill below.
    • Whirlwind: This skill only targets one enemy. But, it’s really deadly. So, you must target the boss class only enemy to take the full damage of this skill rather than on the normal enemy.
    • Tempest: This is the combo skill of that can attack three enemies in one go. Just use this skill to deal with the weakest characters.
    • Slash Wind: You need to take advantage of this skill. Because it can deal the tremendous amount of damage to all your opponents within the area of effect. 
  • Flame Dance: Another mage users. The second best attacker after Slashy Bushi. Also, this woman can deal a lot of damage to all opponents. Because her skill range is really wide compared to another character. Below is the skill list of Flame Dance.
    • Ablaze: You will summon a meteor that deals the damage to all opponents. I recommend you to increase this skill level to the max to take the amazing effects from it.
    • The Phoenix: It will summon the Phoenix that deals fire damage to another weapon within the area. It’s not really great, you can ignore this skill.
    • Eruption: This is quite useful skill. Why? because it can reach opponents from far away and the damage itself it’s really great. 
  • Lady Aegis: Last but not least is the tank class hero.  This is your true tanker in this game. Can you see the defense parameter of Lady Aegis? It’s reached the full bar. There is no others unit like her. That’s why you need to include her in your team for sure. Pay attention to what she can do below.
    • Solar Flare:  With her unique skill, It can stun the enemy within her reach. But, the damage it’s not that great. Do you think you can stun the boss? Of course not, boss opponets have higher resistance than the normal enemies.
    • Shield Break: This is the combo skill. With this skill, Lady Aegis can attack three times. But, it’s really weak, just ignore this skill.
    • Glory Shield: this one is not the physical type attack, but the magic attack. Also, it will increase Lady Aegis magic resistance for three turns.

hyper heroes gameplay

That’s Hyper Heroes best team that I want to tell you. Do you have another suggestions? If so, you can leave it in the comment box below.  Also, I’m sorry if your Favorite Hyper Heroes unit not included in my list. Okay guys, that’s the end of my article about Hyper Heroes game. See you all again next time.

top hardest boss in an rpg

Top Hardest Boss In an RPG ! The Best of the Best!

Playing an RPG can be a little bit though. You need to grind to find a good item, level up your characters. Of course, not only that, you need to equip the suitable equipment to your characters. If you make one mistake, it will make your character unbalance. Not only that, the boss also becomes the hardest challenge of RPG game. Today, I want to give you top hardest boss in an RPG. Stay tuned to this website to find more information regarding this matter.

Top Hardest Boss in an RPG! Check It Out!

elizabeth persona 3 fes

  1. Elizabeth (Persona 3 FES and P3P): Yeah, Atlus do it again. They offer you the hardest boss that will make you crazy. The hardest part is you can only face her alone. If you bring your others party, Elizabeth will cast Armaggedon which deal 9999 damage to your entire party. The others effect is, she will become immune to all attacks. Quite crazy, right? That’s why you need to prepare anything that you need for this game. In order to fight her, you need to level up your main characters to 99 and have a fusion skill to destroy this girl completely.

dark aeons final fantasy x

  1. Dark Aeons (Final Fantasy X Internasional): Yeah, fight against dark aeons can quite dangerous rather than the final boss. Yeah, you can easily destroy the final boss, but it’s a different matter with dark aeons. Celestial Weapon can become the solution to fighting dark aeons. Also, you need to have a skill called break damage limit and break hp limit. Thanks to that, you can give tremendous damage and you will get a higher HP.

final fantasy xii yiazmat

  1. Yiazmat (Final Fantasy XXI): If you looking for the longest battle in the RPG game, Yiazmat can become your true enemy. With 50.000.000 HP. Your maximum damage is 9999, you can calculate your max damage with the boss HP.  The boss also hit hard, that’s why you need to keep your HP to half and restore it again with the white spell or healing items. If you don’t make any mistake like using all your healing items, you can beat the boss for sure. As can as I remember, two and half hours is the total time that I need to beat this optional boss.

sephiroth kingdom hearts ii

  1. Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts II): The badass enemy comes back again. Who doesn’t know about Sephiroth? In KH II he becomes the hidden boss that you can challenge. In order to beat him, you need to dodge a lot and you need to take advantages of QTE (Quick Time Event). If you failed, you will die for sure. Even though you have the ultimate Keyblade it’s still not enough.  Also, you need a luck factor to beat him, LOL.

That’s the top hardest boss in an RPG game.  If you want to add another badass boss, just write down your comments below. I really appreciate if you can do that. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article about a video game boss. If you want to challenge the boss above, you need to prepare everything that you need. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.

the best upcoming movies 2017

The Best Upcoming Movies 2017 That You Should See On the Theater!

Of course, everyone would like to know what kind of movie that you need to anticipate this year. For movie lover, you should see the best upcoming movies 2017 that you need to watch in your free time. Especially, for people who like action and superhero movies, this is the best year for you to celebrate. Why? Because this year all the film publisher race against each other to create the best movie. Pay attention to the list below. Now, you need to save up your money to buy the ticket to watch this great film that you will see soon.

The Best Upcoming Movies 2017

transformers the last knight

  • Transformers The Last Knight: Who doesn’t know about this series? Of course, you still remember this one. I thought this series already befall and disappear within the thin air. But, my negative though is perish after I saw this movie trailer on the Youtube. Yup, Transformers series back again to entertain the viewer of the film. Especially for the fans who already waiting for Optimus Prime fate. Michael Bay still directing the film, of course, the effect will be devastating. Even though the title says “Last” but it’s not true, right? Of course, the series fans still want more from this movie!

cars 3

  • Cars 3: This one still is the mystery. I don’t really grasp what kind of story that this movie offer to the viewer. If you see the trailer, there must be something happen to the Lightning Mc Queen. Is it a destruction of our favorite red car? It’s not entirely true. What will happen to the main character of the story?  Wait for a while because soon the movie will be released on the theater, exactly 16 June.

spiderman homecoming

  • Spiderman Homecoming: Who doesn’t know Spidey. For you who didn’t know, this one it’s not the sequel to the first Spiderman film nor the amazing one. Yup, once again this the new series with a new actor, Tom Holland. If you watch Captain America: Civil War, you will know this on is the same Spiderman from that series.  Also, Ironman will make an appearance in this series. Just wait until the next month to watch Spidey in action!

anabelle 2

  • Annabelle 2: After all the awesome action film, I will move to the next genre that you should see. The answer is Annabelle 2, yes this film back again to haunt all of you who watch it, LOL. Of course, the story is still around a doll. Our main character is a doll maker and his wife. They also take care of an orphan child. So, what next? Actually, I can’t tell you yet, just watch the rest by yourself.

justice league

  • Justice League: If Marvel has Avenger, DC have Justice League. I hope both side just join together and beat all the evil thing in this world. This is the first film of Justice League, of course, all fans must waiting for this one. You can see Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and the popular Wonder Woman. Just be ready when the November comes.

That is the best upcoming movies 2017 that you should see. Yeah, there are still many movies that I can’t mention like Thor Ragnarok, Despicable Me 3, and the others. Okay guys, I think is enough for today article. Just save your money to watch the upcoming movies. See all again next time and goodbye.

best digimon series

The Best Digimon Series That You Should Watch!

When you heard about “Digimon” word what do you think of it? Of course, you will remember your child about how awesome this film is. For your information, Digimon film still alive up until now. But, it’s getting weirder. If you don’t believe just watch Digimon Universe. I’m sure you will have the same opinion like me. Today, I want to share you the best Digimon series that you need to watch!

The Best Digimon Series | Watch it or you Will Regret it!

digimon savers

  • Digimon Savers: Who doesn’t know the popularity of the yellow lizard, the named Agumon? In this series, Agumon back again with some modification. Also, this is the only Digimon that have a mature protagonist. If your fans of Agumon, you should watch this film. The story is about Daimon Masaru who become the street fighter and the meet a Digimon named Agumon. This is the story of him who entered the DATS organization that the duty is to protect the world from evil Digimon.

digimon adventure

  • Digimon Adventure: The first of the second trilogy. The story about an eight chosen children who get transported to the Digital World. Here, all of them meet with their Digital Monster or Digimon for short. The task of this eight children is to find a way to the real world. This is the greatest challenge for all chosen children to overcome their egoistic self. This is the first and the best of all Digimon series. I’m sure all of you familiar with this title. For you who never know this one, you need to watch this Digimon film right away.

digimon tamers

  • Digimon Tamers: The third installment in Digimon series. Also, in this series Digimon become the popular card battle game. The protagonist Takato who love Digimon card battle. He also draws something about his dream Digimon. Thanks to his good imagination the Digimon become real. And then, the life of Takato become a trainer is begin. What I like from this series is the power of the card that can increase the Digimon strength. Rather than like the Digimon Adventure, all the child just shouting and the Digimon become strong, LOL.

digimon frontier

  • Digimon Frontier: Maybe this one is the beginning of the Digimon series getting weirder. If Usually, the chosen children have a Digimon accompany them, this one is different. This time, the child who transform into Digimon through the Digi Spirit that they find. For the first time you see it, you will think it’s kinda unique, but the further you watch this, it’s getting weirder each time.

This is based on my opinion. So, if you have a recommendation about best Digimon series, just leave your comment below. Every comment that you post it’s really valuable to increase the rating of my blog. For you information my favorite Digimon is Shine Greymon, it’s kinda cool to see it. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article. Have a nice day and see you all again the next chance.

best harvest moon series

The Best Harvest Moon Series That You Need to Play!

Of course, everyone in this world must know about Harvest Moon. I’m one of the fans of the game. That’s why my today topic is about best Harvest Moon series that you should play in your leisure time. I’m sure you have your favorite game. If you curious, just see the list below to cure your curiosity.

The Best Harvest Moon Series | Which is your Favorite One?

harvest moon back to nature

  • Harvest Moon Back to Nature: The first harvest game and the reason why farming game become the favorite in the public. Although the graphics aspects it’s not that great, you can still enjoy this game. You as the main protagonist is the successor of your grandpa farm. When the first time you come, the farm is already stranded and your job is to recover it again. So, your main task in this game is farming and cropping. You can also buy a pet, like a cow, sheep, and chicken. After that, you can sell it to gain profit. You can also take a relationship with one of the girls in the game. In the final chapter of your relationship, you will have a son.

harvest moon grand bazaar

  • Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar: Usually Harvest Moon game involved around a farming game. But, this one is slightly different. You still do the farming but, when the vegetables already grow, you need to take it to the bazaar. Is it really needed to do that? Of course, because it’s the main features of the game. So, you need to set your price carefully, because it’s a bazaar. Everyone wants a cheap price, not the expensive one. So, your negotiation skill is really needed.

innocent life harvest moon

  • Innocent Life Harvest Moon: If you usually play with a human protagonist, in this game, you play as a robot. Also, you live in the cave as your base camp. So, say goodbye to your house. Of course, your task is still the same. What I like from this game you can ride a vehicle so it won’t cost you much time when you go to the city. The others mechanism still the same, but you can’t get married anymore because you’re a robot.

harvest moon save the homeland

  • Harvest Moon Save the Homeland: If you want to play a farming game with a good, graphics, Harvest Moon Save the Homeland can be your choice.  Also, you can’t get married or run a relationship even though you have a cute girl around you. The mechanism of this game still the same like Harvest Moon Back to Nature minus the married system. You can also find a cute fairy in this game that can take care of your farm while you go out.

So, which your favorite Harvest Moon game? I think my best Harvest Moon series is Back to Nature. The first and the best game ever. If your favorite game is not included in the list above, please forgive me. It’s all based on my opinion. I think my article today it’s enough for you. Hopefully, it can help you who searching for Harvest Moon game. Have a nice day and see you all again next time.  Happy Gaming guys!

best marvel characters

Best Marvel Characters Ever | Check the List Below!

In this beautiful morning, I want to give you some refreshing topic. It’s about best Marvel Characters. Of course, if I talk about Marvel you already know what will the conversation become. So, what is your favorite Marvel superhero? I’m sure all of you know Marvel already created many superheroes from the strongest and the weakest. But, today I don’t talk about whose the strongest but the best one. Are you curious about my best Marvel superheroes? Look at the list below!

Best Marvel Characters of All Time | Check it out Here!

ghost rider

  • Ghost Rider: First, the best hero that I like the most is Ghost Rider. What I like from this hero is the characters design. This flaming skull is really cool to see. Especially his motorbike that have a flame on the wheel. The fire chain that can burn anything into ashes. The coolest character that I have ever seen in the Marvel universe.

doctor strange

  • Doctor Strange: In order to heal his hands after an accident that befall him, Doctor Strange meet some stranger to teaching him some kind of supernatural method to heal his hand. After his hand healed, he eventually becomes a sorcerer that beat down all evil. With his magic coat, he can fly around.


  • Thor: The might God and the son of Odin. He wields the magic weapon, Mjolnir. With this hammer, he can destroy the entire enemies that block his way.  If it’s about pure power, Thor becomes one of the Marvel strongest characters. Yeah, he is a god, you don’t need to question his power. For your information, only Thor who can use the Mjolnir because his magic weapon chooses the suitable owner.


  • Hulk: Bruce Banner is the genius scientist. But, one day an accident befall upon him. Thanks to that, he can transform into a giant green monster called Hulk. Actually, it’s not a monster, the shape still like a human but only have a bigger size. What about his power? You don’t need to doubt it. If it’s about power this green man can defeat Thor if he wants. But, Thor still the best thanks to his greatest weapon, Mjolnir.


  • Spiderman: The best of the best and the normal superheroes of all Marvel universe. If the others superhero is an adult, but Spiderman is a teenager who has an economic problem. He accidentally gets bitten by the spider when going to the museum. Thanks to that, he gets a power like a spider. He can shot the spider web from his web and walk on the wall like a spider. Although he is not that strong Spiderman has his own charm.

This is the best Marvel characters that I like. Please forgive me if your favorite heroes not included in this list because this is based on my opinion. Oh yeah, if you want to add something about Marvel superheroes, don’t be shy, just write down your suggestion in the comments box below. I think it’s enough for today article guys. Have a nice day and see you all again next time in my next article.

best wedding cakes

Best Wedding Cakes For Your Marriage | Find it Out Here!

If I talk about wedding party, of course, you need a special cake for your best moment. That’s why my today topic is about best wedding cakes. For you couple who want to get married this is your chance to make your wedding party look special by choosing the suitable cake for the two of you. Without further ado, check my guide below to choose your wedding cakes!

Find Your Wedding Information Here!

If ever have any problem with your wedding party you can visit roowedding for more information. Not, only find the information for cake, you can also read an article about wedding dress and planner. I’m sure it will help you all of you who don’t have any idea what you need to do in your wedding party.

Actually, I don’t know about this website at all. I found it accidentally when I look on the internet.  I will tell you a little bit about my experience about my wedding. I’m on edge back then because I don’t know what I need to do to make my wedding party look special. Dream of every man must want to make their girl happy.  So, what do I need to do to achieve that? To cure my dizziness because of this one, I look on the internet to find more information.

Hour and hour what I do is searching for the best information possible. But, I found nothing. But, after that, I click one of the websites that sound suspicious, the named roowedding. Yeah, because the name is so ridiculous. After I read it for a while, I fall in love with this website. Because it contains much information related to your wedding planner. So, if you looking for wedding information, don;t hesitate to come to this website to satisfy all of you.

Best Wedding Cakes For Your Marriage!

Looking for a cake for your marriage it’s not that easy. You need to look it carefully because it’s your sacred moment for the two of you. If you already look at my recommendation website you must find what the best one for you. As for me I already found it. Are you curious about it? Check it out below.

  1. wedding cake

The favorite cake that I like. I don’t know why it’s so unique. It’s like the two of them won’t get separated by any means. I know the shape of the like someone who has a broken heart because it’s divided into two. But, it’s not guys,  This the most unique can that I ever found.

2. wedding cakes rose

It’s like a collection rather than a wedding cake. In the surface, you can call it a collection of flower but on the inside is the actual wedding cake guys. If you like beautiful stuff for your wedding party, pick this one is most suitable for you.

3. wedding party cake

The last favorite cake is this one. As you can see above, what I like the most is the ornaments that designer put on the cake. I know it will take a lot of works to make this cake really elegant than any others cake.

So, what do you think the amazing wedding cakes that I show you? Hopefully, it will help you to pick up the best cakes for your wedding. Okay guys, I think is enough for today article about best wedding cakes. If you have another suggestions don’t forget to leave your comments below.


best romance anime

Best Romance Anime That You Need to Watch in My Opinion!

Anime has many genres from the action, adventure fantasy, and romance. Every one of them has plus and minus. But, today I want to focus on best romance anime. Why romance? Many people it’s only a little drama that makes everyone cry. Why not action genre that can make the viewer amaze. Of course, romance is my favorite genre. It’s not only about tearjerker but teach us some valuable information regarding our life.

Best Romance Anime In My Opinion

Golden Time

golden time

It tells about Tada Banri who moved out from his hometown to Tokyo. He had some kind of accident in the past. So, he moved to Tokyo in order to heal his scar. There, he meets Koga Koko. She is a proactive girl who always shows her love with Mitsuo all the time. But, a wheel of fate is beginning and changed the fate of Tada Banri in his life in Tokyo. Are you curious about the story? Of course, you need to watch it. I don’t want to give you any single spoiler.

Rating: 8.0

Your Lies In April

your lies on april

The Story about Arima Kousei who a talented Pianist. And the girl who like playing a violin, the named is Miyazono Kaori. The fateful encounter between the two of them changed everything. If you love music anime, I recommend you watch this one. I’m sure you will like this one very much. The music in this series will move your heart away. Because I’m also included.

Rating: 8.5

A Town Where You Live

a town where you live

The story about Haruto, a young boy who searched his girlfriend that ever visited his hometown. Now, it’s the boy turn to follow his girlfriend to Tokyo. For what? Of course, he wants to make it clear about their relationship. The reason why they break up. But, after he arrived there, the situation is changed even worse. So, what will happen with Haruto live? Follow the anime to find out the answer to this riddle.

Rating: 7.5

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

dusk maiden of amnesia

Actually, this one is a ghost story, so, where is the romance? Of course, it’s in the ghost itself who named Yuko. She already died 50 years ago in the school where Teichi studied. The main protagonist, Teichi accidentally meet her in the old school building when searching some occultist phenomenon. Yuko falls in love with Teichi at the first sight because he is the only one who doesn’t scare her. So, it’s the story about an amnesiac ghost who want to find the truth behind her death.

Rating: 8.0

So, which one is the best romance anime in your opinion? As for me, the list that I give you above is my favorite romance anime. I think it depends on your hearts. And I’m sorry if your favorite romance anime is not included, guys. I think is enough for today article. Hopefully, the next one will enrich your knowledge even more. See you again and have a nice day guys.

tips for exam

Tips for Exam, How to Achieve a Better Performance?

What happens if tomorrow is your exam? What will you do to pass that trial? Of course, every people have a different thought about this one. There are people who panic over it or people who calmly study to achieve a great grade. How about you? What will you in this kind of situation? If you confuse, check out the best exam tips. Hopefully, it will help you al little bit. Without further ado, take a look at the tips for exam below.

Tips for Exam, Achieve your Best Score Now!

  • Tips 1: Study diligently can affect your performance on the exam. If you study seriously, any questions that pop-up on the exam you can answer it easily without finding any difficulties. Yeah, if you want to know something you need to study and learn it to know the answer to the riddle.
  • Tips 2: Confident in yourself. Even though already study hard if you not confident with yourself. You will likely to forget the answer to the questions. I ever feel this before. Even though I already studied until midnight because I’m very nervous, everything that I learn is useless. So, you need to be cautious about this one.

best exam tips

  • Tips 3If you meet some people who panicking, I recommend you leave them. Why? Because it will make affect you. They will tell it’s impossible to do this exam or any words that you didn’t want to hear related to the exam.
  • Tips 4: Read the questions carefully. Yeah, everyone wants to finish as soon as possible during exam test. So, as a result, they have mistaken the meaning of the questions sometimes. So, if you want to achieve a better performance, please kindly avoid this one. Read the questions carefully, and answer it calmly. If you study enough, you will finish on time.
  • Tips 5Choose the easiest questions. Sometimes during an exam, you will find questions that difficult to answer. What can you do if you meet it? My plan is to answer the easiest questions rather than you waste all your time to answer the difficult one.
  • Tips 6: Brain Freezing. Every people must know about this one. Suddenly your brain can’t work properly. Even though you already learn and memorize the answer, you can’t forget about this fact exist. What will you in this kind of situation? As for me, I will draw something that I like or write down anything. I ever doing that and miraculously, my brain working again like normal.

An exam can be pretty tiring if you want to achieve a better performance. But, tips for exam from me can help you to achieve your goal. I think is enough for today article about exam tips. If you have any suggestions, don’t be shy, just write down your thought on the comment box below. I really appreciate if you can give your comment to improve my blog to become better on the future. Okay, guys, this is not a goodbye, only a beginning. See you all again next time in my next article and have a nice day.