American Football Positions, Play This Sport Right Away!

Who doesn’t know about American Football? I’m sure everyone ever heard about this one. Or maybe you ever played this dangerous sport. Why is it dangerous? Because you will bump against each other to steal the ball. That’ why you can see all the players wear a protector on their body. There are some people who through this as Rugby. But, that’s not my topic actually for today. I want to give you an explanation about American Football positions for the players. Check out the main American Football line up.

american football match

American Football Positions, Check it Right Away!

  • Linemen: This is the most important position in playing Football. Their position in the front and protect all player who in the back. Also, in order to move forward, you need to have a strong linemen. If you have a weak linemen, I’m sure your team formation will be crush immediately by the opponets. Also, this one is the most dangerous postion on American Football. Because you need to push your opponet, so, your pure power will be tested here.
  • Quarterback: The player who reiceived a ball from the linemen. Quarterback really play an importnat role when on offense. Because he like the leader of the field. Also, they are the first person who get the ball. So, they need to have a good strategty how to get the touch down ( You can tranlsate it same like a goal in soccer game)

american football gameplay

  •  Running Back:: Usually the postion in the behind of quarterback. They task is bring the ball to the goal line by running. Of course, you also need to have a good agility in dodging an opponets attack while running. They can also pass the ball if they sense a danger.
  • Reicever: If you have people who running while bring the ball of course you will also need people who can catch a ball. That’s why it’s the duty of a reicever. Usually, when the game start they runnnig to the goal line to catch the ball that the quarterback throw at them.
  • Tight-End: Player who can do anything. Or you can say all rounder player. They can become a linemen, quaterback, reiceiver  or running back. If you want to have  a surprise attack for your team, having a Tight-End is really crucial. They task usuall is to cover the running back when running. Sometimes, they also help the linemen to push through. This position is quite tiring because you have many task to do on the field.

What do you think about the American Football positions? For people who curious about this, hopefully, my article can help you today. Playing an American Football can be rough, but, it’s quite a fun sport to do. Because it will improve your stamina and physical strength. You don’t need to feel confuse about the player positions in American Football. It’s quite confusing at first, but after you read it a while I know you understand about it.  Okay guys, I think my article today is enough for all of you. See you soon in the next chance!

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