How to Create a Tropical Style Kitchen – When it comes to tropical kitchens, the options are endless. Whether you’re looking to create a bright and cheerful space or a moody and neutral one, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the look.

Natural Choice Wood Decor for Tropical Kitchens

Decorative wood decor is a natural choice for tropical kitchens. Look for wood carvings or prints with palm leaves, pineapples, and flamingos. Tropical-style kitchens offer a fresh, relaxing environment to prepare meals. The style blends well with other kitchen styles, such as island-style green or contemporary, and you can customize the colors to suit your preferences.

The colors used in tropical-style kitchens often include bright shades of blue, turquoise, orange and emerald green. They can also feature bold floral or palm tree-themed wallpapers, a backsplash featuring herringbone tiles or a simple mural of a tropical scene such as a beach or coral reef. Hardwoods such as teak, mahogany and bamboo are common in tropical-style kitchens. They’re often left unpainted so that the rich color and grain show through. You can also use rattan furniture and other natural-looking materials to give your kitchen a vacation-like feel. Add a natural touch with woven placemats that feature pineapples, palm trees or other motifs.

Tropical kitchens often feature hardwood flooring. The natural variation in hue and texture of the timber is a perfect complement to many of the decor themes. Backsplashes are also a popular spot for tropical accents. Mosaics depicting palm leaves, seashells or even coral reef life are common choices.

Creates an Inviting and Relaxing Atmosphere

Using wood elements like rattan and bamboo in furniture and decorations creates an inviting and relaxed vibe. Rattan can be used as bar stools, pendant lights or kitchen chairs. Furniture may be made of mahogany, teak or other hardwoods sourced from tropical regions.

Tropical decor pieces often evoke a laid-back oceanside lifestyle. Curtains, placemats and linens might depict fruit or seal life in colors that blend or complement the space. Artwork might feature oceanscapes or a variety of exotic birds and animals. Large-scale wall art is another great way to add a bold pop of color. Look for prints or paintings featuring palm trees, pineapples and flamingos to tie in your decor theme.

Whether you live in a tropical location or simply want to create a moody space with vivid colors, the right lighting will bring your island-style kitchen to life. Decorative and task lights often feature natural materials like rattan or bamboo and color schemes that reflect a tropical landscape such as blues, greens and pinks. Kitchen cabinets, backsplashes and other surfaces in a tropical design can be covered with colorful murals of palm trees, beaches or coral reefs. Decor pieces typically reflect a laid-back lifestyle in the islands as well with curtain and placemat designs that show off seashells or tropical fruit and flowers.

Coastal Style Hanging Lamp that Matches Tropical Style

Pineapple pendants and wall sconces offer great options for main or task lighting in a tropical kitchen, especially those with sloped ceilings. Coastal-style chandeliers also work with the tropical style, and can feature seashell or sealife designs in bright oranges and blues to complement the decor. Wooden window frames and woven furniture like rattan stools also suit this decor.

Incorporate tropical decor into your kitchen to instantly transport yourself to a vacation getaway. Tropical design features aren’t just for beachside homes—they work well in any climate, thanks to the bright and breezy feel they convey. Key accessories for tropical design include wood elements such as rattan chairs and island bases, wooden window frames and ceiling fans. Natural, organic materials such as bamboo and woven fabrics also are commonly used in tropical kitchens. Indoor house plants are a must, especially those such as monstera that add lush green to the space.

Tropical-themed backsplashes often feature bold depictions of fruits, trees and exotic animals. They may also reflect a laid-back seaside lifestyle with designs showing off actual seashells or marine creatures. For a quick and affordable way to incorporate a tropical theme, consider using colorful patterned wallpaper for an accent wall or backsplash. Other decorative touches might include herringbone tiles, palm leaf- or hibiscus-patterned curtains and table linens, and metal decor that displays fruit and sea life themes. If you wish to send your article to andraursuta, you can check out this page!

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