Strange Animals Around the World || Check Out the Uniqueness of it!

If we talk about an animal, most people will love the cute one. Now, that is not our topic for today. We will share about strange animals around the world which you have never seen before in your entire life. We are sure only some people who ever see this creature. Are you curious about it? Of course, you will. See the list below to cure your curiosity.



Do not ever think this one a new species of crocodile. Because it is different species from it. Only the shape looks exactly like the crocodile. The strange thing about this one is the mouth. It looks like a Pinocchio nose. This animal located in India only and scientist estimates there are only 235 Gharials. That is why this animal is protected by the law.  If you want to see it, you must go to India to find one.

Glowing Sea Turtle

glowing sea turtle

The divers in Solomon island accidentally find this beautiful creature. The reason why this turtle glowing is shrouded in mystery. But, it is true it is glowing in the dark. You can imagine how beautiful this thing is. Based on the divers, the shells of the turtle glow red and green. Now, you have the reason why must go to the Solomon island.

Glass Frog

glass frog

This one indeed like a glass. You can see through this creature. In other words, you can see the organ inside this frog. Wow, it is kinda ridiculous actually. Not only strange but it is really unique. If you curious about it, you must go to the Costa Rica, this is the base camp of the frog. But, you need to open your eyes widely because the size of this animal really small unlike normal frog.



In the Mexico City, you can find a cute salamander yet strange. What makes this one looks unique because of the body similar to a fish. We think it is a new species of the combination between fish and salamander. This one can also regenerate their tails. The funny face of this animal indeed makes you laugh all the time.


This world really strange indeed. There are many things we do not know yet. For example, like the strange animals above. That is why this world really something. If you want to them, you can begin your adventure from now on. Okay guys, this is the end for today article. Do not forget to keep coming back to see more information.

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