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What is Maldives?

Maldives, or the full Republic of Maldives, is also known as the Maldive Islands. It is an archipelagic or independent island country in the north-central Indian Ocean.

What is the capital of the Maldives?

Male, also spelled Male’ or Malé, island and atoll, capital of Maldives, in the Indian Ocean. It lies on Male Atoll, about 400 miles (645 km) southwest of Sri Lanka.

How many islands are there in the Maldives?

Maldives consists of a chain of about 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks (some 200 of which are inhabited), grouped in clusters, or atolls

What is an atoll, how many are there in the Maldives?

Atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef or close coral island that encloses or almost encloses a lagoon. The Maldives is formed by 20 natural atolls.

What is the currency used?

Maldivian rufiyaa is the country’s currency, but as it is generally known as a tourist spot, foreign cash is generally accepted – the most common are US Dollars, British pounds, and Euros.

What’s the time difference?

The Maldives only have 1 official time zone, Maldives Time (MHT), which is 5 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

What language is spoken in the Maldives?

Dhivehi is the country’s official language.

Is English widely spoken?

Yes, English is widely spoken by the locals of Maldives.

When is the best time to relax in the Maldives?

The peak season of visiting Maldives is from November to April where you get to enjoy their dry season. Expect sunny and clear azure skies. Rush especially around December, or Christmas is always anticipated.

What’s the weather like in the Maldives?

Maldives is a tropical country, so expect a warm weather throughout the year with little rain and low humidity, best for beach vacations. Temperature will be around 29°C to 31°C while their coldest season is around 24°C.

How welcoming is the Maldives to LGBTQ travelers?

Maldives resorts and hotels welcome LGBTQ tourists and does not discriminate. The country has Sharia Law in place but resorts and hotels accommodate gay honeymoons which are progressively becoming popular in Maldives.

What to wear when visiting local residential islands?

If you are staying on a local island T-shirts, skirts and shorts are the best options to stay cool. The ideal footwear would be sandals and flip-flops.

Is there any special clothing or equipment I should take?

There is no particular or any special equipment or clothing asked from tourists or travelers. But if you wish to enjoy their local customs and traditions, you may ask for locals’ assistance and recommendations.

What should I buy to bring home from the Maldives?

There are many wonderful things that you can buy and bring back home from the Maldives. The Maldives is filled with literally a plethora of options and maybe overwhelming. These can be like accessories and hand-made necklaces, sarongs, mini dhonis, fridge magnets, coconut products, Maldivian Mats, or Edible Fish Products. These will definitely remind you of your vacation on the islands which are available in souvenir shops and local store. 

What are some important items to pack for the Maldives?

Aside from passport, insurance and other documents, there are things that tourist should pack to enjoy their vacation. Maldives is a warm country perfect for beach vacations, consider packing protective gear that would protect you from the rays of the sun like a sunhat, sunglasses, protective lotions like sunscreens, and appropriate clothing such as a shirt and pants to keep you cool. Better prepare adapters as well as they operate on 230 volts. 

Do I have to make a booking before I come for my holiday?

It is highly recommended to make a booking prior to the date. Maldives is a tourist hotspot that accommodates high-volume travelers. Booking your visit will ensure your accommodation for your holiday.

What are some useful Maldivian words?

Maldivians, generally, can converse in English very well. But here are some important words you could learn:

Hello – Assalaamu Alaikum.
Yes – Aan
No – Noon
Please – Adhes kohfa
Thank you – Shukuriyaa
You’re welcome – Maruhabaa
Excuse me – Ma-aaf kurey
I’m sorry – Ma-aafu kurey


Entry, Visa, Covid Restrictions in the Maldives

What vaccinations should I have?

At present, the Maldives is open to visitors from all countries as long as they have proof of a negative Covid test taken no more than four days prior to their arrival.

Do I need to provide the PCR test result?

Yes, testing is required. All visitors must present a certificate of a negative PCR test carried out within the 96 hours prior to departure, clearly showing the name and address of the laboratory, as well as the date of the sample taken, regardless of their vaccination status. 

What is the process for completing the Traveler Declaration Form?

All arriving and departing passengers via airports and seaports are required to complete the Traveler Declaration form within 72 hours of the flight time.

  1. Start on the Maldives Immigration Portal (
  2. Select the purpose of the (THD) Travel Health Declaration form.
  3. A section will appear. Complete the form by filling out the required information.
  4. You will be required to attach a photo of yourself.
  5. Complete the form by clicking SUBMIT button on the bottom of the page.

Do I have to quarantine for 14 days before I can start my holiday?

There is NO mandatory quarantine on arrival to the Maldives. For non-tourist visitors travelling to an inhabited island, you are required to undergo self-quarantine of 14 days upon arrival at the island.

Do I need a passport and visa?

  • Passport must have at least 1-month validity from the date of your expected departure in the Maldives.
  • A confirmed pre-booking at a registered tourist facility is a pre-requisite for the visa. Up until guesthouse tourist facilities are to be reopened at a later date, a booking is considered valid ONLY for a tourist resort facility, liveaboards, and/or pre-approved transit facilities.
  • Tourist visa extensions will be made available for long-stay tourists without imposition of any further fees.

What is the country code of Maldives?

Maldives Country Code +960

Where can I buy sim card with internet?

SIM cards that support internet data connectivity is available on the airports upon arrival, as well as on some local stores.

Do they have ATMs, and can I use my credit card?

Yes, Maldives has ATMs and majority of hotels take debit/credit cards, but cheaper accommodations, tourist sites and smaller restaurants tend to only take cash. You’ll find Visa as the most commonly accepted card at ATMs in The Maldives, however there are an increasing number that also accept Cirrus/MasterCard.

Flights, Transfers, Airports, Taxes and Fees in the Maldives

How is the Airport?

There are 18 airports in Maldives and 5 of which are international. 14 airports are currently operating in the Maldives. These include the international airports from the Velaana International Airport, Hanimaadhoo International Airport, Gan International Airport, Villa International Airport, Maafaru International Airport, and domestic airports at Baa Dharavandhoo, Raa Ifuru, Th Thimarafushi, Dhaalu Kudahuvadhoo, Gaaf Alif Kooddoo, Gaaf Dhaal Kaadedhoo, Laamu Kadhdhoo, Haa Dhaal Kulhudhuhfushi, and Gn. Fuvahmulah airport.

Which airlines travel to Maldives?

The airport in the Maldivian capital of Malé (MLE) has become an international hub in recent years. Weather makes the Maldives a highly seasonal destination, so not all of these flights operate year-round.

  • Aeroflot from Moscow (SVO)
  • AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
  • Air France from Paris (CDG)
  • Air India from Bengaluru (BLR) and Thiruvananthapuram (TRV)
  • Alitalia from Rome (FCO)
  • Austrian Airlines from Vienna (VIE)
  • Bangkok Airways from Bangkok (BKK)
  • British Airways from London Gatwick (LGW)
  • Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong (HKG)
  • China Eastern from Shanghai (PVG)
  • China Southern from Guangzhou (CAN) via Colombo (CMB)
  • Condor from Frankfurt (FRA)
  • Edelweiss Air from Zurich (ZRH)
  • Emirates from Dubai (DXB) and Colombo (CMB)
  • Etihad from Abu Dhabi (AUH)
  • Korean Air from Seoul (ICN) via Colombo (CMB)
  • Lufthansa from Frankfurt (FRA)
  • Qatar Airways from Doha (DOH)
  • Saudia from Riyadh (RUH)
  • Singapore Airlines, Silkair and Scoot from Singapore (SIN)
  • SriLankan Airlines from Colombo (CMB)
  • Turkish Airlines from Istanbul (IST)

How many airports are there in the Maldives?

There are currently 18 Airports in Maldives, 5 International airports, and 13 Domestic airports.

What transports are available in the Maldives?

There are plenty of different transportation modes in Maldives, pick your choice for a more exciting and hassle-free vacation. 

  • Taxi 
  • Bus
  • Cycle
  • Ferry
  • Speedboat
  • Yacht
  • Maldivian dhoni
  • Seaplane

How much does a seaplane transfer cost in the Maldives?

Seaplanes are the best option when you’re in a hurry, as they can drop you to the most far-flung resorts from Male or vice versa in 90 minutes at max. Fares vary between MVR 3,500 and MVR 7,000 or around USD 200 – USD 500 depending on the arrangements.

Which is cheaper: a seaplane or a speedboat?

Speedboat has a lower fare rate compared to seaplane but fare rate changes depending on the distance of travel. Arrangement of transportations is highly recommended to be arranged with a travel agency to get the best deals.

How long does a Maldives transfer take?

A flight from Doha (DOH) to Male (MLE) takes almost 5 hours (4 hours and 56 minutes). From there, length of transfer from your point A to point b depends on your destination and your choice of transportation mode.

Where in the Maldives can you get by ferry?

Public ferries will be operated to certain Atoll and islands which is North Male Atoll, South Male Atoll. North Alif Atoll, Vaavu Atoll And South Alif Atoll area. Note that there is no public ferry that docks directly to any resort in Maldives and no ferry operates on Friday.

How much does a ferry cost in the Maldives?

Ferries are the cheapest option when it comes to commuting between the islands of Maldives, with fares varying between MVR 30 and MVR 60 for over a five hours long journey. Getting from the airport to Male via ferry costs around MVR 40 per person, while public inter-island ferries charge MVR 30-75. Most of these operate from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

How fast are ferries in the Maldives?

Traveling time differs depending on the distance of the origin and destination. As comparison,the distance from Male to Maafushi Island is 27 km and is traveled for nearly 90 minutes with a ferry. You may consider this especially if you are planning to have connecting rides to get into your destination.

What are the tourist fees and taxes in the Maldives?

Green Tax is levied on tourists who stay in tourist resorts, tourist hotels, and tourist vessels. It is levied at a flat rate of 6 United States dollars (USD) per day of stay.

Will I be expected to pay tips?

Tipping at all-inclusive resorts in The Maldives is not an obligation. If you planning to give out tips to staff out of generosity, $2 for a room staff is recommended, but you are not obliged.

Hotels, Villas, Resorts in the Maldives

What makes a local island different from a resort island?

Local islands are where the locals live in while resort islands are where resorts, hotels, and beaches operate.

What is the difference between a villa and a bungalow in the Maldives?

The difference of the 2 room category are the room’s size, the interior/exterior design of the two rooms and note that Water Bungalow with Pool has a plunge pool while Water Villa does not have.

What’s the difference between a beach villa and a water villa?

Beach villa is a few steps away from the lagoons while water villa is directly built on top of waters. Water villa is considered to be more private and exclusive than beach villa and is more favored by majority as they have direct access to water.

Can children stay in the water villas?

There are resorts that are well-equipped with safety measures like proper railing and child safety locks over the deck and villa. These will allow children of all ages provided you sign a waiver. Families with young children will enjoy beach villas facing shallow island lagoons.

Which Maldives hotels are best for a romantic getaway?

All hotels can accommodate your getaway trip, but to get the best experience, open up your goals and interests to your travel agency to maximize your options. Maldives exclusive is affiliated with the best and luxurious hotels best for your getaway travels. Contact +960 7773699 to speak to Maldives Exclusive agent.

Which of the Maldives’ hotels are best for families with children?

It is highly recommended to choose hotels that offer promos or packages for family for they generally have amenities best suited for all family members including kids. Promo packages vary from time to time and are also influenced by seasons and holiday events. Get in touch with Maldives Exclusive Agent through +960 7773699. 

What is the typical cost of a Maldives vacation?

Maldives vacation cost vary depending on your interest, number of travelers, length of stay, and vacation profile. Typically, an economic vacation may start from $2,500, and may increase to comfort, luxury, and luxury all-inclusive for $9,500 to $15,000 and so on. Get a direct quote form Maldives exclusive agent through +960 7773699.

What are the best hotels in the Maldives?

Options for best hotels in Maldives vary depending on your desired inclusions of services and offers. But make sure to consider the pool, beach, safety measures, connectivity such as WIFI, accommodations and meals, and of course promo offers. To get the best offer, contact +960 7773699 to speak with a live Maldives Exclusive Agent.

What is included in the cost of a hotel stay in the Maldives?

Luxury hotels all-inclusive Resorts in the Maldives generally offer diving, snorkeling, and dreamy views with seaplanes. Overwater bungalows, white sand beaches, and crystal-clear lagoons are even better with a no-hassle all-inclusive package. Package inclusions vary per hotel. Get in touch now with a live Maldives Exclusive agent through +960 7773699.

What voltage and power outlet is used in the Maldives?

Better prepare adapters as they operate on 230 volts.

What is the WIFI like in the Maldives?

WIFI in the Maldives is generally available in the lobby of hotels and island resorts. The predominant method of access to the Internet is still via low-speed, dial-up; there is no national data backbone and international Internet connectivity is via satellite rather than fibre.

What types of water activities are available?

The most common and highly recommended water activities in Maldives are the following:

  • Snorkeling
  • Sailing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Scuba Diving
  • Wakeboarding
  • Underwater Walking
  • Kayaking

Is water potable?

Water sanitation varies greatly from island to island in the Maldives and is progressively extensive. In the capital, the tap water is desalinated sea water, thus, it is safe to drink.

What can and cannot be brought to the Maldives?

Like in any other countries, explosives, weapons, firearms, ammunitions, and other contrabands are strictly prohibited.

Will I be able to use my electrical equipment in Maldives?

You can use your electric appliances on the Maldives, if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 – 240 V, otherwise, adapter is needed.

Food, Restaurants in the Maldives

Is there alcohol in the Maldives?

Alcoholic beverages are available in hotels and resorts.

Is it legal for me to carry alcohol and smokes into the Maldives?

It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol into the Maldives and all bags are scanned at the airport. Any alcohol found is confiscated and destroyed, and a fine is possible. If you wish to, hotels and resorts offer alcoholic beverages to be consumed in their vicinity.

What types of cuisine are available in Maldives resorts?

Most often it is Thai, Italian, Indian cuisine, seafood and grills. However, there can be arrangements for meal plans and preparations depending on arrangements or bookings and may vary per resort or hotel. Meals can be requested particularly to match on the event or reservation.

What’s the difference between All-Inclusive and Ultra-All-Inclusive vacation packages?

Ultra All Inclusive often means that there are all kinds of extras in the package such as massages, sports and special drinks. It is becoming more popular now for some resorts to include the ultra-all-inclusive concept such as branded drinks. These add-ons vary per resort or hotel.

What are the best restaurants in the Maldives?

Choices in restaurants may vary according to your preference or taste in cuisines.
Here are a few of the famous restaurants with their special offers:

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Underwater dining
Thila Kurumba – Outdoor spots, contemporary and continental gourmet
Sea Fire Salt at Anantara Dhigu – Seafood and steak
Just Veg by Atmosphere Kanifushi – Vegan, best for Vegetarians
Botanica – Best Garden-to-table, organic dishes
Guduguda at the Standard – Traditional Maldivian cuisines
Aragu – Asian and modern European cuisine


How much does a meal in a Maldives resort restaurant cost on average?

Meal prices in the Maldives can vary, but the average cost of food in the Maldives is MVR 964 per day. Costing may go just around the figure depending on the value of meals of your choice.

Special Discounts from Maldives Exclusive

How do I book a travel package to Maldives?

Get in touch with Maldives Exclusive to negotiate your tailored booking through the following:



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Do I need travel insurance?

You must have a valid Maldives insurance policy to protect you and your family during your journey or tour to and from the island nation as well as during your stay.

Special Offers

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