Rustic Bedroom Ideas For a Small Barn – If you’re not ready to commit to a barn conversion, try rustic bedroom ideas that make the most of your existing space. For example, a Tansu chest functions as a bedside table in this country-style room designed by Thomas Jayne.

Gives a Rustic Feel to the Bedroom

To infuse your bedroom with a rustic feel, layer in natural and pleasant-to-touch materials. Think woven rugs and shaggy sheepskin throws. The right shades of dark can help a room feel cozy and rustic without being too spooky. Deep blues, greys, earthy greens and even black work well in a bedroom setting. However, it’s best to avoid pure black walls as they can be overwhelming.

For a softer look, try a dark gray or taupe on your bedroom wall. This color is calming and works well with any style of decor. It can also make a small room feel larger. Dark colors can also complement a variety of wood furniture styles in a rustic bedroom. In this eclectic space, a repurposed tansu chest, framed vintage art and laidback shibori bedding combine with a dark wood four-poster bed to create a relaxed atmosphere. The textured wood paneling on the wall adds depth to the space.

Rustic bedroom ideas don’t always have to involve plaid patterns and old back issues of Country Living. Vibrant colors and bold prints can be used to ground the look, but only when paired with traditional touches. For example, a floral or geometric print on the curtains can stand up to distressed wood paneling and exposed rafters without overwhelming the room.

Finding Rustic Accents for the Bedroom

Scour salvage yards or flea markets to find rustic accents for your bedroom. You may be able to score barn door shutters for windows or use floorboards as wall cladding. Even simple details can give your space a rustic feel, like an antique engineer light hung on the headboard or a woven wood rug for the floor. Macrame and reclaimed wood picture frames also work well in rustic bedrooms.

Wood accents are a must for rustic bedroom decor, but you don’t have to cover your entire room with reclaimed beams or wood paneling. A simple shiplap wall can add a touch of warmth and texture to any space, as shown in this charming bedroom by Escape Traveler. Using an easy DIY technique, you can create your own textured walls for a fraction of the cost of reclaimed materials. Textured wallpaper or decals are available in a variety of styles and finishes, so you’re sure to find the perfect design for your bedroom.

To further establish a cozy, rustic look, pair your textured walls with rich fabrics like handmade quilts, rugged rugs, and laidback shibori bedding. Dark colors are ideal for this style, but you can also opt for a soft neutral palette to keep the room feeling airy and light. Rustic bedroom decorating ideas can feel cozy and welcoming year-round with the right accents. A repurposed trunk, a wood bench or even a faux cowhide area rug at the foot of your bed help elevate the look.

Simple Ways to Add Rustic Charm to a Bed

Layering blankets or quilts over a linen duvet is a simple way to add rustic charm to your bedding. You can also create eye-catching swaths of color with patterned quilts or patchwork blankets. The patterned quilt on this bed is tied in with the ikat pillows and embroidered vine wall art by coordinating fabric edging. It also complements the textured sheets and striped coverlet.

Generally, rustic bedroom ideas focus on light colors for bedding, walls, and windows. However, there are several ways to introduce darker tones. For example, floaty gauzy curtains lend that vacation vibe, while dark-colored wood furniture adds warmth and character. Another way to introduce a rustic aesthetic is through a jute rug or other natural-fiber floor covering, says Yokota. A rattan bedroom chair is also on-trend and brings in the earthy feel.

If your home features original wooden beams, make sure to highlight them in your rustic bedroom decor ideas. If you can’t afford to paint them, textured wallpaper in a weathered pattern can mimic the look. Other rustic accents like mirrors with distressed wood frames and raw-wood artwork are also attractive choices. Animal skins and hides can work in this theme, too, since they’re a nod to the outdoors.

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