Picking the Perfect Pedicure For Men

Andraursuta.com – Although it is still technically considered to be feminine, getting a pedicure for men can be just as sexy and fashionable. Male pedicures are becoming more popular as men realize that they can look just as good with a little polish and a manicured hand as they can look fabulous with their hair straightened or styled. In addition, pedicures for men often include some of the same perks as pedicures for women: moisturizing, exfoliation, and a “mani.” There is also the added bonus of not having to spend an arm and a leg to get a beautiful “you” look.

How To Pedicure For A Man

pedicure for men

Men’s pedicure involves more than simply cutting your toenails and applying nail polish to them. Instead, it involves a careful cleaning of your feet, the removal of dead skin cells, the buffing of your toes, the application of thick moisturizing foot cream, and lastly, the removal of any remaining dirt or calluses on your feet. For pedicure for men, these steps may be skipped altogether in favor of a manly soap, a bottle of nail polish, and a thick, rich foot cream. Men who are self-conscious about their “man cave” or house hearth probably have enough Calluses and Dead Skin on their feet to make pedicure for men more of a hassle than anything. If you’re feeling up to the task, follow these simple steps to give yourself a clean start:

First, wash your feet! Men typically have way more bacteria on their feet than women, and these bacteria will produce a good amount of dead skin cells. This means that washing your feet is an important first step towards pedicure for men. Once you have washed your feet, go over them again with antibacterial soap. This will help to kill off any bacteria and dry out your feet so they can be safely buffed with a pedicure tool. To get rid of dead skin cells, use a combination of warm water and a loofah.

pedicure for men

Next, buff your feet. Use an exfoliating tool, such as a medicated sponge, to massage your feet until you feel them soften and completely clean. An exfoliating tool is useful for getting rid of dead skin cells and restoring the pH balance of your feet after they have been exposed to a wet environment for a while. You can also use your fingers to gently scrub your feet for exfoliation. After your pedicure for men has been properly finished, you should use rich, moisturizing foot cream to seal in the buffing and to keep your feet moisturized.

Finally, take your time with your pedicure for men. If you have ingrown nails or calluses on your feet, it is best to wait until the area is completely healed before attempting to cut away the hardened calluses. If you cut them too soon, you could create more calluses and infect your skin with bacteria. If you have calluses, try to prevent further infection by applying a little petroleum jelly around the area.

pedicure for men

Many women use petroleum jelly to keep their nails soft when they give them a pedicure for men. This is a good option for women who want to keep their manicure brief and don’t want to spend hours waiting for the ingrown to heal. However, women who suffer from dry skin may find that petroleum jelly doesn’t moisturize enough and a lotion that has an oil base can work better.

For those with dry skin, you should use essential oils to help your pedicure for men. Essential oils come from plants and can be used topically on the skin. A great way to find a great scent is to smell the bottle of each essential oil and pick out the one you like. Use it on your hands and/or feet to help soothe your pain and ease any irritation. Remember to dilute the essential oils with warm water before applying them to your pedicure hands and feet.

The great thing about pedicures is that you can get a pedicure for men that works well for both him and you. Ingrown toenails can be painful to treat, but there are some great ways to make your pedicures more comfortable and effective. Remember to keep your pedicure brief and gentle so that you avoid long-term discomfort and take a little extra time on your pedicures for men.

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