8 Key Elements of Victorian Interior Decor

Andraursuta.com – Known for its intricate and ornate decor, Victorian interior design has had an enormous impact on contemporary design concepts. There are several key elements of this design style that can still be seen in modern decor. The period’s cultural and technological advancements offer a wealth of interesting insight into the way the interior design progressed. Victorian design focused on the traditional values of the day. It attempted to bring the aesthetic world into a more refined and formal setting. This movement sought to elevate the status of the middle class and make every home a true reflection of wealth and prestige.

The Most Outstanding Characteristics of Victorian Design

One of the most prominent characteristics of Victorian interior design was the use of heavy curtains in dark or earth tones. Initially these curtains were constructed of heavy, dark wood. Blended with velvet and satin fabrics, these curtains were commonly used to cover large windows in the living and/or dining rooms. The curtains were typically made from muslin, which was meant to look elegant. In addition to the curtain itself, the Victorian era also introduced a number of unique, decorative items, including floral valances, which were typically used to accentuate floral patterns throughout the interior.


Another hallmark of this era’s interior design is the widespread use of intricate patterns, such as floral and Gothic designs. Colors ranging from fuchsia and dark blue to deep burgundy, teal, and burnt orange were commonly used in paintings, prints, and tapestries. Floral patterns were most commonly used in paintings for landscapes, but a few designs, most notably that of a rose, were used to highlight interior design features. Tapestries, a woven form of paper, comprised heavily of floral images and designs.

In addition to employing a heavy use of floral images, the Victorian style used dark hues, mostly blacks and grays, for walls and floors. Many walls in the interior were painted with muted pastel colors, most of them pale green or blue. Cuts of varying sizes, made of lace, were placed throughout the rooms to help with accentuating spaces.

Victorian Style Furniture Was Sleek and Comfortable

Victorian style furniture was sleek and comfortable, often created from iron. It was also designed with rounded corners, which were reminiscent of the wheeled wheel that was once upon a time. Lovely examples of this type of furniture can be found at museums and art galleries around the world. Additionally, the cabinets and closets in most Victorian interiors were designed without doors. Closets in particular, along with end tables and coffee tables, were designed with doors in mind.

Dining rooms in Victorian homes are decorated much the same as they were in other homes of the period. Soft, comfortable chairs with plush cushions, elaborate tablecloths, and a selection of decorative items inspired by the Victorian style were included along with a great collection of crystal glasses. As for wall decor, wall hangings such as pictures of flowers and other decor and artwork depicting nature and wildlife were strategically placed throughout the rooms. You can even find several antiques and old photographs throughout the home. For a more modern look, modern artistic pieces such as mirrors and lamps can be incorporated into the Victorian decorating scheme.

Victorian Inspired Furniture Pieces

Furniture pieces inspired by the Victorian style have been updated through the years, but the essence of this interior style is still evident today. Because of this, many furniture manufacturers have made modern Victorian interiors available to consumers. Browsing the a variety of websites on the internet, you will be able to find a wide variety of modern furniture pieces that were inspired by the Victorian style. In addition to purchasing these pieces to update your Victorian home decor style, you may also want to place an antique piece or two in your home to add a touch of history to your decor.

Another element of the Victorian interior style that has remained popular over the years is the presence of ornate furnishings. Although hardwood was commonly used throughout the home during the Victorian age, the abundance of ornate furnishings made from metal, glass, and wood made the Victorian interior style shine brightly. Ornate chandeliers, chests of drawers, and exotic lighting have been inspired by the Victorian era. If you’re looking for a Victorian decor style that’s a little out of the ordinary, don’t be afraid to get creative. Just keep in mind that when it comes to the Victorian era, keep it simple… stay away from ornate designs and busy patterns.

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