Add Some Craftsman Style to Your Home With a Craftsman Living Room

Andraursuta.comCraftsman living rooms are the ultimate in high style and durability. They take you back to the good old days of your home being built by hands for you and your family. The rooms come in different styles depending on the owners’ preferences. There is something for everyone to create a masterpiece out of their craftsman living room. Here is a look at some of the most popular options for your consideration.

Craftsman Style Living Room Grand Design

The grand design of the grand craftsman style living room above is a great combination of an expansive floor space, delicate balance and a grand, high ceiling. Modern aesthetics have been applied and mixed with classic, older elements to create this beautiful balance of old and new in this space. In the entry way, you will find a marble-tiled back door that has been crafted into a piece of art. The walls are all lined with exotic hardwoods to give off a feeling of warmth, along with rich, dark paint that matches the tone of the rest of the furniture. Leather furniture is used throughout the room, along with wood panels that are hand-carved and display your love of the craftsman style.

The room itself has a natural feel with warm textures coming from the hardwoods and rich dark colors from the hardwood and woodwork throughout. You will discover an area for the cozy fireplace in this craftsman living room. The cozy fireplace comes with two doors, one that is the front door of the home and one that is the back door. The front door is fashioned like a bench seat with a rocker that adjusts to the comfort of its visitors. The back door, which is always uncovered, is crafted to look like a bench that fits perfectly into your cozy fireplace.

Beautiful Ceiling Decoration

The ceiling lends this room the airy feel that many crafters enjoy. The ceiling is made of stained glass and has a texture that you just can’t beat. The top of the room is lined with comfortable, durable fabric on three sides. This material also provides a backdrop for the oak, mahogany, and cherry wood that decorates the rest of the furniture. The fabric also helps to keep out dampness and humidity so you don’t have to worry about the furniture getting ruined from changing season through the heat of summer and winter.

A crafter’s work space must be comfortable and allow for creativity to flow while working. When you use craftsman-style living room design ideas, you will find just that. You have a place to sit, you have a place to stand, and you have a place to work, so there is no wasted space or time spent wandering around aimlessly.

The Right Place To Use Craft Sofas And Chairs

Another place to use craftsman sofas and chairs are side rooms. Side rooms are not only functional, but they add a touch of elegance to a home. Craftsman sofas look particularly good in dining areas, but you can also use them in any room of the house where your family likes to hang out. A craftsman sofa would be ideal for a game room, since it allows people to sit close together and get to know each other. You can find sofas with upholstered cushions in almost any color or pattern you could imagine, so if you want to add some rustic charm to your living room, go with an old-fashioned floral print or a bold geometric pattern.

One of the nicest craftsman living rooms have glass windows. Glass windows are beautiful, not to mention they can help to insulate your home in winter, since the heat from the sun cannot enter through them. There are different types of glass windows, some made of tempered glass to withstand the onslaught of the weather, others with double panes that can let plenty of light in, while keeping cold gusts at bay. If you are lucky enough to have one of the larger craftsman style windows, you might even be able to paint it yourself to match your decorating scheme.

Adding a craftsman style dining table and chair to your space is a perfect way to bring in the character of the craftsman. Character furniture makes homes look lived-in and cozy. If you do a lot of entertaining, you might want to choose a dining set that has open-backed chairs with dark stained wood and open honeymoon cabins in an antique pattern on the walls. The dark wood of the tables can be accented with a colorful patterned Roman shade. Your dark wood dining room will definitely add warmth to your room, and it will also make your guests feel comfortable with the welcoming vibe.

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