Using Natural Light in Your Minimalist Study Room Ideas

You’ve decided that a minimalist study room is the direction you want to go in. But, how exactly can you go about decorating your new space? A study is a very personal space; the furniture should reflect your personality and the colors you pick should be those that you enjoy the most. Using the main accent as dark wood, and then keeping the other design and furniture to the absolute bare minimum, this particular study space utilizes the light to it best benefit. If you already have a good source of external light in the room, you could very well maximize the viewing scope of your windows to make the space look airy and fresh.

How To Create a Minimalist Study Room

To create a minimalist study room, one must first consider what are the items that will need to be included in the room. Your desk is by far the most important item, as it is where you will spend most of your time studying. Whether you prefer an adjustable or a fixed desk, it is important to choose one that will not take up a lot of valuable floor space, leaving a free hand room to put in more study supplies. A great piece of furniture to match with a desk is a writing desk, which is a great place to put down your pad of paper and keep organized. If possible, consider a single large window to help brighten up the entire room.

Another essential item for a minimalist study room looks to be an adequate amount of wall space, which can be achieved through hanging curtains or blinds, using wall clocks, or by using floating storage boxes or baskets on the wall. These items may also be used as a resource cupboard, which will allow you to store a number of supplies and other items that won’t necessarily be used on a daily basis. A desk can be purchased without a chair, allowing for a more spacious feel to the room. However, if you have small children, it might not be the best option, as they tend to feel uncomfortable sitting at a desk all day.

Installing Shelves Along The Wall

An extra room can be made by installing a flat surface on the wall opposite a desk. This can be made into a reading nook or even a bright reading spot, giving you extra room for reading as well as cuddling with a favorite book. You could even install shelves along the wall to create a bookshelf, which would be very useful if you plan to read on your bed all night.

Other ways to make your room look larger would be to install tall shelves on the wall, to create an extra shelf for books and magazines. A few shelves with an arrangement of bookshelves can also create quite an impressive look. The trick to making a reading nook look bigger than it actually is to use the right lighting fixtures and the appropriate lighting for the area. A dimmer light over the end of a long table or magazine rack will make it seem more open than it actually is, while a brighter light over the top of a shelf will draw attention to the books or magazine on the shelves.

Consider Adding Candles

Decorative elements are always great to add to a study room. Consider adding candles to help set the mood for a quiet, relaxing evening. Smaller wall decorations can be used to dress up the walls if you want, such as dried flowers or plant pots. If there are certain areas of your home that you tend to study in more than others, consider hanging a color-coding tape over the doors to help label which room your papers are kept in.

Since a minimalist study room design requires the least amount of decorative art and decorations, you are encouraged to be creative when choosing what to hang on the wall. Keep in mind that a glass hanger on the wall, for example, can have a very minimalist look, but if you decorate with more rustic or decorative elements, it can be a perfect way to dress up a blank wall. For this reason, it’s important to use decorating techniques that are appropriate for your personality style.

Another great thing about these types of study room ideas is that they are often simple and elegant. The colors and materials used aren’t overly busy or loud, so they will still fit into any decorating scheme. They also allow you plenty of light so that you can do your studying with a natural light source. Try using candles or scented candles to give each room a different, natural look. This can be a fun and effective way to decorate your home and still be able to get the most out of your current space.

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