How To Create The Ultimate Scandinavian Design For Your Home – If you want to create a cozy ambiance in your living room then Scandinavian interior design can be one of the best ideas that you can use. There are many interior designers who would recommend this type of design as it has certain interesting qualities and characteristics that are incomparable. Let us see what these qualities are so that you too can get inspired to use them in your homes. This article will mainly focus on the interesting characteristics of this type of interior design.

Typical Scandinavian Living Room

As far as the color scheme is concerned, a typical Scandinavian living room would generally feature light shades and earthy tones with occasional splashes of yellow or taupe in the design. Here, the walls are almost certainly not white anymore but slightly grey which is also repeated in the form of trendy wooden coffee tables. You would definitely be delighted to see some wooden furniture in this type of design. The next time you would look for such furniture in different furniture shops, you will surely see a lot of attractive pieces of wooden furniture as well as wrought iron ones. The wooden flooring in such a room is likely to be exposed to lots of moisture so it is important to protect it with good quality wooden flooring that does not absorb moisture easily. Such floorsing can either be linoleum or vinyl.

Like many other styles, Scandinavian living rooms would also have spaces where you can entertain guests. Such areas are generally referred to as dining spaces. In such rooms, you can use a wooden dining table to make the most of the open space in front of the windows. Since most of the spaces in such a room would be closed off by the wooden dining table, you can decorate it with beautiful decorative chairs that will complement its design perfectly.

Tips For Decorating a Scandinavian Living Room

Another way to decorate a Scandinavian living room is to create the feeling of openness and spaciousness. To achieve this, you can try and hang curtains or sheer panels on the walls. This will create a spacious impression. Another easy way to give a feeling of openness is to use simple floral designs and bold colored rugs on the floor and walls. The use of bold colored rugs on the floor and walls will help you create the impression of a larger space.

In order to bring more color and life into your Scandinavian living room, you should consider painting it with light-colored flooring. The most suitable colors would be those of turquoise, aqua marine blue, light yellow/green and a nice pair of white walls. For a very warm and welcoming feel, add a few pillows made of wool. If you want your “dining room” to look more like a cozy bedroom, choose light-colored solid wood flooring instead of wall-to-wall carpet. Add simple wooden chairs to the chairs and a couple of large blue accent chairs placed in front of the fireplace. You can add a modern coffee table with a glass top or an antique coffee table that you enjoy looking at.

Choose Colors That Harmonize With Each Other

Another great way to achieve the ultimate in Scandinavian living room decor is to select colors that are in harmony with one another. Try and use the same tone and hue for the wall colors, flooring and accessories as well as the furniture and accessories. Using similar hues, tones, and textures is an excellent way to maintain a monochromatic color palette throughout the room.

When selecting window treatments for your Scandinavian living room decor, don’t hesitate to experiment. Use fabric swatches and sample fabrics to determine what looks best. Remember that light color curtains will provide the most inviting feeling, while dark color curtains will give you a cooler feeling. Don’t forget about draperies and window treatments. draperies can be used to provide an additional touch of Scandinavian design.

Finally, take your Scandinavian living room decor to the next level by adding some furniture items that are available in plain wood. Try and stay away from the over-stuffed styles of today. Instead, go for solid wood pieces that are simple in design. Finish your furniture items off with a few tasteful pieces of vintage Scandinavian furniture and you will be well on your way to enjoying your new home!

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