Add The Tranquility Of Traditional Home Decor to Your New Home – Traditional Home was a up to date style and decorating Magazine that primarily targeted upscale readers. The magazine was originally published by the Meredith Corporation and promoted the pleasures of urban living through the colorful prism of traditional taste. It was the first bestselling house magazine in newsstands for 9 consecutive years.

Style From Traditional House

Styles represented in traditional home magazines tend to focus on European and Mediterranean styles. These design elements include rich colors, intricate carvings, metalwork, and stone finishes. Homes that represent these styles can have high ceilings, heavily decorated floors, and traditional window treatments.

In traditional home publications, end tables are almost always placed in the center of the dining room. The shape of the table can vary but is almost always rectangular with minimal surrounding decoration. The furniture used for dining tables is nearly always traditional – such as oak, dark hardwoods, simple legs and similar wood designs. Cherry, maple, and beech are other popular styles of wood used.

Selection of Traditional Furniture

Furniture in a traditional home publication tends to be very traditional. Traditional living room furniture often has arms on the chairs. Chairs can have or may not have back rests. The traditional style of furniture usually uses thin wood or plywood. Bunk beds are common features. Some may even use a headboard or footboard to dress up the pieces.

Decorating in traditional home designs tends to focus on timeless design elements. The walls, floors, and accents should reflect this rich decorating style. Colors for the walls can range from pastel to bright, vibrant reds to blacks. Colors for the floors should include browns, greens, blues, and whites. The accessories can be anything that you like in color, including knick knacks, paintings, or curio cabinets.

Using a Wood-Covered Fireplace

Clutter in traditional style homes may be avoided by using a fireplace to provide a source of heat. Wood lined fireplaces make great heating units. Wall and ceiling shelves are also common in traditional style homes. Wall art, including framed or unframed pictures, work great for adding color and life to a room.

Lighting in a traditional home setting can be dramatic or simple. Wall sconces can be paired together with a lamp in the sitting area to give a cozy, ambient glow. Desk lamps or desk accent lamps can be added to the bed side table or bookcase. You can find many other classic interior styles to match your personality and your home decor needs. Matching colors and patterns, interior design elements, and pieces to use with furniture are important in creating a special space.

When considering adding or changing an existing traditional interior design style, be sure to do your homework first. Visit show homes and check out the furniture, flooring, and paint. Make sure that the new furniture will harmonize with the home decor. Paired together right, furniture can be an inviting, warm, and charming addition to a home.

Use of Bright Colors in Traditional Furniture

Choose traditional style furniture and decorate in traditional style fabrics and colors. Remember that more “fun” colors such as reds and yellows will take you back to childhood memories of our parents. Pastels and softer colors will create a peaceful atmosphere. In most cases, it is best to use neutral colors that have been tried and true for years.

Traditional home decor is often associated with solid wood furniture in dark mahogany, oak, cherry or walnut finishes. Solid wood is usually the main emphasis in this interior style. Although hardwood floors are popular, beautiful hand-woven rugs and fabrics are also a nice touch to compliment the furniture. Traditional styles are all about the textures and colors of the upholstery fabrics. The cushions need to be soft, silky, and made from 100% cotton. There is nothing worse than a stiff, hard chair with sharp lines.

Some traditional interior design styles may be a little bit “new age” in their choice of fabrics and furniture, but one could argue that this is more fun and creative. Many people love to combine modern technology with classic traditional styles. Many modern home designs are full of bold color patterns, bold geometric shapes, and unique wallpaper designs. For those who want to incorporate these types of things into their design, they can easily do so. In the end, this type of decorating is fun and adds a nice touch to any home.

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