How To Create The Perfect Nautical Interior Design – Nautical interior designing is a fun way to create feel like you are always close to the ocean. With elements like ships, anchor crosses, sea creatures, and even the nautical colours of white and blue, you’ll never be at a loss for wallpaper ideas. Use these ideas as the jumping off point for some of your other favourite colour schemes!

Wood Touch On Nautical Theme

Nautical interior design uses a lot of warm natural wood tones. Wood adds a unique touch to nautical interior design because it allows you to incorporate your personal style into your rooms, even if the room is on the boat. Your furniture will reflect your personality, so try and avoid anything too modern or anything with too many bright and vibrant colours.

There are many ways to apply this nautical style throughout your whole home. If you have an existing nautical theme in your bedroom, bring this into your bathroom too. Start out with a simple shower surround made from oak or pine. Accent it with intricate carved details. You can then continue with the style of your furniture and add more of those beautiful oak or pine pieces.

For the walls, you want to keep the same warm tones that you used in the bedroom. Install a large picture window and fill it with ocean breezes. Then, highlight your wall with photos of the ocean – perhaps one of the big cruise ships that grace the coast. Add some nautical interior elements such as murals or wallpaper. Accent the photos with nautical stars that represent the meridian that your photos represent.

Wooden Furniture Adds To the Comfort of Interior Design

Another fun nautical interior decoration trick is to use wooden furniture. A great way to pull this trick off is to use wooden accent tables on your end table. Using wooden furniture will give the room a natural feel. This is especially useful if your primary room is a living room. Wooden furniture tends to make people feel more comfortable.

To finish off this nautical interior design, consider using soft raffia strips throughout the room. You can then use these raffia strips to tie bow onto the ends of your wooden furniture. This creates a great sense of depth. For more ideas, why not use raffia paper for curtain accents? These items will help you create the perfect nautical vibe interior design.

To achieve a truly authentic nautical interior, think about how you want your walls to look like. Would you like for them to look like rough seas or like they’re covered in beautiful marine life? What about incorporating sea shells into your bathroom? For a nautical feel in your living room, consider painting the walls navy blue or gray. Navy blue is actually one of the most popular colors used in this type of decorating.

Contemporary Hardwood Furniture for Nautical Bedroom

You don’t need to stop at merely using textiles and sea shells in your nautical bedroom. You can easily mix and match textures and colors within the room to create a more natural look. Why not paint the walls a shade of aqua? This way, your nautical interior will have the feel of aqua as well as the look of sandy beaches.

The way you choose your nautical interior also depends on the way you choose your living room furniture. Since you’ll be surrounded by wood furniture with wood accents, you need to choose pieces that complement each other. A good example would be choosing contemporary hardwood furniture for your nautical bedroom. Wood furniture is very versatile and gives your room a futuristic vibe. A modern day home furnishing company may offer modern wood furniture that comes in bolder shades of green and brown.

When it comes to colors, lighter shades are best for a nautical interior theme. Choose light pastel colors such as turquoise, aqua, mint, peach, and sky blue for your walls. For your accent furniture, try to pick up pieces that come in neutral shades such as brown, cream, gray, black, and beige. Your bed linen can be in these same shades – brown, cream, sky blue, and beige. You can then combine these colors with the accent pieces you have chosen and complete the look.

Tips for Using Natural Elements of Nautical Interior Design

Adding natural elements to your nautical interior design is important. Since you will be surrounded by natural materials, you’ll want to choose items that go with your theme – especially if you’re going for an ocean-themed nautical interior. Sea shells, driftwood, wood, seashells, and coral are just some of the natural materials you can use. Add candles, lamps, and pillows with similar natural materials and sea themes and you’ve got a winning combination.

In order to achieve the perfect nautical interior design, you need to choose colors that complement one another but aren’t too loud. As long as all the colors you use to go with one another and the overall theme of your room is sea-life or sailing, you’ll have the perfect nautical interior. For inspiration, check out pictures of boats, ships, and the beaches along the coast. Nautical decorating will give you the perfect room you’re looking for!

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