The Benefits of a Small French Bedroom – The best way to create a small French bedroom is to blend French country decor with modern, crisp lines and crisp white color schemes. Roots can be used throughout the entire room. Starting with the headboard, use white and gold for the most elegant look. French country and classic style go hand in hand when you create a small French bedroom. Choose timeless furnishings and accessories for a country feel.

French Style Bedroom Design

French country go back to medieval times, 13th century in Provence. It’s a symbiotic relationship of rustic and classic style, using neutral colors such as ivory, cream, white and gold. For a small French bedroom country themed bedding set would fit perfectly, with warm ivory, light yellow, pale cream and white or cream and yellow wallpaper with a crepe pattern would look perfect on the walls of cream.

Pillows can be used for any size of a small French bedroom, however if you have a small bed, it’s wise to go with a rustic style to keep the room at its smallest size. A vintage enamelware candle would be perfect in a small rustic bedroom. Plates can be in a rustic style too but must always be in white. Large, solid porcelain plates are a bit too old and out of place in a small French style bedroom.

Decorative Lighting in the French bedroom

The lighting in a small French bedroom should be soft and subdued. If you have a large window, put blinds or curtains to block out the light. If you have a small bedroom, get yourself a small fan and set it on low. Keep your bedroom door shut and closed all the time. French style allows for privacy so don’t keep things open where they can be seen.

If you can’t afford an actual authentic antique French furniture piece, don’t worry because many small bedroom styles can mimic them very well. Smaller mirrors, lamps, paintings and even beds can be made to look like antiques. There are some great websites online that offer a great variety of beautiful furniture and bedding sets to choose from. Just picture how great a bedroom in an old rustic style would smell!

French country villas often come with en suite bathrooms, which means you can take advantage of them even if you only have one bathroom available. If you have a bigger en suite bathroom, you can separate it from the main bedroom and use the master bathroom as a nanny bathroom if you need it. Some villas have a second bathroom which doubles as a bedroom as well. With all these extra amenities, you get more space and better privacy for a small French bedroom.

Tips for Combining Traditional French Bedroom

Many small French bedrooms still feature a combination of open plan living areas and traditional bedrooms. They may have open plan living areas where you can display your art or you can have a private sitting area, kitchen and dinning area. They may have a large kitchen, dining area and a sitting room or balcony. Vegetable gardens are usually in back yards so you will still have some privacy in your bedroom. French courtyards and patios are also common in French villas.

One great feature that many French small bedrooms do not have is a dining room. If you live in a villa with a dining room, you are lucky because you can still enjoy a romantic evening in your bedroom. French restaurants are often very quiet so you can enjoy a quiet evening in your bedroom watching television or even snuggling up to watch a movie. There are so many things you can do in your French style villa that you are sure to never get bored. You can have your own little apartment that you call your own in a small French bedroom!

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