Choosing the Right Exterior Home Improvement Material – Looking for pictures of rustic exterior? You need to start here, first! You’ve surely scoured the internet for inspiration and by this time, the picture you want is probably nowhere to be seen.

Rustic Exterior Materials is Horizontal Lap Siding

The rustic look has been gaining popularity for years, so it’s no surprise that more people are choosing it when building a new home. Rustic architecture relies heavily on natural materials and one of the most prominent rustic exterior materials is horizontal lap siding. It’s the oldest form of siding, dating back to the 1700s, and it is certainly one of the most beautiful. There is a wide variety of rustic products made of wood such as: shingles, cedar-look shingles, flat roofing materials and many more. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to create a rustic exterior, your best bet would be to check out these rustic products.

Horizontal Lap Siding is one of the easiest rustic exterior trimming materials to install on your own. If you’ve never installed horizontal laps before, you may find that it can be very intimidating at first, but it’s really not as hard as you might think. Most people prefer the look of horizontal laps because it is very simple yet charming. The basic rustic trimming pattern consists of six evenly spaced slits which form a box shape on the surface of the house. These six evenly spaced holes are the eye-catching part of the rustic exterior trimming. In order to get the most out of your house siding, it is important to leave space in between the holes for the fixtures you will be putting on top of your lapped material.

Natural Wood Trim Exterior Home Accessories

Plywood Board Staining Although it’s not a rustic product, plywood is still a great rustic style material to use as part of your rustic exterior home accessories. Plywood boards are very easy to work with and since they come in different colors and sizes, you are sure to find one that will match the natural wood of your house. Plywood is also very easy to stain. Once you’ve stained your board, just apply the stain and let it set overnight before wiping away with a dry cloth. It is recommended that if you decide to stain your board yourself, to purchase a stain protector to keep the stain from bleeding through the fabric.

Natural Wood Trim Just like using lap siding, using natural wood trim on your house is also a great way to create a rustic look. Natural wood trims come in varying sizes, shapes and colors so finding one that fits perfectly with your home design should be no problem. Before installing your natural wood trim, it is important to pre-drill all of the right holes to match up with the siding. Use wood filler or wood sander to fill in any gaps and use matching colors to blend your trim with the rest of your house.

The Best Tips for Creating a Rustic Exterior

Fiber Cement Shingles A great way to create a rustic exterior is with fiber cement siding. Fiber cement shingles are much more expensive than other types of shingles. However, they offer the same characteristics as wood-grain siding, such as natural color and strength. Using fiber cement will require a little more maintenance. After you have painted and finished installing your fiber cement shingles, be sure to apply a protective coating to help prevent moisture from penetrating into the cement. To keep the look of your fiber cement siding looking its best, periodically sand it down with a high grit sandpaper.

Hardie plank siding One of the most durable types of exterior trimming on the market today is the hardie plank. This product comes in a wide range of colors and grain patterns, making it perfect for creating a rustic look in your home. Hardie plank siding is also resistant to rotting, cracking and buckling, making it a great choice for outside trimming. To keep the grain of the hardie plank siding looking natural, follow a regular maintenance routine that includes sanding and cleaning. You can also use sealants and paint to maintain the color and grain of the siding.

Hickory-Plank Roofing If you’re trying to create a rustic look in your home, consider installing hickory-plank roofing. Hickory-plank roofing is one of the strongest types of wood available. It offers a thick, sturdy grain that makes it ideal for staining and painting. Plus, it provides excellent insulation and UV stabilization, which mean that it will not change in appearance over time. Although it’s an expensive wood product, hickory-plank roofing is still one of the most durable on the market.

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