How to Decorate a Small Eclectic Living Room – Are you looking for small, eclectic living room decorating ideas? Living rooms can be small, crowded and over the top in size! This creates an environment that can feel cramped, uninvolving and even claustrophobic. The good news is there are many small living room decorating ideas to help you get the best out of your space. Here are 25 top small living room decorating suggestions.

Popular Small Living Room Designs

A popular small living room design idea is a whitewashed wall with distressed wood trim. This type of small contemporary living room idea works well with a whitewashed wooden floor and features distressed wood trim and a beautiful white painted accent wall. This style also goes great with a light blue color on the wall. This color scheme would work well together if you choose a light blue fitted slipcover to match the wall color. If you want to add a splash of color in addition to the white walls and wood trim, you could choose a warm pink checkerboard background for the walls and add a decorative wrought iron candle holder with a metal inverted bowl on the front.

Another small eclectic living room design idea is to bring the feel of an old antiques shop inside. For this look, choose bold small antiques like an ornate and heavily distressed wooden floor and bold lamps covered in velvet. Antiques always look great when they are displayed on an artistically designed gallery wall. You could also add old rugs and vintage furniture. A coffee table with an old world look and flair could also be included.

Modern and Bold Color Picker

Small contemporary homes should definitely have a modern and bold color scheme. With that said, the artistic style defined by a richly colored and decorated wall would be perfect. Use complementary colors in bold contrasting hues like deep orange, teal, and fuchsia. Bold contrast like these is perfect when creating an eclectic living rooms atmosphere. A modern sofa with clean lines and a bright upholstered accent wall would complete this look.

Artistic styles with vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow and gold would be perfect for bold and cheery small home studios. This is another great way to create a cozy and friendly vibe. Bold and vivacious colors to help you create an air of vitality. You can also add vibrant art pieces such as vintage magazines and pictures of famous street performers. Add a comfortable Ottoman and inviting comfortable sofa and you’ve got a vibrant and comfortable home studio.

Creating a Cozy Eclectic Living Room

If you want something with a little more warmth and coziness in the small eclectic living room, try a gallery wall. Gallery walls are perfect in small studio apartments because they offer a wall that hangs on one side but open on the other. It’s perfect for small apartments and spaces because it creates the illusion of having more space than what it actually does. Try an art Deco or Victorian look for your wall and try to use a beautiful neutral flooring. This neutral flooring can be a coffee table, wooden floor, or ceramic tile.

Another great way of decorating in small studio apartments is by pairing a soft cozy area rug with a colorful accent wall. Try using an area rug made of wool, cotton, jute or olefin. Find furniture with clean lines and simple, easy-to-clean features. A contemporary sofa set with sharp contemporary lines is ideal for this look. Other great pieces of furniture for the area rug include a couple of end tables and a coffee table.

Bright colors make a small space come alive, so do not be afraid to use lots of bright colors in your home decor. Small living rooms are perfect for bold colors because they will make the room feel bigger than it really is. Just remember to match bold colors with a complementary rug, piece of furniture or curtain. By sticking with neutral tones and using complementary colors, you will decorate your small apartment in a way that makes it feel like a big room.

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