Make Your Own Coastal Bathroom Designs – A coastal bathroom is an airy, relaxed style of bathroom, often with colors and materials inspired by the sandy shore line. In order to create a contemporary coastal bathroom, you’ll need to incorporate neutral tones and natural materials into your layout. Coastal bathroom design focuses on functionality rather than appearance, so that your bathroom remains a relaxing oasis in which you can escape the worries of the world.

Bright Color Characteristics of a Beach Bathroom

Coastal bathroom design typically involves bold, bright colors like blue, red, yellow, green, gray, or orange. Wallpaper is typically gray with a white border, or you could use a genuine piece of driftwood as your wallpaper. If you want a more sophisticated look, consider installing a mosaic tile in your coastal bathroom. Mosaic tiles are made of glass and ceramic – combining the best of these materials in a single, practical piece of wallpaper.

You’ll also want to use a light, airy pieces of wallpaper in your coastal bathroom. This gives your bathroom a fresh, wistful feel without making it feel overcrowded or cluttered. For example, choose a piece of driftwood that is a few shades darker than the color of your wall and then fill in the remaining space between the two pieces of wood with a neutral, cream color. Bold, saturated colors tend to make bathrooms seem warmer. Fill your bathroom with light colored, cool framed mirrors to keep the room from feeling too hot or cold. The lighting in your coastal bathroom should be soft and calming – not too bright, and never too dim.

Modern Coastal Bathroom Design

One of the most popular trends in contemporary bathrooms these days is to install an open design onto a beach backdrop. This trend is particularly attractive to homeowners who don’t want their home to feel impersonal. In a modern coastal bathroom design, you’ll want to install a large shower stall and then set aside a sunny reading area where you can enjoy the sun and read a book. The walls and floors can be lining with cool neutral tones like creams and beiges to give the appearance of warmth while the shower stall itself is surrounded by sleek black tile that frames it from all sides.

Adding a few more touches of color to your coastal bathroom beach decor can be fun. Consider using seashells in varying sizes on your bathroom vanity and bathroom mirror. Or, for a bolder look, paint your walls a rich red. Look around at different colors available for beach themed bathroom vanities or walls and you might even be able to find a few seashells in the mix.

Tips for Designing Unique Bathroom Walls

If you really want to add a unique touch to your coastal bathroom flooring, consider installing mosaic tiles along the floor. These come in many different textures and colors and look especially beautiful when complimented by a soft floral print on your bathroom walls. Choose a beach glass tile design that’s wrapped in a canvas print. This will give you a one of a kind, custom look that’s sure to make everyone stop in their tracks! Pair a simple floral pattern with a couple seashells in irregularly sized squares on a shelf, and you’ll have the appearance of a second bathroom that was carefully created just for you.

If you really want to create the look you’re going for in your cabin, consider using coastal inspired accessories. Look for wooden or wicker baskets that feature knots in them. Or, try to find a set of salt boxes with a cork sealer. Cottage themed decor doesn’t have to involve seashells, starfish, or anything else related to the ocean; you can instead choose a plain wooden box to hold your toiletries, hang a colonial lamp, or use it to display a vase of flowers. You can create a sea of color by using coastal prints, sea shells, or wood-grained paper on your walls and furniture.

Finish off the look with some light furniture and lots of rugs. Look for wicker chairs with lumbar support cushions for an easy fit in your bathroom. In addition to the chair, consider a rocking chair or two. Larger pieces of furniture, such as a love seat or chaise lounge, can be accented with painted seashells to help create a beach themed feel. Adding accent colors to your furniture and accessories will help create the perfect environment to help create your perfect cabin.

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