Decorating Your Contemporary Bedroom With Clean Lines – What exactly do we mean by contemporary bedroom decor? Generally speaking, contemporary design is about the updated looks that are in fashion at the moment. This includes furniture, colors and accessories, so it’s not too difficult to achieve. As such contemporary bedroom decor encompasses a wide array of styles, but what they tend to share in common, at least on the surface, is an air of simplicity and a Zen feel. Not much effort is required to create this look, which makes it very adaptable. For many people, contemporary bedroom decor is just what they’ve been looking for.

Characteristics of Contemporary Bedroom Decoration

The color palette for contemporary bedroom decor is also very clean, sharp and geometric, with black and white providing the greatest contrast. Contrast can be achieved using warm colors such as soft amber or mocha, or cooler colors like lilac, peach, green and gray. A bedroom without any type of decoration would almost seem naked in its lack of natural light. This is because contemporary bedroom furnishings modern design so often don’t have any finish, except perhaps some mild staining.

One example of contemporary bedroom furnishings that do have any finish is the headboard, which may be made of wood, metal, glass or even leather. The headboard may be easily stained to light fixtures, allowing you to coordinate your entire room. The styles of headboards vary greatly, with some being very simple and contemporary, while others are much more elaborate, with intricate filigree and carvings. If you’re looking for a simpler style, consider a headboard that’s plain wood, with just a simple ornamental feature such as carvings or hand-carved flowers.

Another facet of contemporary bedroom ideas is clean lines, especially in terms of floor plan. Clean lines are very effective in expressing space, since they make large rooms appear smaller and make one think of straight lines and straight corners. One effective way of using clean lines in your bedroom is to use simple geometric shapes in your wall color, such as rectangles, squares or trapezoids. Alternatively, you could try a simple wallpaper border to help break up large walls.

Contemporary and Traditional Color Combination Ideas

Colors are another aspect of contemporary bedroom ideas that’s all about versatility. You don’t have to stick with the colors associated with your favorite contemporary movie or television show, but rather you can try mixing contemporary with more traditional designs. Contemporary colors might be orange, red, yellow or green, for instance, and you can use these hues in your palette for your bedroom paint color as well as your furniture. By choosing more contemporary colors, you can make your entire room seem less “modern,” and instead make it seem more “contemporary.”

For another contemporary bedroom idea, try painting the walls in a neutral color. This can be a great way of complementing other contemporary decorating styles and can also help you create a contemporary bedroom without changing out much of the furniture in the room. The most common neutral colors for contemporary bedroom paint colors are tan or off-white. If you want something a bit more unusual, however, you can go with any color of the rainbow, as long as it’s in moderation. For instance, a true turquoise would look amazing in a contemporary bedroom, as long as you remember to keep the color scale in mind when you choose your paint color.

Tips for Choosing Contemporary Furniture and Accessories

One of the biggest challenges of decorating a contemporary bedroom with clean lines is that you do have to choose furniture and accessories that work well with the clean lines that you’ve selected. A great way to solve this problem is to buy furniture and accessories that come in complementary colors. For instance, you can purchase contemporary bedroom furniture sets that include a contemporary bed frame and some simple dressers to put in the drawers, or a platform bed in a neutral color, such as taupe, and match it with a contemporary bedroom dresser in a light gray or black. You can even add some accent pillows or a rug that matches the color scheme of the bed and the room.

Remember, the most important part of designing a contemporary bedroom is to simply find furniture and accessories that work well with your unique color scheme and lifestyle. In other words, make sure that whatever furniture and accessories you purchase for your bedroom not only match your color scheme, but also the lighting fixtures that you have in the space as well. Another good thing to consider is purchasing wall decor and light fixtures that you can easily accessorize with small lamps or wall art, and which you can place on your nightstands or tables. In addition to adding accessories to your contemporary bedroom to give it an overall contemporary look, you can also change the look of the room by rearranging the furniture and changing the lighting fixtures.

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