Mid Century Modern Living Rooms

Andraursuta.comMid-century modern design styles are popular for many reasons. They are simple, yet aesthetic in their appearance. They are easy to decorate with simple lines that highlight the furniture and accessories. In addition, they offer homeowners a look that many of them find inviting. And, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as completing an interior design project yourself!

Tips for Choosing Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

When considering the furniture and accents to use in a mid-century modern family room, keep in mind the function of each piece. Big, bulky pieces are not typical in this design style. Big, chunky furniture pieces such as a coffee table or antique coffee table may not fit well into this room. The look is more slender, with simple lines and plenty of storage space.

Many of these styles include a variety of uses. A variety of mid-century modern family room furniture pieces, such as side tables, end tables, coffee tables, desks, and art displays (such as a display of photos or paintings) may be used. You might also want to include plenty of wall art, especially if the entire room is decorated in one theme or color scheme. Art work that features geometric shapes, fish or animal graphics, flowers, humans, or other forms are popular choices for this type of family room.

When decorating this type of interior design, you’ll also want to pay close attention to textures and colors. This can make all the difference in how welcoming and comfortable your new decorating scheme is! One common style of interior design for mid-century modern living rooms is to use sleek, clean lines and a sense of uniformity throughout the home.

Bright Colored Living Room Design Ideas

In contrast, many mid-century modern family room designs are a bit more colorful. Lots of bright reds, oranges, yellows, and reds are used. Furniture pieces may include old-fashioned metal and wood pieces. Wall paint and window treatments are often earthy tones. Cuts, straight edges, and rounded corners are often used for flooring. The walls may be painted a neutral or warm color.

Mid-century modern family room designs may include touches of upholstery and upholstered items. Clean, crisp lines are often used for upholstering. Chairs may include tufted backrest chairs with arms. Wicker and wrought iron pieces may also be used for upholstery. Fabric rugs on the floors are often chosen to break up large patterns on the walls.

Favorite Use of Console Tables

Console tables are often used as a place to display family photos. Console tables make ideal locations for end tables, coffee tables, bookcases, or end tables with shelves. You can even use a combination of a sofa and end table to create an attractive mid-century modern family room look. If you do not have a lot of space for end tables or other furniture pieces, consider using a sectional sofa or chair with an end table as your primary piece of furniture.

A silver or glass coffee table is a beautiful and useful addition to any living room. A coffee table is often placed by a side table or on the ends of a sofa. A sofa will often be accompanied by an Ottoman. A silver or glass coffee table makes an elegant addition to any living room.

A mid-century modern family room often has a television above the coffee table. A sofa or a love seat can be added to this comfortable living room piece. Decorative screens on the walls, like those in a movie theater, can also add sophistication to this room.

Fireplace Widely Used Mid Century Modern Decoration

Mid-century modern family rooms often have a fireplace in them. Fireplaces can be made of copper, cast iron, or wrought iron. They can also be hand crafted from glass or metal. Plates, lanterns, and wall grilles can be added to the fireplace. Twine wrapped candles on the mantelpieces add additional charm to mid-century modern decorating ideas.

Mid-century modern living rooms can have a variety of floor coverings. When choosing hardwood floors, solid oak or maple floors are great options. Coffee tables that are made of oak can also be used as side tables. In addition, the sofa or love seat can be covered with a wicker, leather, or suede sofa. When using a variety of fabrics for the sofa and love seat, the living room will look inviting and cozy.

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