Design Your Hollywood Glam Home – A Hollywood glam home is all about the glamorous interiors and exteriors, which are inspired by the art of Hollywood. The most common element is the use of gold, diamonds and silver items. You will find so many different items with these designs. These are some of the things you can use in your home or office to make it a Hollywood Glam home.

Great Idea For Hollywood Glam Home

Replacing the old sofa with a leather couch with a plush and warm fabric is an excellent idea for a Hollywood Glam home. This couch can be used as a footstool when going to bed at night or on weekends. Another great idea is to get matching end tables. Opt for a table with an ornamental shape and one that has a classic design and looks well placed next to the sofa or end table. Gold Art Deco inspired glass top mirrors to complete that Hollywood Glam look.

Dining can be an important part of a Hollywood Glam decor. You may wish to have a dining table and chairs that match the color scheme of the entire room. Add a beautiful dinner table lamp to that table and you have added another element for the Hollywood glam style. Modern accessories also go a long way in complementing the Hollywood Glam decor.

The Perfect Regency Glam Hollywood Design

To make that Hollywood Glam home really stand out, use shiny materials like glass and metals in your design. Use very delicate and feminine ceramics and vases. Glass knick-knacks can really add that extra touch of glam in your home. Keep the colors of glass and metal muted and you have the perfect Hollywood Glam Regency design style for your home.

If you love to collect authentic antiques, then a great way to make your Hollywood Glam home more authentic is to incorporate antique furniture pieces into your design theme. For example, if you want your home to be on the elegant side, add some old English furniture pieces. Or if you are into the art Deco design style, then using items with Art Deco or Art Nouveau flair can enhance the look of your home. You can also opt for a retro vanity, vanity with a very unique shape that is made of natural wood, which adds a vintage look to your Hollywood Glam home.

Vanity Retro Best Hollywood Glam Theme

If you do not have the space to set up a retro vanity, you could just get some really funky mirrors to hang from your walls. Mirrors with an Art Deco or Art Nouveau flair will really stand out and add a great Hollywood Glam theme to your home. In fact, mirror collectors and those who just love the artwork and antiques, would usually go for old mirrors instead of new ones. A mirror with a beautiful Art Deco flare would really stand out.

If your Hollywood Glam home is small, consider purchasing a vanity with room for placing a table and chair. A vanity with a table and chairs is a great addition to any Hollywood Glam decor, especially if you have a home theater. A vanity with a table and chairs really stands out and makes a statement. It complements the Hollywood glam look and provides you with additional seating, allowing you to enjoy a movie to your heart’s content with friends and family around.

Hollywood Glam decor adds a touch of glamour to any home. Hollywood Glam homes should have candles, flowers, candles in varying sizes and colors, chandeliers, picture frames, a mantel, tall items, glassware and lots of knick knacks. If your home decor is inspired by Hollywood movies, adding these glam accessories to your home will make it a showpiece! You can also add wall hangings of photos of family and friends. Look through magazines and online galleries for ideas on what items you might want to add, or even find inspiration on home design websites for some fabulous ideas.

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