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Andraursuta.com – Simple Asian Apartment is located at Kolkata,10.6 miles away from Eden Gardens, Krantzoon, and 11 miles away from Victoria Memorial, the Indian Museum and the Japanese Museum. It’s right on the doorstep of M.G. Road and is just 10 minutes away from central Kolkata. It has a modern and contemporary design with an apartment that comes with a parking space and free internet. It’s situated 9.9 miles away from New Market and provides free wireless internet and a 24 hour front desk.

Featured Asian Apartments in Kolkata

The Asian apartments in Kolkata also provide a lot of conveniences like a pool and a small restaurant with a very reasonable price. It has clean and airy interiors, and these apartments have a white tile floor. The kitchen is modern and simple, and the service is friendly and helpful. The prices are affordable and the food and snacks are delicious. The apartments also provide free delivery and pick up services for the visitors who make regular trips to Kolkata.

The Asagi Apartment is a beautifully designed and contemporary apartment in Kolkata. It has a lot of features that can attract tourists to it and make them feel at home. The interior of the Asagi Apartments is very clean and elegant, and the location is very convenient for any visitor. Some of the common features of this kind of Asian apartment.

Most Popular Asian Apartments in Kolkata

This is one of the most popular Asian apartments in Kolkata. These apartments have an immaculate design and are very well furnished. Some of the features that can be found in the Asagi Apartment include: highway kitchens, tiled bathrooms, tiled verandas, spacious living rooms, air conditioner vents, internet connection, telephone, DVD/VCR player, sound system, washer/dryer, two-wheelers, etc. The apartment also provides free delivery and pickup services for guests. The Asagi Apartment was built by a renowned Indian architect, Swarup Agarwal.


The Ashare Apartment building is another of the famous Asian apartment buildings in Kolkata. The Ashare Apartment building was constructed mainly for the workers of the Ashare Telephone Exchange who were residing here. The Ashare Apartment building has a high ceiling and is decorated with white tiles and hardwood floors. Some of the common features of this kind of apartment building include: high-speed internet, central heating, high-way telephones, washer/dryer, laundry, etc.

The Leela Apartment building is located in North Kolkata. The Leela Apartment building was built in an old-fashioned style. The Ashare Apartment building is popularly known as the “Rice Bowl” because of its famous restaurants. The Ashare Apartment building is one of the most preferred and comfortable apartment living options in Kolkata. These kinds of apartments are available with all the modern facilities like AC systems, Central Heating System, double hung windows, ventilation system, security systems, garbage disposal, septic tank, central AC and 24-hour security monitoring.

Conventional and Modern Features of Apartments in Bangalore

Apartments in Bangalore contain both the conventional and the modern features and the Asanka Apartment is one of the most modern ones in Bangalore. It was constructed according to the South End model of architecture and it has a highway section. The complex has a central area, which has a bus stand and some shops. The complex also has two guestrooms as well as a swimming pool.

There are some luxurious apartments available in Bangalore. The Aspire Apartment building is one such example. This kind of apartment building contains some lush green trees and it is the most happening place in Bangalore. Other than this, the Jayanagar Apartment Building is another luxury apartment building, which provides spacious apartments to their visitors. Other kinds of apartments are also available in Bangalore including those, which are located on the fringe of the M.G. Road.

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