Best Small Modern Bedrooms – So you want to redesign your small modern bedroom. This is great! It is now easier than ever before to create your small modern bedroom design. Your budget, your imagination and your level of artistic ability are all important. Let us help you create your perfect space.

Small Modern Bedroom Design Color Use

There are many elements of design that will contribute to the feel of your small modern bedroom. Firstly, consider your colour palette, use light, fresh colours to give the room a pleasant, relaxed feeling. Colour can be used to evoke a feeling or to set the mood. Use complementary colours and textures for your walls and pillows to complete the look of your space.


If your bedroom is very small, then you might want to consider going with bold contemporary home design floor plans. This is what is often seen in small modern bedrooms. Black and white are often used to make the room appear bigger. To make the most of your space, add a contemporary coffee table and accentuated with funky cushions and accent lighting. Or, use black wood to make a black and white storage bedroom. There are many options available when it comes to using bold contemporary floor plans.

For a small modern bedroom, there are a few other things that are important to consider. Consider having an accent wall to put up your lamp, and perhaps you could have a small lamp with adjustable legs on each side of the bed. You may also want to install a small modern bedroom lamp on your nightstand. A small nightstand makes it easier to see when you are reading.

Tips for Using Lights on Walls and Desks

Lighting is important when using bold contemporary furniture in your small modern bedroom space. Consider having a small floor lamp with a strong illumination that can shine in a whole room. Also consider having a few wall sconces above your bed and mirrors on both sides of the bed to reflect light in a stylish way. Use lamps with shades on both the wall and the table.

Your modern bedroom will also need a contemporary style chair. A rocking chair is ideal for your bedroom, because it is a comfortable place to be. If you have a small living room, then the rocking chair will be perfect. If you don’t, then maybe a comfortable armchair or small sofa chair would work. Don’t forget a hutch to place all of your designer furniture. A hutch helps keep everything neat and organized.


A small bedroom also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a nightstand. There are many styles of nightstands that can be placed on either side of your bed. The style of your nightstand should match the overall style of your bedroom.

Choosing the Right Bold Color

When using bold colors in your small bedroom, remember that they must compliment the other items of your small house. If you have a very modern house, then a bold color like black is excellent. However, if your house is more of a traditional look, then using other bold colors will work. You can choose a bold floor or wall color to bring more attention to other elements of your small house such as the flooring, the walls, and the lighting fixtures. Remember to coordinate all of these aspects of your small house to achieve maximum results.

When decorating your small bedroom space, remember that you don’t always have to purchase new modern furniture. Instead, buy used furniture that is in great condition. You can purchase used wall decor, floor coverings, and lighting fixtures in good condition from places like garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. You can also save money by buying accessories from the same places where you purchase your modern house furniture. For instance, instead of buying a new flat screen television, you might want to consider purchasing a second-hand flat screen television so that you will have more power when it comes to watching movies at night.

Best Small Bedroom Modern Designs

There are three best small modern apartment bedrooms: the lofted bedroom, the condo unit, and the studio apartment. Each has their own unique features, but ultimately they all end up being the same because they all have the three fundamental features: floor plans, wall coverings, and window placement. Here are the floor plans and designs of each type of small bedroom space.

Lofted This is one of the best small bedroom designs because it is big enough to accommodate a bed, a dresser, a nightstand, and a bookshelf all on the same floor. It also has plenty of headroom, which is ideal for those who like reading. A lofted design is great if you are looking for modern bedroom furniture with a contemporary flair. Some popular contemporary pieces of lofted furniture include: desks, chairs, cabinets, chests, bookshelves, and art tables. If you are in search of chic modern bedroom ideas, make sure that you think about how well the area is lighting.

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