Beautifying a Small Scandinavian Dining Room – The small Scandinavian countries have been famous for their beautiful interiors and furnishings. The interior decor of the small Scandinavian countries is almost similar to other modern interiors, however it deviates a little from the rest: minimalism, straightness and sharp edges. The smallest Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden are well known for their miniature nature; you can see tiny wooden houses in combination with modern furniture from these countries. Scandinavian furniture is usually inspired by the modern country cottages and the small chalets. The color palette is normally clean and neutral. Smaller wooden furniture with interesting carvings is also used in this type of decoration.

Characteristics of a Small Scandinavian Dining Room

Small Scandinavian dining rooms do not differ much from the rest of the interiors: they are usually white, with sharp and often geometric lines, and painted in neutral colors. The smallest Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden are well known for their miniature nature; you can easily find wooden houses in combination with modern furniture and colored artworks. The small Scandinavian dining room furniture should reflect the character of this type of small country, i.e. it should be cozy and inviting.

Scandinavian style is very functional and practical, and you will get a good idea of its aesthetic concepts just by looking at the way how Scandinavian design uses a minimalist decorative palette. This idea is closely related to the minimalist approach of interior design, which is based on clear identification of the core elements and on consistent use of one color. Thus the concept of the Scandinavian room incorporates the basic principles of minimalist design, combining elements from different styles of decorative painting, textures, shapes and so on. Scandinavian interior design uses a contemporary vocabulary of colors and furnishings that gives the house a unique character, as seen from an ecological and historical perspective.

Rustic Scandinavian Dining Room 

Scandinavian design has certain additional design principles that will contribute to creating a comfortable and relaxing environment inside the house. You will notice that many of the components of the Scandinavian interior design have strong connections with natural elements, such as wood, stone and metal. You may even come across a rustic Scandinavian dining room table with wooden legs and a curved top, reminiscent of days gone by. The earth tones used for the contemporary scandinavian furniture mostly coordinate with the earth tones from outdoors, so your dining room will naturally exude a relaxed ambience and a sense of wellbeing.

A small scandinavian dining room can look surprisingly elegant. Scandinavian interior designers pay close attention to the details and the overall finish of a room. The furniture and other items used will have a strong connection to the natural surroundings. This means, for example, that if you choose a modern dining area table made of stainless steel and glass with a wooden top made of oak, the two will perfectly match the surrounding wooden furniture in your room. By choosing such a design, you are not only going for something trendy and stylish, but also one that is environmentally friendly and very friendly to the environment.

Small Dining Room Decoration Tips

Most small dining rooms have open plan spaces with straight walls and tall, thin wooden tables and chairs. If you want to dress up the place, there are a few things you can do. First of all, think about placing a beautiful vase with flowers on the table. This can be a small potted plant or a small photograph, depending on your personal preferences. In addition, you could cover the table with a large, patterned tablecloth.

The next thing you can do is to install a small Nordic chandelier over your dining area. This is actually a more modern twist on the traditional chandeliers used in many homes throughout Scandinavia. Instead of using metal wires to light up the area, you can use wood ones that are wrapped in tulle or netting. These will not only look more inviting, but they will also last longer than metal lights.

Finally, you should consider decorating the walls of your Scandinavian dining room in an earthy color. Dark browns, tans, and creams are perfect for this room because they match the furnishings and decors so well. For example, find a couple of photos of old Norway on the wall and frame them using wooden frames. Or, take some photos of the countryside outside the house, and put them behind the wooden table. By doing so, you not only decorate the room in a chic and inviting style, but you will also get the environmental image that you want.

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