Shabby Chic Library Furniture For a Lavish Home – A simple but classy way to add some Shabby Chic decor to any room is with a Shabby Chic library stool. This timeless style is so versatile that it can go just about anywhere! So where can you use a Shabby Chic library stool? And why should you.

Shabby Chic Library Shades of Neutrals and Floral Accents

Library or reading room This is the perfect place for a Shabby Chic library stool. The neutral shades and delicate floral accents create a very cozy, intimate atmosphere. This would also look very cool in a high school or college library. It’s a bright and fun addition to a Shabby Chic inspired classroom, with lots of space to spread out. For a chic and comfortable reading area, try a Shabby Chic hard back stool. These are very sturdy and come in lots of beautiful, rich colors such as: burnt orange, blue, burnt sienna, burnt mauve, burnt walnut, and more!

Bedroom The Shabby Chic bedroom is a favorite among many. It’s so romantic and comforting! Adding this style would be an absolute romantic and dreamy way to add some chic and luxurious decor to your master bedroom. With a Shabby Chic bedside table or chair, you can bring the romantic atmosphere of France to your own bed. You could have a French Country or French Queen inspired bedside table and chair set, complete with a matching French Country bedspread and curtains.

Kids’ room Shabby Chic furniture like Shabby Chic Kids’ corner desk would be a perfect addition to any first year kid’s library. It will keep their little feet dry and cozy. They’ll love their new place to study, and it will be a great conversation starter when mom and dad get ready for work. Add a few matching color bright pinks or reds to their rooms and you’ve added decor to their library space without spending a fortune.

Enjoy Shabby Chic Office Furniture with L-shaped Desk

Home office You don’t have to be a world-class businessman to enjoy the feel of Shabby Chic office furniture. An L-shaped desk, with its open shelf space, is perfect for a home office with a lot of computer equipment. An entire office set, including a filing cabinet, desktop and printer, can be found in just about any Shabby style. This is an excellent choice if you are starting a new business and need to create a formal atmosphere. You might also consider putting in a bookcase above the desk for even more storage and organization options.

Den Living room furniture that coordinates with your home decor is an easy way to create an inviting and comfortable living room. If you have a den that you can customize to fit your needs, then by all means, go for it. You can choose a Shabby Chic Chesterfield couch and throw pillows in just about any shade of blue you want. Add a couple of rocking chairs and a good reading lamp and you have a comfortable place to read at night. If you have a smaller space, stick to solid wood. Oak or mahogany will look nice and work well for the Shabby Chic look.

Choose a Shabby Chic Bedroom in Different Types of Wood

Bedroom This is the perfect place to add Shabby Chic furniture to! You can choose a Shabby Chic bed in a variety of woods, including distressed pine and antique pine. A French Country double bed adds elegance to your bedroom while your bedroom wardrobe will be complete with your selections from Shabby’s amazing line of furniture.


It doesn’t matter where your home is located. A Shabby Chic library accent is an ideal choice because they come in many different shades, styles and finishes. They are very reasonably priced, so you can buy several to spruce up any area of your home. In fact, your library won’t even cost you as much as a one time purchase of Shabby chic furniture – that’s cheap-conscious fun for the whole family! Who knew decorating could be so much fun?

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