Victorian Dining Room Decorating Ideas – Victorian dining rooms were a place to eat and relax after a busy day. They were usually open plan and often had a fireplace nearby so that people could keep their fires lit while chatting in the company of loved ones. They were designed in a very utilitarian way with minimal decoration and a focus on practicality. This means that the Victorian dining room will suit a wide range of tastes. They are very versatile, being able to fit in with many different types of home.

Characteristics of a Victorian Style Dining Room

The most basic design for a victorian dining room would be made from wood. The most popular woods were pine and oak and these were often sealed with a finish to protect them from the elements. Travertine and slate were also used, though the floors in particular were prone to stains and wore out very quickly. Marble, lime stone and other natural materials were also used. It was common to have a raised cabinet above the dining area and then a separate one made from wrought iron or carved wood.

Most people had a separate area rug, perhaps covered in velvet, as this was very fashionable at the time. White or off-white was very popular and so was cream or butter, depending on the tastes of the owner. The most decorated part of the victorian dining room was the dining table, which could be matched with matching chairs and sideboard. It was very often decorated with floral patterns or family photos.

Considering Remodeling a Victorian Dining Room

If you have decided to give your victorian dining room a makeover, there are a few things you can do with it to create a very elegant and tasteful look. First of all, consider whether you want to keep the traditional floral pattern or have something more modern. For a more traditional look, think about reproducing a Victorian style hall, such as that found in many old Victorian houses in England. For a more modern and clean finish, you could choose to use an intricate crystal table top decorated with cut glass or mirrors. This would look extremely elegant and dramatic against a white or cream decor.

One great idea for completing the look of your dining room is to add a chandelier or two. Usually available in just about every style imaginable, chandeliers can be used to add light all around the room and to dress up plain windows. However, do not let their beauty fool you; chandeliers come in many different styles, so it is best to find one that suits your personal taste. Chandeliers can be fashioned from many different types of metal, including brass, iron, and wrought iron. There are also ones made from crystal and wood, as well as combinations.

Victorian Dining Room Showcasing is a Coffered Ceiling

Another option for Victorian dining room showcasing is a coffered ceiling. A coffered ceiling is a type of decorative ceiling that is made from several smaller layers of fabric, often made of sheer fabric covered in gold leaf. Because of the many different fabrics that can be used in a coffered ceiling, it can easily be custom-made to fit any type of interior design. Many people who get a traditional-looking chandelier choose to add a more modern-looking one on top of the existing one to achieve a perfect Victorian look.

If you are really going for a Victorian-style dining room, a wooden dining table with a candelabra above it is an ideal choice. With its arms curved back to give the effect of leaves, it gives a feeling of being indoors even though it is not. Candles are also ideal wall decorations for a Victorian-style home. Choose one made with stained glass, frosted glass, or other fanciful glass embellishments and place them on top of your ceiling or wall chandeliers.

You could also go all out by getting an antique white dining room table with a candelabra and tiled flooring. Make sure that the area is well-lit and that your furniture choices complement each other. For example, if you place a candle chandelier on top of a wooden table, it will not go together. However, if you put a teak table with a white silk purse on top of a white dining room rug, it would look fantastic. Be creative when choosing your fixtures so that you do not end up with a house that looks like every other house.

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