6 Top Tips For Small Vintage Living Rooms

Andraursuta.com – Small Living Room Wall Art – regardless of what it’s that makes your dream house so special, here are some vintage style small living room wall art ideas to make your bedroom more luxurious than ever. These can be applied to any wall in the home but are specifically chosen to match the existing colors in your room. If you are in a transitional period, try a warm shade of brown. For an antique feel, choose grays, rusts, golds, tans, and blacks.

Small Vintage Living Room Perfect Design

Cozy Curtains – these are the perfect touch for a small vintage living room design. The great thing about curtains is they never go out of style and they are available in just about every color and material imaginable. Choose a soft cotton or silk with an old time lace touch to create your cozy living room. For something with a little more elegance try a heavier lace or brocade color. The best thing about these kinds of curtains is they are always machine washable and can be made to order in any color imaginable.

Coffee Table and Coffee Shelf Covers – these are easy color ideas to bring the feel of your living room together. Choose dark neutral colors like black, navy blue or grey wash for the base color on the coffee table and choose bright primary colors like red, yellow or orange for the accent colors on the coffee shelves. Try adding splashes of accent colors like pinks, purples and greens onto the coffee table top and throughout the rest of the table. You can also add throw pillows printed with these same primary colors onto a sheer or upholstered sofa. This combination can be used as the base for coordinating accent rugs on the floor as well as curtain ties and throw pillows for that inviting room look.

If you have been thinking about updating the look of your home, consider some of these great retro wall decor ideas. This look is perfect for an adult bedroom, den or guest room. Try using retro art on the walls like photos, posters and book covers. Large prints of your favorite music are great too.

Choose a Lamp With Wood Trim and Wood Base

Choose lamps with wood trim and wooden base. You can use a Victorian style table lamp with a glass shade for a fun modern look. If you want a more elegant look add up some crystal chandelier table lamps with a wooden base and shades. You can also find modern design wall sconces with a beautiful floral pattern and shades for a very chic sophisticated look.

add soft color with small rug cloths. You can also use throw pillows with fabric wraps. You can find a lot of unique fabrics, including chenille, silk and wool. To add texture, look for needlepoint rugs. Throw rugs can make small formal living room designs look rich. Find rugs in geometric shapes or stripes.

Use Carpets With Interesting Motifs

look for rustic tables, chairs and accent rugs. You can find many great rugs online. Look for rugs with interesting patterns and details. A plain tote bag with farmhouse decor embellishments would be great. Purchase a few leather throw pillows and chairs or even add a few cushions to your couch.

In addition to the living room, consider updating the kitchen. Use old style wooden drawers and cupboards to store crockery and dishes. Use colorful wooden spice racks. Decorate the kitchen island with a colorful dish rack and matching candleholders. Vintage decorating ideas will bring back old fashioned charm and create a special look for this area of your home.

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