Tips to Create a French Living Room – A common mistake made by homeowners when decorating their French living rooms is overdoing it. This can become frustrating if the space isn’t quite decorated and doesn’t flow well. Instead of focusing on individual items, try arranging the space to make a statement. Here are some tips on how to do that in French style.

French Living Room Walls and Floors

Arrange the Walls and Floor One of the most important elements in a French living room is the layout of the walls and floor. It’s common for homeowners to arrange items such as couches, tables, and lamps in their chosen layout. French style tends to bring together the iconic historic architectural details with more contemporary pieces throughout. If you are fortunate enough to have access to exposed brick, vintage molding, or exposed beams, focus your decor around those features and let them shine.

If those options aren’t available, simply use furniture in the space in a way that emphasizes exposed beams or pillars. If there are exposed beams or pillars in the room, then line them up against one another or in an interesting geometric pattern. You can also opt for bold colors or patterns that will stand out against the wall color or plaster. Using artwork or prints that are either heavier or centered in the space will also help the space look more French. Don’t be afraid to mix and match items. After all, the French lifestyle usually included both bar and kitchen areas.

Selection of the Perfect Chandelier

Install a Chandelier or Lighting Fixtures A chandelier is a beautiful French antique that has stood the test of time. A large chandelier, especially one with intricate carvings, can be an eye catcher in the center of the room. You can choose to hang the chandelier from exposed beams or you can line one wall of the room with a large crystal chandelier and hang it from there. The choice is yours.

Use Vintage Furniture One of the most important factors in designing a French living room is using furniture and accessories that are over one hundred years old. These pieces are considered vintage and will help tie the look together. Antique furniture is generally very comfortable because they are made of quality wood that is not easily broken or damaged. Some pieces even date back to the 17th century! Choose pieces with decorative carved legs or add swags to chairs and tables to create a vintage feel.

The Use of Wall Paints With Pastel Colors

Paint the Walls and Floor in Soft Pastels Many designers have decided that bright pastels are too “busy” and prefer neutral colors that take on a more natural appearance. Soft colors such as creams and pinks are perfect for the French quarter. These same soft colors also tend to reflect light better than bold colors, so your furniture pieces will have a nice glow when light shines upon them. If you really like the look of pastel colors, then make sure to choose subdued pastels. You could use bright pastels as accents on your walls or even on your bath towels. A little splashing of white can create a striking accent.

Place a Crate or Cushioned Couch in the Living Room If your goal is to create a more romantic French look, then you should place a vintage French style sofa or love seat in your room. A great tip is to put the couch behind a window where it can receive maximum natural light. Then grab some vintage throw pillows in soft pastel colors and place them on top of the sofa. This will create the look you are going for.

Finish Off the Look With a French Cottage Coffee Table and Crystal Trimmed Shades: You can complete the look by placing upholstered pieces on top of an antique looking fireplace. An iron wrought chandelier can be used or you can use a more contemporary crystal chandelier. If you are in a vintage mood, you can add old aged wooden elements like a bookshelf and chair to the table. An all natural wood coffee table and matching tea pot are also nice touches.

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