Popular Decoration of Shabby Chic Playroom for Kids

Andraursuta.comShabby Chic Playroom is a perfect design option for your kids when you want to create a charming and cozy space for them. This style will give your child a cozy place to play while making it easy to be incorporated into your overall interior design scheme. The Shabby style is simply a romantic, cozy and soft way to design your child’s room. Shabby chic design is a soft, comfortable and vintage way to decorate your kid’s playroom. Vintage pieces are usually replicas of classic pieces from the past.

Popular Minimalist Shabby Chic Design

Minimalistic shabby chic designs are very popular in shabby chic decorating. Large, solid colored cabinets with wood panel doors are common. Wood that is pale or colorless is chosen as accents or background. Hanging items with delicate floral patterns add a touch of femininity to a room.

Wall hangings, pictures, posters, fabric designs and furniture all contribute to this soft, romantic theme. Shabby accessories, such as lampshades, doilies, curtains and window treatments, create a cozy look. Fabric items may include shabby plaids and checkered patterns in shades of pink, green and blue. Linens can be in shabby chic tones of white and black.

When it comes to bedding, choose shabby chic bedding that has a monochromatic color like cream, sky blue or cream grey. Plush and shabby furniture items like end tables and toy chests are the perfect blend of vintage and modern design. Wall hangings and needlepoint frames make shabby chic bedroom accessories that are functional and decorative. You can also use shabby chic fabric covers to dress up your playroom.

Best Wall Art Decoration Ideas

Other decorating ideas for a shabby chic playroom include wall art that features an aged, worn or distressed look. Paintings, prints and collages add depth to the room. Framed needlepoint prints and needlepoint frames are practical choices for shabby chic furniture. Inexpensive canvas prints are available in many colors and sizes. These easy to care for decorating pieces add charm and interest to a shabby space.

As you plan your shabby chic playroom, keep in mind that light colors, especially white and off-white, tend to reflect light more efficiently than darker shades. White and off-white curtains also reflect light better than heavy draped curtains. Hang mirrors in small spaces for the best effect. You can also add vintage lace and other vintage accents to create a shabby chic feel. The furniture used in your shabby chic playroom should be sturdy and use thick but flexible upholstery fabrics.

To complete the look of a shabby style room, paint in the shabby style. Soft pastels and neutral tones work well. Linen, chenille, and distressed woods are all top choices. Furniture such as end tables and chairs should be upholstered with chenille or linen. Cane beds add a rustic feeling to your shabby style bedroom.

Shabby Chic Play Cottage Style Furniture

Cottage-style furniture offers so many possibilities for your shabby style playroom. Pine furniture and pine walls are perfect shabby chic accent pieces. Pine dressers and chairs look charming and complement the shabby chic theme. When purchasing bedroom furnishings, avoid those with shiny finishes and stay away from those with floral or polka dot patterns. A little old fashioned furniture can still provide the charm your bedroom needs to make it the perfect retreat.

The shabby chic furniture you choose is your own creation. You may purchase basic or contemporary accents to give your shabby style playroom a charming touch. You can create a beautiful shabby style living room using shabby furniture along with a beautiful fabric draped over your sofa and inviting area rug. Decorating your shabby style playroom needs to reflect your personal style.

Added Vintage and Antique Collections

You will find many options for your shabby chic playroom. You can choose a wide variety of furniture and fabric and turn your shabby chic playroom into your own little boutique. Complete the look by adding vintage collectibles and antiques. You may also choose to add your own items such as paintings or candles.

Shopping for shabby chic furniture online is one of the best ways to shop for your shabby chic pieces. Many online retailers carry a wide selection of shabby chic furniture. You can look through a large selection of pieces to find just the right one that fits your decorating style. From dining chairs to rocking chairs and benches, shabby chic furniture can be easily found for every budget and every level of functionality.

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