Your Guide for Your First Apartment

It can be challenging to figure out what you’ll need for your new apartment, especially if you’re moving out on your own for the first time. Going room by room and determining the fundamentals, such as furniture, lighting, cookware, and decor is the simplest method to design your area. When planning your home, you can choose any look you like, from traditional to modern, minimalist to luxurious, and anything in between. If your new home is small, choose multi-functional furniture that saves room. Here are some things you should consider when decorating your first apartment:

The Living Room

Look for living room furniture that fits your apartment’s size. Request the size of your apartment from your landlord before move-in day. If the room is limited, smaller pieces of furniture are preferable over oversized ones. For instance, pair a small-space-friendly two-seater sofa or loveseat with elegant armchairs, nesting tables, and an airy glass or acrylic coffee table. If you expect out-of-town visitors, invest in a sleeper sofa or daybed that converts the living room into a comfortable guest room. Storage, in addition to chairs, is essential.

TV, game consoles, and other electronics are kept by media consoles, while books and decor are carefully displayed on shelves. Take into account the lighting as well. Bring a floor lamp to illuminate the entire room if the apartment doesn’t have pre-installed flush mount lights or a couple of table lamps for softer light. If you’re moving into an apartment that has already been furnished, try personalizing it. Small home elements such as ornamental cushions, area rugs, plants, and wall art can help you personalize the room.

The Dining Room

Shop for dining room furniture by size, just like you would for living room furniture. Consider how many people you regularly host while looking for a dining table and chairs. Consider a drop-leaf table for entertaining if you have a small dining room or a kitchen pass-through. Its sides rise to accommodate additional guests for supper or game night. It folds to become a beautiful console table. Pair it with matching dining chairs, a storage bench for added convenience, or low stools to save room for a more formal design.

Don’t forget about the essentials for dining. A tableware set is helpful for a quick breakfast before work, as well as any social gatherings you may organize. Make sure you have at least eight tableware settings, so you don’t run out of plates, bowls, or mugs before the dishwasher fills up. Choose a classic white set that will grow with your needs, or go for something a little more daring with trendy matte black. Finally, find dinner and salad dishes that match the decor of your flat, regardless of which route you take.

Other requirements, like drinking glasses and flatware, should be included in the place settings. If you’re of legal drinking age and want to entertain guests with cocktails in your new home, invest in barware that matches your beverage of choice. Furthermore, a few vital serving pieces—platters, bowls, and utensils—ensure the success of your housewarming and subsequent gatherings.

The Kitchen

First and foremost, consider your favorite meals as well as the ingredients you’ll need to prepare them. If you like flatbread, for example, a pizza stone can be a must-have in your kitchen. If you routinely create protein drinks or green smoothies, a powerful blender should be at the top of your shopping list. Next, start with small appliances that you are sure you will use right away, such as a toaster and a coffee maker. If you’re not sure which coffee maker is right for you, check out our advice on how to choose a coffee machine. Then, stock cupboards with necessary kitchenware, including saucepans, frying pans, and other pots and pans.

For handling hot cookie trays, keep a set of potholders and oven mitts available. Then think about other kitchen linens, such as towels and sponges. Smaller must-haves should also be stocked in the kitchen. Knives, cutting boards, measuring cups, spatulas, and can openers are just a few of the small items that make cooking a lot easier. Also, keep in mind a rubbish can.

The Bedroom

Come home to a cozy refuge for a quiet night after a long day at work or school. Start with the basics: instead of a dorm-style twin bed, choose a full, queen, or king bed to symbolize your journey into maturity (and adds spacious comfort). Next, look for a comfortable mattress that can provide you with years of support. It’s a good idea to invest in excellent bedding that you’ll look forward to curling up with every night. In addition to the bed frame, headboard, and mattress—and box spring if your bed frame requires one. Finally, choose a single color or a blend of neutrals instead of a crazily patterned duvet cover. These choices will never go out of style and can easily be adapted to new spaces.

Place a lamp and an alarm clock on a nightstand or two alongside the bed. The area also serves as a storage area for any late-night reading materials. You can also use bedside tables with drawers to store pajamas or smaller clothing items if you need more space. On the other hand, a dresser or chest can store clothing as well as additional linens, towels, or seasonal attire. Also, don’t forget to bring a full-length mirror. Checking your outfit in the morning ensures that you always appear your best.

The Bathroom

Bathroom decor can help you create a relaxing atmosphere for nighttime baths or at-home spa days. Step out of the shower onto a soft bath mat to soak up any surplus water. For a fully supplied bathroom, hang at least two bath towels over a towel rack—one for your body, the other for your hair. If the bathroom has a bathtub, choose a shower curtain that matches the room’s current color scheme and features.

Place a couple of hand towels at the sink, along with a storage basket containing your toothbrush, colognes or fragrances, and cosmetics. Feel free to add to your toiletry collection over time. Begin with everyday essentials like hand soap, bath soap, and shampoo before progressing to more luxurious items like bath salts and massage bars. You should also consider buying bathroom cleaning supplies, even if you don’t think you’ll need them right away.

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