Add Volume to a Small Eclectic Study Room by Adding a Mezzanine Floor – When decorating a small eclectic study room, there are several ways to create the look and feel you desire. Decorating this small area can be very rewarding when the space is used correctly and it can even turn into a fun room with some creative decorating. A small eclectic study room is often overlooked by homeowners as they deem the room too small or cluttered for their taste. However, a small and cozy study room can be created when the proper elements are combined.

Steps to Create an Eclectic Study Room

First, a small study room can be created when you combine the right elements. One of the best places to start this process is in your loft. If you have a loft with open floor plans and plenty of wall space, then you have the beginnings of what can be a great small and cozy study area. To help make the room feel more like a genuine home, instead of a bedroom, add some contemporary furnishings, such as a contemporary coffee table with bookcase, end tables, and storage options, and display those items on wood floors.

Once you have the basics in place, expand out by adding other small furnishings such as a modern Ottoman that opens to a small living room with a view or a loft-style desk chair with bookcase as well as a small work station for computer use. When choosing a desk for your small study area, keep in mind that you should choose one that will fit into your current workspace as well as one that has ample storage and drawers for your school papers. You may also want to consider a small L shaped desk that is perfect for small rooms as well as bookshelves.

Paying Attention to The Furniture That Will be Used

Since your living room and bedroom are the areas that typically house the majority of your belongings, they should be the areas that receive the most decorating attention. When decorating your small living room, consider using dark and earth colors, such as gray, browns and greens, and keep in mind the amount of light that you have in these rooms. You may also want to choose a fabric for your furniture that matches your wall color or that adds depth to the room. If you have hardwood floors in your living room, such as oak, you may want to use coordinating softwood flooring in your bedroom to make the room more inviting. If you have a carpeted flooring in your bedroom, match your carpeting in your living room to add warmth to the room as well as create a welcoming and comforting environment.

Another way to create a dynamic and visually interesting space is to use mezzanines. A mezzanine is a type of stair case and is usually suspended between floors or above a mechanical airlift. Mezzanines can be found pre-fabricated or constructed from materials such as vinyl and hardwood. The cost of installing a mezzanine varies greatly depending on the material used and the complexity of the construction. Some of the more basic mezzanines consist of a small entry way, a stairwell and two or more open floor plans. A beautiful mezzanine could contain a loft, bedroom, bathroom, drawing room or home office.

If your home has an attic but no floor, you can use a mezzanine floor to provide additional functionality. A double garage conversion is a great solution for a small apartment or house. In a double garage conversion, the garage is converted into a bedroom, bathroom or study all on one level. An attic conversion can also be used to create an extra floor in a small space that you would not normally have room for.

Creating a Beautiful and Comfortable Room

The bedroom, bathroom, or study can be placed on one level of a double garage conversion. The room will feel like it has grown in size, but at the same time it will be contained and private. A double garage conversion can make a small room feel like a great place to live or work. In order to make your living room feel bigger consider an additional floor. Adding an extra floor to a single garage design makes the room feel larger and expands the functionality of the room. When a room feels bigger it makes it seem more comfortable and less cluttered.

Many people are hesitant about starting with a project of this scale, but many benefits are found when moving an existing room into a new look that is both comfortable and functional. Whether you are looking to add functionality or expand on an existing space, a mezzanine floor with a garage conversion is the perfect choice for any small home. With additional flooring you can create the perfect working space, a bedroom, a bathroom or a home office.

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