How to Create an Eclectic Dining Room – Are you looking to create an eclectic dining room? Do you find yourself wanting to rearrange your furniture and display your eclectic collection of fine art? The good news is that you can do it all without having to change the way you eat! The key to creating this sophisticated look is in how you combine your colors and textures.

Tips for Creating an Eclectic Living Room Design

One easy way to create an eclectic dining room design is through your lighting. Light can alter the mood or atmosphere of a space. The perfect lighting solution for an eclectic dining room should be soft and subtle, with few, if any, lights on. Avoid placing a large chandelier in your dining area; a rectangular dining table with an ornate lamp post will work best. Remember that chandeliers are excellent accessories for rooms that also have a modern, minimalist style or a formal dining space.

One important aspect of creating an eclectic dining room design is the choice of dining furniture. Although your room may look fantastic with a bold, stand-alone chandelier and table, it will be quite a disappointment if you never use it! You can choose between antiques, rarer, hard-to-find pieces, or even find a contemporary piece that works well with the rest of your eclectic design. Remember that antiques and rare items take up much less room than more common, modern designs, so they are great for adding a touch of romance to your dining space. Rare items can also be used to dress up a room; an elegant Victorian chandelier hanging over a bar can add a real touch of class.

To create a glamorous eclectic dining room, choose a traditional, old-fashioned style dining table with a carved top. Look for pieces with elaborate wooden accents like carvings or decorative leaves. In darker, more shades, you might want to add a fabric print that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Be sure to keep your walls fairly barren; choose wall paint in light, panromantic tel shades, to keep your walls from becoming too busy.

Creating a Beautiful Eclectic Dining Room

To create a beautiful and dramatic effect, add a dramatic element like an exposed beam in your ceiling. When selecting an exposed beam, be sure that there are no other visible features on the ceiling besides the beveled top of the antique table. In order to pull off this stunning effect, you must be sure that you choose a beveled beam that matches the style of your antique table. For a more modern eclectic dining room, choose a beveled metallic style that will complement the metal of your table. If you want to create an illusion of height, you can use an antique ceiling beam that is at least as high as your antique table.

To complete your eclectic dining room, you will want to select some attractive wall decors. Choose a few bold colors that will make your room stand out, and choose fabrics in bold patterns or textures. Look for fabrics that complement your sofa, dining chairs, and table. Remember to choose textures and patterns that will not clash with your furniture, flooring, or walls.

Complementing the Colors and Patterns of the Eclectic Dining Room

The colors you choose for your eclectic dining room should also complement the colors and patterns of your walls and floors. For example, if you have a very eclectic collection of antiques, you might choose one bold color, such as a deep burgundy. However, if you have a contemporary collection of art, choose one with a more neutral color. You should also keep in mind that your walls and floors should look like they are painted on, not “carpeted.” Use wall paint in neutral hues, and choose a rug or carpet color that goes with your decor.

Finally, to complete your eclectic dining room, add some furnishings. Look for an iron coffee table with interesting legs, wooden chairs that match the wood of your walls, and table-ends in interesting shapes, such as circles and squares. Look for wrought iron chair backs, and a wide variety of wooden dining table sets paired with wooden chairs. Add interesting kitchen chairs made of rattan or other light wood. If you want to create a “fun” room, add a chandelier above the dining table, and place a tea candle on the table next to the coffee table.

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