How To Decorate Mediterranean Living Room Designs – Living room is a very important place in our home. It’s one of the most used rooms in the whole house. You spend your whole time here either watching TV, relaxing or conversing with other people. So, it’s just right that you get the best out of this place, by designing it in a more traditional way. There are many design elements that can help you achieve the look and feel you are looking for.

Choose Simple Furniture

First of all, choose simple and timeless pieces of furniture. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch or replacing some existing furniture. If you want to bring a new life to your home, the use of modern furniture will not do. Instead, choose classic pieces of furniture made of wood and other materials.

Next, select the colors of your room carefully. One of the most popular Mediterranean design elements is the color of the walls. Mediterranean homes usually have dark, rich colors such as olive green, burnt rust, dark blue and the like. Choose similar shades for your walls. You can add accessories in these colors to make the atmosphere even richer. However, do not overdo it and make your living room look too busy.

Choose simple flooring instead of using rugs. The use of rugs in the Mediterranean room goes back to the fact that rugs were used in Mediterranean countries as a way to add beauty and charm to the room. Also, choose light-colored wall paintings and artwork instead of heavy or dark ones. These light colors will make the room feel more spacious.

Using Light Pastel Colors

As far as wall coloring is concerned, stick to light pastel colors such as pale yellow, pink and beige. You can also use these pale shades for accent colors. For example, you can paint one of the walls in beige and add accessories and pillows in various shades of pink. This will create a very attractive-looking color scheme that will not only add beauty but also elegance to the room.

Use traditional dishes with Mediterranean colors. For instance, choose flatware with glass prisms, ceramic dishes, and dish soap in white or cream. These dishes will add charm to the room and will not only give you pleasure while eating, but they will also give you pleasure for years to come!

Choose rugs that are patterned after certain designs. For instance, you can choose rugs that have zebra print, crocodile print, etc. They will not only add colors to your room, but they will also add interest to your home. Think of how much fun you can have with these patterns! You can add them to the walls or you can even place them on the floor.

Create a Calm and Serene Atmosphere

If you want to create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility in your Mediterranean room, then you should opt for wall carpets that are pale or off-white in color. These will add a touch of natural tranquility to the room. You can also go in for wooden rugs which will help you achieve the same effect. Such an environment will help you to relax and enjoy the luxury of being in your own home, and you can truly say that you have been able to create your very own little private haven!

Go in for earth tones and natural colors. Examples of such colors are brown, green, yellow, ivory, etc. You should also try to use simple lighting schemes in your room. Simple light fixtures will be able to highlight the various design features in your room thereby enhancing their appearance.

Beautiful Tiles Traditional Mediterranean Room

A traditional Mediterranean room has beautiful tiles in it. The best way to create such a room is to use mosaic tiles on the floors. They will not only add color to your home but will also allow you to have a different look every time you enter the room. As for the walls, you can have them painted in colors like blue, purple, red and so forth. Such a design will be absolutely unique and you can have it done for a very affordable price. In fact, you can add such a room to your property without any planning permission at all.

Don’t think that such a room will be a small one. It actually will provide a great deal of space for you to spread out and relax. If you want some privacy, then you can add curtains or blinds to the windows. If you plan to do a lot of entertaining in the room, then you may even consider getting a bar installed in traditional Mediterranean design.

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