Decorating Your Family Room With Eclectic Furniture – An eclectic family room can be both inviting and comfortable. Many people enjoy the eclectic look because it combines pieces that most people would never normally see combined together. Many times, the pieces are eclectic as well; such as an eclectic coffee table, eclectic candle holders, and unique wallpaper borders. But if you want your family room to be inviting and functional you need to choose pieces that are specifically for this room alone.

Eclectic Family Room Design

So what exactly is an eclectic family room? The eclectic design is where do you figure when it’s the right option for you? Do you see yourself often looking at new interiors created in the contemporary styles and still find them lacking from a touch of that old rustic or western coziness? Then you are one of many with this vision for your family room.

You need to focus on finding a balance between the old and new. Many times the best way to do this is to buy new furniture and accessories that are not necessarily in each of your rooms but are reminiscent of one another. For example, antique bookcases that match your wooden flooring or your wicker accent chairs might be just what you need to pull the whole room together. If your accent furniture or your bedding choices are modern, then the addition of an accent table, coffee table, or television stand might be exactly what you need. Just be sure to think out of the box so you don’t turn your eclectic family room into an exact replica of your neighbor’s.

To create an eclectic space you also have to make sure you have the right piece(s) for the room. This is actually more important than choosing the right color palette for your space. Your coffee table might be the centerpiece of the room and yet it doesn’t have to match the other pieces.

Adding Splashes of Contrast to Complete the Decoration

What if your family room has a colorful mural on the wall? A mural is often subconscious in nature so it can easily integrate into the current color palette of your house. If your sofa, love seat or bed is in the same color as the wallpaper in your living room, then you already have an excellent starting point. All you have to do is add a splash of contrasting color such as an accent table, coffee table or even a vase filled with flowers to complete the decor. This type of addition can take your coffee table from an everyday, everyday item to something special that belongs only in your home.

Once you have created the perfect ambiance for your family room, the next step is to find the right furniture. Keep in mind that your family room furniture should have character as well as function so when choosing pieces are sure to get something unique. For example, you might consider an end table as part of your family room design, but one that also serves as a comfortable seating area for a cocktail hour or breakfast nook. End tables are not meant to sit all night, but they can be used as such if placed in the appropriate spot. In this case, you can place it between a sofa or love seat to create the illusion of more space. Remember that a coffee table is also functional, so make sure that you get something that will complement the rest of your room’s design.

Choosing the Type of Furniture That Matches the Eclectic Theme

The final piece to your eclectic design is the piece that will help you display your collectibles or to display your favorite books and artwork. If you’ve got a glass coffee table, then you’re in luck because displaying your collectibles doesn’t have to be a pain in the rear. You can actually use your coffee table as a great backdrop for an interesting photo canvas or bookend. One of the best things about glass tables is that they are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors. So, no matter what type of piece of furniture you have in your home, chances are it can fit with an eclectic design theme.

Your family room should be a comfortable space where everyone can relax and feel at home. Don’t let your choice of furniture dictate what the room is like; keep it eclectic and choose pieces that will make your room the perfect space for you and those you love. If you don’t feel like making a big change, then stick with neutral colors like cream, gray or black. You can always jazz up your eclectic family room later by adding touches like mirrors, unique lampshades or throw pillows. Remember, your goal is to create an atmosphere that invites people into your home to spend time. Make your eclectic room the perfect place for you and your guests to kick back and relax.

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