Nautical Apartment – Enjoy Live Like A Nautical Lifestyle – Offering spectacular garden views, South Promenade Nautical Apartment situated in Newcastle, is an ideal accommodation located at the heart of the city. This idyllic beachfront property gives access to a wonderful deck, free parking, complimentary private parking, and free wi-fi. With its beautiful views and proximity to Tollymore Forest Park, this holiday property is perfect for relaxing after a day out. It is a short walk to Central Station and the Metro rail.

Easy to Book Nautical Apartment

When booking with South Promenade Nautical Apartment, users are taken through an easy-to-use website to register, pay online or via a credit card. Upon agreeing to terms and conditions, a secure payment gateway is given to facilitate checks and money transfers. The booking can be done up to twelve months in advance. Users can check-in at any time during the year but peak season is from January to March, with off-peak season being from June to September.

As with all holiday properties, a nautical apartment Portrush is a short distance from the airport and has a car park. Access is also possible by walking and cycling. Boat and bus tours are available. Free Wi-Fi service is available in the bedroom. Due to its close proximity to the airport and train station, the apartment is easily accessible to residents of the city centre.

The private courtyard at the back of the nautical apartment is ideal for enjoying the beautiful views. Garden trellis enclosing the courtyard adds an additional feature. The large swimming pool is surrounded by an arched roof and provides a fantastic view of the harbour lights. There are separate facilities for sunbathing, spas and tennis courts. The sun deck offers commanding views of the harbour.

Type with Guest Bedroom and Furnishings

The also has two guest bedrooms and one suite with three single beds. Bedroom furniture includes oak furniture and mirrors. The suite has king size bed and breakfast. The private terrace has two fireplaces, a refrigerator and a microwave. Steam woks, coffee pots, teapots and fruit machines are the additional features.

The sea view and private courtyard provide the perfect setting for hosting a party. Parties are held regularly at this nautical apartment. A wide range of music is played on the private courtyard. The parties can be hosted throughout the year. Cocktail parties, birthdays, baby showers and graduation parties are popularly held at the nautical apartment.

During the day, you will find that the nautical apartment has a very mild climate. But at night, the weather can become quite extreme. Windy winds blow hard and fast along the coast. Sudden storms can also occur at night.

Characteristics of a Complete Nautical Apartment

The nautical apartment is also equipped with a gymnasium and a swimming pool. You can stretch out on the exercise floor and then take a dip in the swimming pool. It also has an outdoor fireplace where you can have a romantic dinner.

There is also a restaurant with excellent cuisine. It serves continental, Japanese, Mexican and Thai cuisine. It also serves French and German food. If you want some quick food, you can get it there as well. You can order in the nautical style and it will be served to you quickly and warmly.

One of the best parts of living in a nautical apartment is the proximity to the beach. If you love to swim often, this is the perfect place for you. You can even rent a lifeguard watchtower near the beach. If you like to hang around the pool during the day, it is not far away from your nautical apartment. You can visit your nautical home any time you want, as long as you are here on earth.

The Best Choice for Renting a Nautical Apartment

Most of the people who rent nautical apartments also rent boats. You can visit them whenever you want. If you live by the sea, this is definitely one of your best options. The prices of such apartments are certainly cheaper than that of a house in the city or a flat in the suburbs.

There are many benefits you can get from living in a nautical apartment. You can live your life free of stress. You will have everything under control and no worries at all. If you are looking for the perfect place to live, then go for a nautical apartment.

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