5 DIY Tips for Decorating a Small Coastal Bathroom

Andraursuta.com – Fabulous Small Coastal Bathroom Ideas For Your Home. Small coastal areas are among the trendiest decorating trends, especially in coastal regions of the United States. Coastal decorating ideas help to create a relaxing, friendly environment. Design your bathroom in a way that it not only complements the architecture and features of your home but also creates a comfortable place where you can comfortably spend time with friends or family. You will love how easy it is to create a small coastal bathroom design that is stylish, yet affordable and easy to maintain.

Selection of Accessories to Beautify the Bathroom

When planning small bathroom ideas, the first thing to keep in mind is your choice of accessories. Choose pieces that go well with your walls, flooring, and toilet. Here are some great ideas for integrating toilet tissue holders and other toilet accessories that enhance your bathroom.

Wooden Tissue Holders. A wooden tissue holder is a simple and elegant accessory to add to your small coastal bathroom. These holders can be placed on the floor or mounted to the wall. They can be made from pine, cedar, or teak wood. These are perfect choices for small bathrooms.

Porcelain Vases and Shower Curtain. Adding a white vanity to your small bathroom can easily make it feel larger. If you do not have enough room for a large bathroom vanity, you may consider mounting a small vessel sink or a wooden curtain along the wall. A small wall mounted shower curtain in ivory or white can also be very beautiful. A white porcelain vessel sink can also be very stylish.

Adding a Beach Themed Mirror for a Small Bathroom

Mirrors. You can add mirrors to your small coastal bathroom by buying one that does not extend all the way to the floor. If you do not have a bathroom cabinet, you can use a standard square bathroom mirror. If you want to use a mirrored wall mirror, you may want to purchase a mirrored decorative frame that fits under your countertop. A stainless steel matte tile floor can match the bathroom fixtures and lighting beautifully.

White Countertop. A white countertop makes a small coastal bathroom appear larger than it is. It can make your bathroom appear smaller if you choose an undersized white vanity and/or marble-tiles. If you are creating a formal space, consider a black and white freestanding vanity or a white marble pedestal. If you plan to use natural stone flooring, look for a white marble that matches the color of your flooring.

White Wall Tiles. Although it seems counterintuitive, white tile walls make a small room appear larger. Because the tiles to create a solid color, the wall seems less bare and more inviting. If your bathroom is not long term, you can always paint it white. You can also cover the exposed walls with a tiled trim if you do not want the tiled trim itself visible.

Choosing a Marble Bathtub to Look More Spacious

Bathtub and Tiling. If you cannot afford expensive tile flooring, you can still create a small bathroom by choosing tile floors over hard floor surfaces. Even if you choose a marble bathtub, you can install ceramic flooring beneath the tiles. This will make your bathroom feel larger and will help to protect the floor from scuffs and scrapes that could happen if you drag a large bathtub across the floor.

Gray Flooring. Gray flooring is the easiest way to create the illusion of space in a small bathroom. You can pull this off by using gray tile flooring as the base. Then top the gray floor with white painted trim around the edge. Or you can install an island with a white painted console sink and faucet and then install several gray cabinet doors over the console sink.

Creating an Elegant Effect by Choosing a Porcelain Tile Wall

Porcelain Tile Walls. Although a small bathroom may seem like a mismatch of space and proportions, you can create an elegant effect by choosing porcelain tile walls to enclose your bathtub. There are several options when it comes to choosing the paint color for your walls. If you are working with an existing bathroom color scheme, simply choose a shade of that paint in conjunction with a bathtub that matches that color scheme. If you are working on a new color scheme, you can use a lighter shade of the paint for your walls and a darker shade or two of the bathtub colors for the trim around the edges of the walls.

Flat Surfaces. Although you do not have to have all of the cabinetry featured in the bathroom installed in the space, such as a pedestal sink or a shower bar, you can still create a modern look by choosing flat surfaces around the tub and vanity. A granite countertop at the sink or a stainless steel pedestal sink with glass tops would be an ideal option. You could also install a pedestal or a shower bar that has no top, creating a closed in feeling even if the walls are lined with tiles.

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