Nautical Basement Design Ideas – Have you ever thought about a nautical basement? If you have, you might be one of the few people who actually possess one, or you may even know someone who does. Whatever the case may be, there is definitely something quite fascinating about this type of design, and I am going to tell you why.

Nautical Basement Design with Ocean Charm

There is nothing that quite rivals the charm of the ocean in our homes. This is one reason why many people dream of living aboard a luxury cruise ship. A nautical basement design takes advantage of this dream and turns it into a reality. You can live in your very own Nautilus, just waiting for you to come along and take a look.

One of the best things about this style of design is that you do not have to make any drastic changes to the interior or exterior of your home. The basis of a nautical design is a deep, dark, oceanic pool with all of the luxuries and amenities that you would find on a cruise ship. The flooring is usually made of a very durable and luxurious carpeting material, while most wall treatments are either slate or wood-burning tile. The furniture is very comfortable, with large sofas and accent chairs in place to give you a place to relax.

Even the plumbing is done to your specifications! All of the drains, pipes, and fittings are installed in such a way as to leave nothing uncovered. To really set your nautical basement design apart from others, you will want to purchase your pool table and tennis table, and possibly a fishing pole or two, to match the decor. The colors are normally white and black, but depending upon your desires you can choose to use any color that you like. Even your lighting should be in a contrast to the sea’s blue and turquoise.

Tips for Decorating the Right Nautical Theme

You will also notice that all your appliances are in one place – no more haphazardly placed around the room. In this nautical basement design, you will have a separate bathroom for the master bedroom, a family room, and a great nautical-themed tub and shower for the master bath. The bathroom vanity will contain the same decor as the rest of the room, as well as any drawers or cabinets that you need. You can also get a dressing mirror with this nautical theme, or even a miniature console table for the foyer. This entire room is designed around the pool and the lake – what else could you ask for?

If you do not have the room for an entire room dedicated to your nautical basement design, don’t worry! You still have a lot of space to work with. You could cover the floors with some type of Terra cotta tile that matches the decor of the rest of the house. You could cover them in a variety of walnut or oak wood. Just put the colors and accents in such a way that they coordinate well with the rest of your house.

Perfect Accessories for Nautical Style Decoration

The furniture you choose for this nautical theme should include some pieces that have lacy borders and use deep reds, yellows, or blues. You might even want to throw in a small bit of sea grass or some sand to add a touch of the ocean. Your accessories should be as near to the water as possible, so if you have a pier you can display those lovely pirate like buoys you installed for your nautical style decor. Your lamps should also be made of wood, as well as a rack for your silverware.

Finally, you can finish off this nautical basement design by adding some wall art. You might want to hang some framed photos of the boats you have to sail ship on. Others may prefer framed photos of the water itself. You might even hang a framed collage of pictures from all of your favorite ports around the world to create a nautical museum of memories. Whatever you decide to do, these are some wonderful ideas for turning your basement into a place of love and relaxation!

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