Victorian Style Living Room – Creating a Victorian Small Living Room – Creating a Small Victorian Living Room is about the charm that went along with the architectural era that began in Victoria, England around the year 1800. Victorian architecture has a history of beautiful design and exquisite craftsmanship. These are things that really appeal to most people today. With a little imagination and the ability to use a few basic furniture pieces, you can recreate the look of Victorian decorating in your own home. Here are some Victorian design ideas for your small living room to help get you started.

Design Style with the Right Color Scheme

First, decide on the color scheme. This design style makes use of dark and heavy fabrics with bright accents. You want to compliment the overall color scheme of the room but also keep the focus of the design in mind. If you’re planning on using heavier fabrics you might want to choose a different color than you think of initially. For example, if you have light floral wall hangings and a dark accent wall clock you’ll probably want to go with a lighter floral color and the clock should be black or deep ebony instead of the white most common option.

Victorian living rooms tend to be quite ornate. Ornate window dressings and ornate molding work add character to the space as well as visual appeal. Window dressings should include ruffled folds. If you have an inset for a vase, you may want to use that instead of pleated drapery and a matching table cover to help create a very classic Victorian look.

Choosing the right fabrics and drapes to use is key to this design style. A plain velvet drape for a living room can easily be adorned with a Victorian patterned scarf or ribbon in a contrasting color. You can also easily tie a Victorian-themed scarf around an antique glass decanter for a beautiful touch. You can also add a unique fabric swatch or fabric to match your furniture or wall color. Just remember that lighter is always better when it comes to fabric colors.

The Right Way to Decorate a Victorian Feel

One way to really emphasize the Victorian feel is to choose fabrics that are rich and velvety. Soft chiffon or satin draped over a beautiful faux leather living room chair would be beautiful. For accent pieces you can add beautifully carved bookshelves, old photographs, and decorative figurines. You can even find some Victorian-themed candle-scented holders with leaves to match.

Remember to make the most of your Victorian decorating ideas. A lot of this room will be used on a daily basis so you don’t want to overdo it. Instead of choosing a bold color like red or orange, choose something neutral like a light blue or pale green. This allows you to be more creative and add lovely textural details. You can really add personality to this room by hanging vintage fabric from your living room ceiling fans.

Tips for Decorating Using Items from the Victorian Era

If you have a Victorian decorating theme in your home, you can use items from the Victorian era for decorating your room. You can find all sorts of Victorian accents and fabrics using online resources and vintage stores in your area. Textiles that date back to the 1800s are quite beautiful. Some people prefer using antique throws and pillows rather than furniture for their room because they tend to be less expensive.

Creating a Victorian small living room can be lots of fun and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just use your imagination and enjoy! You might also want to think about putting in a fireplace to give it an old-fashioned cozy feel. Remember that the goal is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere so take your time when choosing your decorative pieces and don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics.

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