Nautical Bedroom Decorating Ideas – The key to creating an extremely relaxing and stylish nautical bedroom design is to choose one particular element of the Nautical Theme and then to build on it with other similar items. This nautical bedroom theme creates a breathtaking ocean view as the central focus of the room. This nautical bedroom design has many advantages, especially if your bedroom is very large.

Decorative Ways to Decorate the Walls of a Nautical Bedroom

You’ll need anchor decor pieces around the bed for the decorative effect. Anchor wall hangings, which are simply wall hangings of anchors and other sea things, make a great way to dress up the walls in your nautical bedroom. These anchor decor accents are made from wood or metal and have either a painted finish or a distressed look. As you can see, they are functional and look fantastic when paired with accents such as your bed linen and towel sets. Your bed linen should be in colors that coordinate with the anchor decor, such as a shade of blue for the walls. For the headboard, you can use sea shells painted in various pastel shades.

Once you have the basic nautical bedroom decor in place, you need to find complimentary colors that will fit in with the sea look. Your color scheme needs to be as simple as possible with just a few main colors that you incorporate into your room. The easiest way to blend your different hues together is to create a repeating pattern. Anchor wall hangings and accent pieces can also be used to help pull your design together.

A nautical bedroom design idea that is very simple but looks absolutely beautiful is to paint all of your walls a different color than the background. You could use this concept to create a very chic look that is both unique and interesting. Using blues, tan and white as your main colors, you simply pick a piece of artwork or print that is blue or has a tan border. This could be a mirror, a clock or any other wall embellishment that you choose. To keep the theme going, throw pillows that are all a different color on top of each other.

Perfect Nautical Bedroom Design Ideas

To complete your nautical bedroom design idea, throw pillows made of light cotton fabrics on top of some sea shell shaped accents. Use some sea shells too for a rustic touch. Add a vase of seashells on a shelf to hold your makeup, towels and more. The finishing touches for this look are sea shells, cut into smaller pieces or small fish accented with a ribbon. These little touches really tie everything together and create an extremely chic look that is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a peaceful and laid back atmosphere.

The nautical bedroom decor idea, you decide to pursue will depend on how much wall space you have available and whether you want to include photos, sea shells or anything else on your walls. To add a little extra depth, consider hanging up a large anchor from the ceiling and using that as your accent wall. Anchor lighting can make even a plain ceiling look a little classier, especially when it’s paired with sea shells.

Rustic Nautical Bedroom Decoration Theme

If your bedroom theme is more of a country feeling, then you might consider using some red, white and blue plates, napkins and other touches to create a rustic theme. Red is a very popular color for this theme, so use lots of it in your room. Throw pillows, posters and even a vase full of red roses can add a little color and accent to the nautical bedroom decorating theme. You can even find red cushions in various shapes and colors that would look great on a shelf, end table top.

Life buoys are a popular way to bring a little more natural materials into your nautical themed bedroom, especially if you don’t have any decorative pillows to pull them all together. A life buoy is simply a piece of rope or fabric that has buoyant properties and is commonly used for tying boats to Moor boats or holding boats in harbors during bad weather. Purchase one in a size that matches your bedspread or other accent wall furniture. You could even use a life buoy on an accent wall as a focal point that you can pull all other nautical bedroom ideas from. With just a few simple things, you can turn your bedroom into a nautical haven.

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