Shopping List For an Eclectic Living Room Decor – An eclectic living room style can feature comfortable couches and chairs, which differ greatly in design but are still cohesive due to the other elements in the layout such as the colors, patterns, and furnishings. Eclectic design often feels warm and inviting, with an inviting artsy edge. Some people use it to describe a space which utilizes the styles and elements from various sources throughout the room in order to create a very eclectic balance in the room. There is a lot going on in an eclectic living room, but it all works together as one theme or flow.

Decorations That Add Uniqueness to the Living Room

Some of the elements you will want to include in your eclectic living room are throws and wall decorations. You can purchase decorative throw pillows or other items from thrift stores or garage sales in your area in order to incorporate them into your new theme. Some people prefer a unique wall hanging instead of a throw pillow, but either way you should go with decorative wall hangings. Some of these throw pillows can have a very eclectic theme going on with different colors, shapes, patterns, or pictures of things from all over the world.

A coffee table with an odd sculpture or accent piece on it can also add some interesting texture to your eclectic living room decorating styles. Another very popular accent for the living room is an art display case, especially one with mirrors along the top of the display case. Some people have one or two paintings displayed on their coffee table, while others like to keep their space looking more eclectic with a single painting and a few mirrors. Mirrors are perfect for creating interest in the room by visually tying the pieces together.

In the use of color, your eclectic living room decorating styles can take on a completely different feel. One popular color palate that has become popular in recent years is the use of a darker, almost ethereal blue-black. Many times you will find blue-black furniture paired with a light, pastel colored couch, or a sofa with pale floral arrangements on it. You can create the same effect by pairing a black sofa with an electric blue wall color. The dark color palette can create a captivating feel in your room. You may even choose to have your doors to the living room all the same, and paint the walls a light blue sky theme.

Living Room Ideas with Bold Artwork

When paired with bold, bright patterns, the idea of an eclectic living room is enhanced. If you have a beautiful couch, a floor lamp with a curling wavy shade would look fantastic. If the sofa is off to the right, a bold piece of art would be perfect for the wall. The idea is to make sure that there is not too much detail on the walls, so that the couch is the main focus, and the art decorative element.

Another thing that is perfect for an eclectic living room is a coffee table with a really unusual shape. Often times a curved shape will create an illusion of more space, as well as being visually stimulating. If the coffee table is a vintage design, you can add any type of accent that works with the rest of the pieces. A vintage accent adds some interesting dimension to the room.


Beautiful Modern Coffee Table Display in an Eclectic Living Room

There is also the option of a glass coffee table. Some people love the look of a modern glass coffee table in their living room, and I think it is one of the most popular choices right now. There are just so many options when it comes to the type of things you can put into your vintage eclectic living room. For example, if you have a glass fireplace, you can use the glass top as a book shelf or even display your favorite book or collection. If you choose to go with a flat top, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate glass into your decor.

If you would like to put together a shopping list before you start shopping, I recommend looking online for ideas. Many people have great success shopping online for all of their furniture. You have access to thousands of different styles and finishes that you would never normally find in retail stores. Plus, when you shop online, everything is shipped directly to you, from your home. This makes the perfect choice for an eclectic living room decor.

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