How to Decorate an Elegant Small Pink Study Room – If your daughter is into pink and has asked you for a pink room, here’s how to make that happen. In addition to making sure she gets her pink furniture, there are other things to consider. Pink can be elegant, but if it’s the focal point of the room it will overwhelm and distract from the rest of the decor.

Considering Pink for a Small Study Room

First, consider the pink color. Most nursery rooms are painted white or off white due to the fact that they are more commonly used as daycares than for studying. If your child loves pink then maybe you could brighten it up with an accent wall. An accent wall is any wall that doesn’t have any other decorating features. Maybe you can put up a framed pink photo frame or have some pink fabric hanging on the wall.

If your room has wallpaper, now would be a good time to reapply the wallpaper. If it’s a boy’s room, painting it pink will be distracting and masculine and if it’s a girl, then it will be very girlish. Remember that the wall color will dictate much of the furniture color so pick a color that you like best but don’t paint it too pink or you’ll probably want to buy replacement furniture.

Next, find some small pink chairs. Most study rooms have a desk, a large table, and usually a few chairs. If your daughter is into pink, you could have her study under a pink desk and chair or have one of her friends sitting underneath that desk and use the other chairs for extra seating. You can either match their furniture to the wall color scheme or have pink chairs that coordinate with your pink walls.

The Idea of Getting a Pink Chair for a Cozy Study Room

Another idea is to get a special pink chair that goes with the theme. There are many different styles to choose from such as an armless chair, a rounded chair, a princess-style chair, or any other kind of chair you can imagine. You can either get a chair that matches the wall colors or get a coordinating pink chair. You can even buy matching accent pillows to make a cozy-looking study for your little princess.

Paint the wall: Choose a color that will go with the decor in your bedroom. A light pink will look great in your daughter’s room but might look out of place in a boy’s room. Just remember that you are looking for simplicity here and that pink does not stand out in the same way that other colors might. The trick to making a pink room look elegant is to pick something pastel and not too loud. Pastels tend to be softer than other wall colors. You could go with pastel pink on a solid white background but this might distract from the wall color and create a more busy appearance.

Additional Accessories for the Lovely Pink Theme

Add a few accessories: After you have painted the walls and picked a nice theme for your daughter’s room, add some nice accessories. A pink desk chair would be very cool in this study. You could also get a bookcase with an ornate pink cover or a beautiful lamp with pink trim. Some pink rugs would go great around the floor and a pink reading lamp with a dimmer would be nice for her chair.

Decorations: Another way you can dress up your pink study room is by adding some nice wall art. There are so many cute images you can find in books, on the internet, or even draw from a scrapbook. Go for something that matches the colors of the walls but doesn’t stand out too much. If you are artistic, then you can make your own artwork and save it on your computer.

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